Bally's Tower Or Dennis Tower

Bally’s Tower Or Dennis Tower: Which One Is Better?

Atlantic city hotel & casino is one of the most famous hotels in New Jersey. It’s located in the middle of the Atlantic City boardwalk and has more hotel buildings. One of them is the famous Dennis tower.

So, which one is better, Bally’s tower or Dennis tower?

Between Bally’s and Dennis, Bally’s tower is better. The Bally’s tower is the main hotel building and the services are quite well. The Dennis tower has gone through massive renovations but the complaints still remain. Many of the rooms in Dennis tower are in a run-down state.

Curious to know more about it? Then join us in the detailed discussion.

Let’s begin!

Quick Comparisons

Unlike choosing between Pismo Beach and Morro Bay, selecting a hotel is quite easier. So, don’t fret. Before we begin, let’s go through the differences between bally’s tower vs Dennis tower.

AspectBally’s TowerDennis Tower
Room Facilities BetterModerate
ThemeModern, updated rooms with a contemporary designClassic and Traditional
SuitesLarger and more upscale suites availableSmaller suite options available
Distance from CasinoLessMore
OceanviewDirect OceanviewHardly any Oceanview
Close to pool & spa centreNoYes
Check-inAccess to a private check-in area and loungeNo private check-in area or lounge

This comparison almost reminds me of Vail Village and Lionshead. There are so many things to consider while making your decision between any of these two. Ready for the detailed discussion? Here we begin!

Detailed Comparison

Bally’s Atlantic City hotel consists of multiple different towers. There are three different hotel towers among them. The main tower is called the bally’s tower.

The other two are the garden tower and the Dennis tower. There’s a lot of confusion about the differences in their service. Especially between Dennis and Bally’s tower. Just like Caesar atlantic city ocean tower and centurion tower.

The Dennis tower was once one of the greatest hotels in Atlantic City. Back then it was called “the Dennis Hotel”. The ownership of this hotel has been changed multiple times throughout the years. 

Currently, it’s a part of the bally’s Atlantic city hotel. The Bally’s have used $24 million for its renovation to modernize it. Since then it has been upgraded and is currently known as Dennis tower.

View from the hotel room
Source: Dogsmom on Tripadvisor

Since it’s a part of Bally’s now, the hotel service and the policies are the same. However, there are some significant differences between the Dennis tower and the bally’s tower.

We’ll try to walk you through these differences in our following segments.


The bally’s Atlantic city is a 3.5-star hotel. That means it offers a moderate amount of amenities. They are applicable for both the Bally’s and the Dennis tower. Here are the main amenities of the bally’s Atlantic.


The whole of Bally’s AC hotel has free wifi connection in the public area. In-room internet connection service is also available. The in-room wifi has a 2-device limitation.

Pool, Spa, & Fitness Centre

Bally’s pool Atlantic city is located on the 8th floor of Dennis tower. The bally’s hotel Atlantic city indoor pool can be considered 3.5 stars. The entrance fee for the guest is $5 on regular days and $10 on holidays. 

The fitness center on Bally’s is quite decent and organized as well. You can find pretty much all kinds of cardio and workout essentials. The pool & fitness pass will cost $20 per person.

If you wish to stay near the pool area Dennis tower would be better. However, the pool, fitness area & the spa is temporarily closed now due to covid-19.

Pet friendliness 

Regrettably, Bally’s Atlantic City is not pet friendly. They do allow service animals but pets are not allowed. So that means none of the towers are pet friendly including the Dennis tower.


The parking garage of Bally’s is located at the Michigan Avenue entrance. The fee is included with the property charge while checking in or checking out.

No reservation is needed. You can use the public parking site. But there are some height restrictions on some vehicles. 

Members from seven stars, platinum, and diamond clubs get the facility of complimentary parking. It goes for both self-parking and valet.


Bally’s provides guests with different accessibility needs. If you have a specific accessibility request, you’ve to contact the reservation department. 

The types of accessibilities that you can expect there are-

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Handrails on stairs
  • Accessible washroom
  • Braille signage
  • In-room accessibility 
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible path to entrance and elevator
  • Roll-in shower

Corporate Facility 

Bally’s Atlantic City has the finest corporate facilities. They have a business center and conference space of 80,000 sq. ft. There are also 33 separate meeting rooms. 

They also come with banquet facilities. The largest of these meeting rooms can contain up to 625 people. There’s also a special exhibit space of 53,337 sq. ft.

Room Facilities 

Bally’s tower Atlantic city promises the best experience to their customers. They have 18 types of rooms different from each other based on their facilities. 

