What Is A DOT Approved Case

What Is A DOT Approved Case? [Explained]

According to many people, a lighter is an important tool to carry with yourself. Whether it’s out of fascination or necessity the statement isn’t wrong. After all, they come in handy in many situations. 

But what if you’re stuck at the airport checkpoint because of it? Ready to leave your favorite lighter forever? A dot-approved case can solve your problem.

So, what is a dot approved case?

A DOT-approved case is a box to carry lighters while on an airplane. It’s made from polycarbonate. So it’s safe for carrying flammable materials. Its foamy interior makes it a frictionless space for carrying lighters. Unless you’ve one of these cases you can’t carry a lighter on an airplane.

Care to know more about DOT-approved cases? Then keep reading today’s travel blog post till the end.

Let’s begin!

What Is A DOT Approved Case?

If you’re a regular smoker you might have heard of DOT approved cases. Even if you haven’t, you’re about to find it out. Because it’s very important that you know about them.

Before we explain what a DOT-approved case is, let’s talk about its background. We all know that there are several rules on carrying stuff on an airplane.

One of the restrictions applies to anything that may produce fire. For example, something like a fuel lighter or a matchbox. The reason is very obvious. It’s to avoid any chance of causing fire hazards or any serious accidents.

This is why you can’t carry a lighter openly on an airplane. To carry one, you’d need a DOT-approved case. This rule was imposed by the TSA(Transport Security Administration) of the U.S. Department.

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Now, let’s come to our main topic. DOT-approved case is a box area that’s specifically made to carry lighters on airplanes. The U.S. Department Of Transportation(DOT) enforces this rule on all kinds of aircraft.

It’s a well-built box that has a foamy interior and holds lighters inside. During the whole flight, you can’t open this box and use the lighter. It’s a bit hard to find a well-built DOT-approved case. But not for the Colibri Tranzpack TSA. Here the case is pretty durable and well-built.

How To Use A DOT Approved Case?

Using a dot-approved case is very easy. Even if you’re seeing it for the first time, you can manage it by yourself. But first, you need to buy one. There are many lighter companies that produce their own dot-approved cases.

There are many popular brands among them from which you can choose. It should have a DOT-approved seal that contains a permit number to it. 

First, you’ve to open the transpack from the top. Simply, put your lighter inside the foamy space in it. Now, put the transpack back on it and it’s ready to go through the airport checkpoint.

If anyone asks for a TSA stamp/DOT code just show the seal on the container. The container is made from polycarbonate. So, it’s very sturdy. Due to the foamy interior, it’ll be safe from breaking or scratching.

It’s also waterproof. So, it’s perfectly safe even when you’re traveling on water paths. So, make sure to have one of them. They’re very convenient. 

What Type Of Lighters Are Allowed On Planes?

You’ve learned about DOT-approved cases. But can you carry just any type of lighter in it? Unfortunately, no. TSA only approves lighters that are either flip one or disposable lighters

You can carry at most two lighters in a DOT-approved box. Lighters with fuel in it are absolutely prohibited. Just like how satellite phones are illegal in some places.

There are also certain types of lighters that you mustn’t carry on an airplane. Check out the following chart to learn more about it-

Classification Of LightersPermitted In Aircraft?Permitted In Checked Baggage?
Zippo lighter (contains flammable liquid)YesNo
Butane lighter (contains flammable gas)Yes No 
BIC lighter (disposable)YesNo
Torch lighter (cigar/blue flame/jet lighter)NoNo
Torch lighter with DOT permit containerNoYes(only in the U.S.)
Lighter with unabsorbed liquidNoNo 
Weapon shaped lighters NoNo
Lighter fluid or gas refills No No
Canisters/ flammable gas containersNoNo
Utility/micro/chef torchNoNo

So as you can see, only fueled lighters are allowed on a plane. Like Zippo lighters or BIC lighters. That too with DOT approved boxes to be kept with personal belongings. You can’t carry them in your luggage. 

It is to steer clear of any chances of the fuel leaking from lighter containers. Because they are extremely flammable and can become an urgent threat.

Flammable gas or fuels must be dealt with utmost caution because of fuel properties. So know which category your lighter falls under to avoid any misunderstanding.

Can I Carry Matchbox In Flight?

Since we’re on the topic of lighters, naturally we think about the alternatives. So what about matches? Can I carry matches on an airplane? The answer is yes, you can but it depends on the match type.

There are basically two types of matches. One is friction matches another is safety matches. Friction matches are absolutely prohibited on planes. 

Because this type of match contains phosphorus sesquisulfide. They are easily ignited with simple friction. On the other hand, safety matches aren’t easily ignitable. 

So you can carry them on a plane but not inside the luggage. Only one pack of matches is permitted on airplanes.

Can I Carry Cigarettes In Flight?

It must be another question you were wondering about right now. Lucky for you! The answer is yes. You can keep it with either luggage or carry-on bags. 

However, you can carry at most 200 cigarettes with you while on an airplane. You can also carry an e-cigarette or vape with you. But they are only allowed to be kept in carry-on bags.

You can’t carry them in checked baggage. If you do, you may have to pay a fine closer to the amount of the early departure fee

Also, you can’t use any of these products while you’re on board. We hope that answers all of your questions.


Providing all the information at once can be a pretty tough job. But we tried our best. Hopefully, this segment helps you to learn more about it.

Can I carry matches in checked luggage?

No, matches can’t be carried on checked luggage. You can only keep them in carry-on bags. The reason is, packing matches lightly in luggage can cause friction. Simple friction can easily ignite all the matches. As you can guess the aftermath would be a huge disaster.

What happens if you keep lighters inside your luggage?

In most countries, lighter is not allowed on checked baggage. So if you’re carrying one, first it’ll be detected at the airport checkpoint. The staff will see the item inside your luggage. Afterward, they will call you to remove it.

Are plasma or electronic lighters allowed on planes?

No, under the rules of TSA, you can’t carry plasma or electronic lighters. Plasma and electronic lighters are not safe whether they are inside carry-on bags or luggage. Like torch lighters and arc lighters, they are not allowed on planes.


So have you understood what is a dot approved case? We hope our description was enough to explain all of it.

Don’t forget to check the seal while you’re about to buy a dot-approved case. The seal is important. If it gets peeled you might face problems.

That’s it for today. See you in another travel blog soon!

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