Hwange National Park VS Kruger National Park

Hwange has stunning plants and animals to see during your holiday. Meanwhile, Kruger is famous for its African animals and has a rich history. Even though Hwange isn’t as well-known as Kruger, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a safari experience. 

As each has unique scenes, it is obvious that you might face trouble choosing between Hwange National Park vs. Kruger National Park. In this article, we will help you to solve this problem. 

Hwange National Park VS Kruger National Park

Both parks are very famous in Africa and have specific characteristics and characters. They both complete African scenes, which is why the choice is hard about which destination to visit. Here is a short comparison of both. 

DetailsHwange National ParkKruger National Park
LocationIn western Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park is located and is 14,600 square KM wide.In northeastern South Africa, Krugo National Park is located and covers almost 19,485 square KM.
WildlifeHwange National Park is known for its unique wildlife including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and giraffes.Kruger National Park has a vibrant biodiversity such as lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros, as well as cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species.

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Location – Hwange National Park VS Kruger National Park

Hwange National Park is situated in the Matabeleland North province of Zimbabwe, approximately 335 kilometers southwest of the capital city, Harare. It covers an area of about 14,651 square kilometers, making it the largest national park in Zimbabwe and one of the largest in Africa. 

On the other hand, Kruger National Park is situated in northeastern South Africa and covers 19,485 square KM. Visitors can visit this place by road and air, and it also has several entrance gates for easy access. Kruger National Park gives access to both international and domestic travelers for convenience access.


Both Hwange National Park and Kruger National Park are famous for their unique wildlife. Hwange National Park has different animals like lions, different types of birds, elephants, and many more. It has a beautiful ecosystem with woodland, fauna, and savannahs.

On the other hand, Kruger National Park is famous as Africa’s wildlife destination. It is famous for five big animals for inhabitants- Leopard, buffalo, lion, rhinoceros and elephant. Kruger National Park’s landscapes and wildlife are famous habitats for different animals.

Scenic Beauty – Hwange VS Kruger National Park

Hwange National Park shares beautiful woodland, fauna, grassland and is a perfect picture place for wildlife photography. It has many waterholes, which helps animals in the dry season to drink water a lot. And it is a good observation which is offered to the animals.

Hwange National Park shares beautiful woodland, fauna, grassland and is a perfect picture place for wildlife photography
Source: tripsavvy.com

Kruger National Park also has unique woodland with fauna and rocky outcrops. Sabie and Olifants Rivers converge in Kruger National Park, which enhances the beauty of Kruger National Park. Not only that, it also serves water to the animals during the dry season. 

Kruger National Park adds an extra addition to the safari experience; visitors will enjoy the scenario.

Way to Visit

Hwange National Park is located near Victoria Falls International Airport, which means it has easy access to the entry point. Visitors can visit the safari park, and it is a pleasure moment for the visitor to Hwange National Park. Travelers can go there by road or by air.

Zebras in Hwange Park
Source: wildernesstravel.co

On the other hand, Kruger National Park has easy access by road. This safari park has many entry gates so visitors can enter at their preferred entry point. This park is located near towns, which provide convenient options for travelers.

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Visitors Facilities

Tourist facilities impact visiting these two safari parks. Hwange National Park provides a more natural vibe to the tourists. They come close to nature while visiting Hwange National Park. They can go camping and have different catering services as per their preferences.

Visitors love to come to Kruger National Park. That is why the management provides different facilities based on their budget and preferences. In short, Kruger National Park delivers comfort while maintaining the integrity of the safari adventure.

An elephant in Kruger National park while writing the comparison article on Kruger vs Hwange national park
Source: sunsafaris.com


In Hwange National Park, visitors can enjoy exciting game drives, traversing its vast landscapes to spot iconic African wildlife like elephants, lions, and giraffes. The park’s diverse ecosystem offers fantastic opportunities for birdwatching, with over 400 bird species to discover, making it a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Kruger National Park also offers thrilling game drives, allowing visitors to encounter the Big Five and other fascinating creatures against the backdrop of stunning African sunsets. The park’s extensive network of roads facilitates self-drive safaris, giving visitors the freedom to explore at their own pace and stop at various viewpoints and waterholes to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Additionally, Hwange National Park provides guided night safaris, offering a glimpse into the nocturnal activities of its inhabitants, from prowling predators to elusive night creatures.

Also, Kruger National Park offers immersive cultural experiences, including visits to cultural villages and educational centers, providing insights into the rich heritage and traditions of the region.


Which Park Is Less Frequented And More Isolated?

Hwange National Park is more remote than Kruger National Park. But it shares a quiet place and a less crowded safari park compared to the Kruger National Park. They let visitors connect with nature and wildlife.

How Readily Available Are The Parks Via Air And Road?

By road or by air, you can visit Hwange National Park easily. Victoria Falls International Airport is the nearest airport for both international and local tourists. On the other hand, Kruger National Park is also situated on the road and has many entrance gates so visitors can enter the safari park as per their preferred location.

Which park offers a more upscale and restricted safari experience?

Hwange National Parks offer visitors more connection to nature. It is quiet and less crowded and gives tourists a scheduled safari experience. The goal of Hwange’s preservation efforts is to preserve the park’s varied ecosystems and fauna, which supports the park’s sustainability as a whole.


Hwange National Park and Kruger National Park both have individual natural beauty on their preference. If you think of Hwange National Park it provides remote and different wilderness to visitors, and on the other hand, Kruger National Park provides budget tours to travelers. Now you have an idea about Hwange National Park vs Kruger National Park. Let’s have a different safari experience and enjoy your trip! 

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