Block Island Vs Nantucket

Block Island Vs Nantucket: Choosing Your Next Escape

Block Island and Nantucket are popular vacation destinations for New Englanders searching for a pleasant weekend trip. They have the seaside charm and breathtaking landscape of well-known places.

Regardless of how you move around, you’ll be reminiscing of times when connection, nature, and calm were the norm. So, features around these places are important to know beforehand. 

So, which one is the better spot for vacation, Block Island Vs Nantucket? 

Block Island is a more laid-back place compared to Nantucket. Even the most upscale restaurants do not demand a tie or jacket. Moreover, Block Island features a gorgeous Victorian front street surrounding the Old Harbour and the water. On the other hand, Nantucket has sophisticated architecture and cobblestone walkways.

Enjoying the sneak peek? Let’s look at the specifics to learn more about our holiday place.

Block Island Vs Nantucket: Quick Comparison

If you’re seeking east coast escape with plenty of sights, both Block Island and Nantucket are good choices. Both islands have some differences in the case of ancient lighthouses, as well as gracious inns. 


Choosing between these two scenic destinations can be as tough as choosing between Denali state park and national park

Here’s a comparison table between these two islands to have a clear picture. ]

Features Block Island Nantucket 
Transportation Can walk around the beaches Need cabs to roam around 
Food Affordable Sightly expensive 
Beach View Smaller beaches Have more places to visit 
Historical Places to Visit Have a charming victorian front sidewalk facing the Old HarbourHave sophisticated architecture and cobblestone streets.

Now let’s move on to the details!

Detailed Comparison

Now that we know a little bit about the two places, it’s important to jump into the main details. Let’s start with the ideal time to visit both of these places. 

Time to Visit

Block Island is gorgeous all year. But the population drops dramatically and few businesses are open during the Block Island winter months.

So if you want to schedule your visit then do it between May to October. The weather is pleasant, and the stores, restaurants, and nightclubs are all back in business at this time. The same can be seen while visiting Rosarito and Ensenada.

Meanwhile, the times of March, April, September, and October are ideal for visiting Nantucket. Nantucket weather is refreshingly free of tourist throngs, and rates are much more reasonable at that time. 

The temperatures also are just too chilly for most between November to February. With lows averaging between 25 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, winters aren’t all doom and gloom. The island’s seasonal businesses don’t close until after Christmas. 


Ferry is the only direct way to reach Block Island. But you can fly in on a commercial aeroplane and then fly to Block Island with Cape Air. The Block Island ferry takes one hour to get from Downtown Newport to Block Island’s Old Harbor.

Despite its isolated location 30 miles out at sea, without a Nantucket ferry, you can reach the place. The place is serviced by large and local airlines as well as aircraft charters. Year-round flights are accessible from Boston, and Martha’s Vineyard airports.


Block Island resorts boast the most Victorian hotels on any Eastern seaboard. Now, what are the top-rated Block Island resorts?

The Atlantic Inn, Spring Palace and Hotel Manisses are some of the most visited resorts on Block Islands. Besides those, the National Hotel and the Surf Hotel are among the architectural beauties.


If you’re visiting Nantucket for the first time, the White Elephant is a better choice. Because it’s close to Main Street, downtown, and the beaches. The staff makes it easy for you to visit other parts of Nantucket by providing complimentary bicycles.

Do You Want A Guide?

Block Island seems to be much smaller. So for Block Island, you don’t need a guide. 

Nantucket is much more developed than Block Island. So here you might want to have a guide with you to roam around comfortably. But the cost of the trip may rise.

Do You Want to Take the Charge of Your Whole Trip?

Now, if you’re now thinking of taking charge of your whole trip then let’s go through them.


The few available restaurants make it even more challenging to select which ones are worth visiting. You also need to have an idea of what to consider when choosing a restaurant.

Here are some of Block Island and Nantucket’s must-visit drool-worthy restaurants! 

Poor People’s PubServes traditional foods and is priced moderately 
Ernie’s RestaurantServes American meals and delectable breakfast 

The first stop for block island is Poor People’s Pub. It’s one of Block Island’s best restaurants. If you’re searching for something traditional, this is the place to go. The Poor People’s Pub is conveniently located near the Old Harbour Block Island Ferry. 

The meal at Poor People’s Pub is priced in the middle. Plus, there’s a fantastic kid’s menu with smaller portions or even lower prices.

Following that is Ernie’s Restaurant, which is noted for its delectable breakfast and brunch fare. This is the kind of place that comes to mind when thinking of a traditional American meal. 

Nothing will set you back more than $10 for an entree. The restaurant has both interior and exterior seating. So you can take advantage of the great weather, which is generally sunny and breezy.