The front-facing rooms give a perfect view of the ocean. You may have to pay $50-$100 more depending on the room you choose.

View from the hotel room
Source: Spunk58 on Tripadvisor

As for bally’s ac tower room, most comments and reviews come satisfactory. Some of the rooms there are recently renovated and adjusted just to the liking of the customers.

The ruby rooms from bally’s tower are one of the exotic ones. The rooms are featured in contemporary white, red, and grey color combinations. 

The furniture includes zebra-printed pillows and vinyl couches. Which might be more to the taste of the younger crowd. 

These rooms also have technological and modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and iPod docks. Of course, some rooms have balconies. So far, they are worth the money you’re spending. 

The rooms in Dennis tower, on the other hand, exclude the old-era vibe. It’s safe to say the designs are more appealing to the older generation. The furniture to the lighting system of the room is different from bally’s tower.

A hotel room
Source: Candy2010 on Tripadvisor

The rooms in Bally’s ac Dennis tower are smaller compared to Bally’s. Some of them require renovation as there have been customer complaints. Such as cigarette odor, old furniture, and an unhygienic hallway. 

Depending on the quality the rooms are said to be overpriced. The ocean view from Dennis tower is also not that great. Most of the rooms have their windows faced on walls.

Some of the rooms can give a partial ocean view. So, bally’s tower is better in the scenic view category as well. 


Bally’s tower is the largest among three other towers in Bally’s Atlantic City. It is also the main tower of the hotel. It’s located at 1900 pacific avenue in the Atlantic city of New Jersey.

It’s in the prime position near the beach of the Atlantic city Boardwalk. The boardwalk hall is just a 2-minute drive away from it. It’s a good place to stay if you’re visiting the Atlantic or ocean city.

The Dennis tower is located between the bally’s tower and the wild wild west casino. To access the rooms of Dennis tower, you’ve to cross the corridors between two casinos.

This corridor is usually heavily crowded. The desk would be found in the passageway. The bally’s tower is closer to the casinos than the Dennis tower. However, the distance is a few minutes away even on foot.

Booking Serial

The booking system is available online and in person. You can go for either but we suggest in-person booking. Because booking online may come with a bit of risk.

Bally’s tower is bustling with the crowd most of the time. So in Dennis tower, you may find a small queue ahead of you. 

Refund Policy

To get the refund upon cancellation you’d have to contact Bally’s within 48 hours. That is if you wish to avoid the hotel cancellation fee

The cancellation process can not be performed online. So, you’d have to call a reservation specialist. To receive the refund you’d have to contact the reservation department. 

This policy goes for both Bally’s and Dennis tower. The transactions are made with debit or credit cards. Cash is not preferred.

Final Verdict: Bally’s Tower or Dennis Tower?

If you have patiently read our whole post you know the answer already.

The winner is undoubtedly Bally’s tower. It is better in every possible way than the Dennis tower at Bally’s Atlantic city.

Bally’s has been facing many complaints from the customers over the years. Many of them are regarding the Dennis tower. The renovation there was said to be upgraded but it’s still not customer satisfactory.

Many of the rooms are said to be in a run-down condition. There are said to be odour and hygienic problems as well. The views from the Dennis tower are also not par to Bally’s tower.

So, the bally’s tower would be the better choice here. Although some people claim that they had a better experience in the Dennis tower. But we think it would be a risk. 

I mean at the end of the day it’s a hotel where you’ll be staying so it’s important to choose the right one unlike choosing between routes like I-80 and 1-76.

So, what do you think? Want to give Dennis tower a chance? 


Need to gather more information? Then this section can help-

What games are available in Bally’s Atlantic City?

The games available in Bally’s AC are Blackjack, Carps, Spanish 21, Baccarat, Pai Gow, and many more. For a better experience, you can play progressive slots, video poker, and video reels.

What are the requirements for check-in at Bally’s Atlantic City?

One of the requirements for check-in at Bally’s AC is time. It’s 4 PM to midnight. You’ll need the credit card for incidental charges. A government-issued photo ID might be needed. You’d have to be at least 21 to check in the hotel.

What are the mandatory fees at Bally’s Atlantic City?

The mandatory fees at Bally’s Atlantic City are destination fees, tourism fees, and resort fees. The destination fee is USD 4.54 and the tourism fee is USD 3. The resort fee is USD 27.27.


That’s all from us regarding the bally’s tower or Dennis tower. We tried to mention all the differences between these two hotel buildings. Hopefully, our discussion was of use to you.

If you have any more queries you can contact the bally’s Atlantic city front desk. You may also find your answer on their official website.

That’s it for today. We wish you safe travelling!

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