What Is Itinerary Number? [A Guide to Your Flight]

It’s quite normal to overthink about missing your flight. After all, you paid a lot of money to get there. 

To assist you inside the airport the instructions are given in the flight itinerary. This itinerary contains a verification number. It’s called the itinerary number.

So actually what is itinerary number?

An itinerary number is merely a tracking number. It could be for the reservation system you use to make your appointment. An itinerary contains flight information, flight times, transit, food preference, confirmation number, etc. There are different types of flight itineraries. 

We have discussed this elaborately in this article. Do stick with us till the end. It will be helpful for you.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Flight Itinerary?

Upon hearing about the flight itinerary, a  lot of questions pop into your mind. What exactly is a flight itinerary? 

Let’s look at what it means. 

A flight itinerary is a suggested travel route. It contains information such as your flight information, transits (if applicable), flight times, and dates. Besides it also contains your flight numbers, name, food preferences, and confirmation number. 

Now that you have an idea about the flight itinerary you might’ve other questions too. Worry not, we’ll clear out a few common queries people have regarding the flight itinerary. 

What Is a Flight Itinerary Number?

Let’s first try to grasp what an itinerary number is, shall we? 

The Itinerary Number is nothing more than a tracking number for the reservation system you utilized. Itinerary numbers are found in the itinerary documents. 

Contents of a Flight Itinerary 

Now let’s get one thing sorted out. Itineraries could be of different types. Such as flight itineraries, travel itineraries, trip itineraries, etc. Different itineraries can have different contents. Let’s look at an example of a flight itinerary. 

Source: schengenvisaflightreservation 

Here, you can clearly see the contents of a flight itinerary. It includes the identity of the person who made the booking with the name on the flight. It also provides a valid booking ID, price of the ticket, the arrival and departure date, etc.

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Difference Between Flight Itinerary and Flight Ticket

You could easily get confused between the two. You could ask, what is the itinerary number the flight number? 

While boarding a plane there are a few things and documents which are optional to carry. Such as the luggage, purse, electronics, and of course the dot approved case

But there are a few documents you must carry. The flight itinerary is one of them. 

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Simply put, an itinerary is the overall outlook of your entire journey. The itinerary contains detailed information on arrival, departure, transits, returning flights, etc. 

On the other hand, a flight ticket is documentation of the flight you’re onboarding. The ticket could be digital or a hard copy. But without the flight ticket, you won’t be allowed to board the airplane. 

Types of Flight Itinerary

Flight itineraries can be of various types. It’s important to know about all the types of itinerary to make your travel easier.  

One-way Itinerary 

It is an air travel itinerary that entails flying from one city to another without returning to the first. For instance, a direct flight from Manchester to Barcelona. 

Round-trip Itinerary

Flying from one city to another and back to the first is part of a round trip itinerary.Taking a direct trip from Manchester to Barcelona and returning to Manchester, for example.

Multiple-city Itinerary 

This itinerary includes stops in more than two cities. This could be within the same or different countries. For example, traveling from Manchester to Barcelona. Then from Barcelona to Rome then back to Manchester. 

Multiple-airlines Itinerary

This itinerary includes multiple airlines on the same trip. For example, traveling from Manchester to Barcelona using American Airlines. Then using Spirit Airlines to come back to Manchester.

Group Travel Itinerary 

This is a trip that requires more than one person to complete. When a group of people is on a journey together, a group itinerary is formed. 

Now Let’s get into why a flight itinerary is so important.

Why Do You Need a Flight Itinerary?

Now, you might be asking, “What is the purpose of the flight itinerary?” 

Well, a flight itinerary serves diverse purposes. Just like packing the right things for a trip to Hawaii is important, a flight itinerary is equally important. So, let’s look into some of the reasons why you may need a flight itinerary: 

Visa Purposes 

Embassies or Consulates require a range of documents while applying for a visa. The Travel itinerary is one of them. Whether traveling to Schengen countries, EU countries, or the United States, this must be provided.

Its purpose is to ensure that the applicant intends to go to the required places on specific days. The paper is also used to demonstrate that the applicant is serious about returning home. 

It’s also a part of your overall vacation plans. This is in addition to all other types of transportation you will use during your journey. 

In most cases, the applicant is not required to pay for the flight itinerary airplane ticket. This is due to the fact that most embassies do not need applicants to purchase a plane ticket. 

Nevertheless, it is required to pay a small processing cost to the travel document provider. This is the company that will assist you in obtaining the necessary documents.

Flying Efficiently 

The itinerary guides you to your next step. With the help of the flight itinerary, you can plan your next step accordingly.

The airlines provide the flight itinerary to the passengers. This ensures the proper mobility of the passengers in the airport. The itinerary guides a passenger from the terminal up to their boarding. 

This assists the passengers during arrival, departure as well as transit. You can organize all the activities within the airport with the itinerary.

Getting a Flight Itinerary Number

In order to get a flight itinerary, you need to do at least one of two. Purchasing a flight ticket or reserving a flight ticket. 

Let’s say you just need the flight itinerary. You do not want to pay for the entire flight ticket. What do you do? 

Let’s have a look.

Purchasing a Refundable Airlines Ticket

Most airlines offer refunds for the cancellation of air tickets. You can easily purchase a refundable ticket online.

The airline company will give you your required itinerary along with the ticket. Once you’re done with the itinerary you can simply cancel your flight. And you will be refunded. 

Delta airline is a good example of a passenger-friendly airline. Delta airline offers many facilities. Such as seat requests, top-notch services, and of course full refund in case of cancellation. Hence you can get a Delta flight itinerary easily. 

Reserving a Flight Ticket with a Travel Agency

The local travel agents will charge you a price for their services. Despite that this is a great choice because they can hold a ticket for a longer period. They normally charge you 10% of the fixed ticket price. 

Reserving a Ticket with a Hold Option

Some airlines may hold your tickets for a modest cost ranging from $10 to $30. The length of time they will hold your ticket varies by airline. But most of them can retain it for up to 3 days.


Where to get my flight itinerary? 

A confirmation of your itinerary will be emailed to you by your airline. If not, go over to the airline’s website and check under the “your trips” section. Besides, some airlines show the itinerary in their “manage” booking space on their website or app. 

How many digits is an itinerary number? 

The digits in an itinerary number generally depend on the provider. Generally, the itinerary number is alphanumeric. Which means that it has both alphabets and numbers.  It ranges from 4 to 6 alphanumeric characters. It’s also called a booking code or a reservation number. 

How to find the itinerary on Expedia?

You can find Expedia on your android devices, or in iPhone, iPad. You can open the Expedia app. Make sure you are  logged into your account. You can view current and previous trip itineraries. For that tap “Trips”. At the bottom center of your screen. Select the itinerary you’d like to see.


So we’re almost at the end of the article. Hope now you know what is itinerary number? 

Thank you for sticking around. Hope to see you soon. 

Happy traveling.

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