Meanwhile, the meal prices at Nantucket restaurants vary. The average daily cost of eating is $65 on the island. Based on spending tendencies, a typical lunch in Nantucket will cost roughly $26 per person while dining out. 

DuneFine dining and seafood 
Straight Wharf Restaurant Local cuisine 
Keeper’s Restaurant Serves traditional American food and is moderately priced

Breakfast is frequently less expensive than lunch and dinner. Dining at sit-down cafes in Nantucket is frequently more expensive than fast food or street food.


You don’t need a car on Block Island because it’s so small. The footwear express is a convenient method to visit Old Harbour’s stores, restaurants, and hotels. The major beach is only a 15-minute short walk from the ferry.

But if you want, you can hire cabs. A cab ride currently for one person costs at least $7. For each extra passenger over four, it adds $1. A $2 surcharge is added to the price if the trip passes into a different zone.

While driving is generally the quickest way to get about Nantucket, parking can be scarce and difficult. Many places in town can also be explored without having to drive.

Taxis in Nantucket are substantially more expensive than public transit. Visitors in  Nantucket have to pay an average of $38 per passenger, per day on local transportation.


In block island, clothing, books, and magnets are all available in Old Harbour’s businesses. You may start your journey through them to find souvenirs and presents for others. 

You can browse exhibitions for fine art ranging from photography to painting to pottery and jewelry. Spring Street Gallery is one of the most prominent galleries in the area. It’s run by artists, so your encounters with them will turn your browsing into maker visits.

The average cost of entertainment and activity in Nantucket is $27 per person, per day. This covers prices for museum and attraction admission tickets, day trips, and other sightseeing charges.

What to do

Don’t feel like going to the beach? No worries. Block Island has more than just beautiful beaches. It offers a diversified shopping experience with over 50 retailers and speciality shops, also various art galleries. 


The island’s numerous shops sell both casual souvenirs and distinctive presents. They’re from throughout the world, as well as antiques.

Do you want to get some exercise? Bike riding, horseback riding, bird viewing, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, and sailing are the activities that are available.

Now, there are so many Nantucket things to do. Nantucket offers a variety of family-friendly activities. Hiking, fishing, golfing, shopping, and other activities are available. 

Spending out on beaches is the most popular pastime. The sandy beaches are ideal for unwinding for the day. Some beaches are ideal for kayaking, while some are better for surfing or just sunbathing.

Nantucket is also known for its boating. Sailboats, motorboats, fishing boats, and luxury yachts can all be seen in the harbour.


Block Island is absolutely worthy of beautiful beaches. There are many things to do in Block Island. Lovely restaurants and shops, and breathtaking coastline views can all be found on the island. Hiking, riding, and kayaking are just a few of the outdoor activities available.

Nantucket is indeed a sight to behold on its own. You can see how the spring season in Nantucket looks here-

The National Park Service has designated the entire island of Nantucket as a National Historic District. There are numerous historical and informational sites throughout.

Final Verdict: Where to Go?

Both places are fantastic. However, we believe Nantucket is considerably more upscale and has superior beaches. Much more elitist and wealthy. Dining, shopping, museums, and the theatre are all available on Nantucket.

Block Island is far more laid-back than Nantucket. The differences are similar to ocean beach and pacific beach. Block Island features a gorgeous Victorian front sidewalk facing the Old Harbour and the water. But it lacks the sophisticated architecture and cobblestone walkways of Nantucket. 

Also with only one village and two harbors, New Harbour and Old Harbour, Block Island is a smaller island. Staying near any of the other harbors puts you near the greatest beaches, which are all on Crescent Beach.


Is Nantucket worth visiting?

Yes, Nantucket is worth visiting from April to October. It’s a Massachusetts island off the coast of Cape Cod. The island is indeed the epitome of cuteness. Natural beauty, wonderful fauna, and welcoming locals.

Are cars allowed on Block Island?

No, cars are not allowed on Block Island. Although cars are permitted just on the island. But the roads are tiny, curving, and lack sides, and drivers must battle with runners and mopeds.

Is Block Island walkable?

Yes, the island is quite bikeable and walkable. So you can hire one while you’re there. Mopeds need to be rented on the island. It’s a wonderful way to get around to the island’s beach, cliffs, and lighthouses.


We hope now you can decide easily which spot is the winner, Block Island Vs Nantucket. Once you’re one of these places, you will be glad you are there. 

Both islands have a serene atmosphere and stunning scenery. There are numerous activities to choose from. For nature enthusiasts, these are the ideal beach resorts.

Happy Travelling!

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