How to Book a Round Trip Flight and a One Way Flight Together?

When it comes to scheduling a flight, it’s critical to know which way you’re traveling. There is no doubt that every tourist has specific expectations.

But, if you wish to take an extended open vacation, your requirements may vary. To begin, let’s examine the booking process.

So, exactly how to book a round trip flight and a one way flight together?

To book a round trip flight and a one way flight together first search all the offer packages to match your schedule. Compare the flight costs of different airlines. Also, factor in the taxes and baggage costs. Print the reservation and other important papers. Finally, contact a travel agency with the necessary details.

Booking both round trip and one-way trip flights together may seem tricky. But, knowing all the details will make it easier.

Let’s proceed to know further details.

Reserving Both Round Trip Flight and One Way Flight Together

A roundtrip flight is a flight schedule that takes you from point A to point B. You might wonder does round-trip mean both ways? This covers a one-way trip to a spot and a return flight from the same location. 


There may be layovers or connections along the way. But, the start and destination points remain the same.

Can I book a round-trip and a one-way flight together? Yes, if you want to purchase both, you have the opportunity to buy airlines. But, point to be noted, the instructions for a round ticket should be refunded. 

You may ask, can you book return flights separately? Yes, absolutely. But if you are going in a rush season, it is wise to book a round trip. Usually, a round-trip flight is cheaper than one way flight. 

So, after seeing a little higher price for one way flight, don’t get shocked. 

So, here I’ve discussed 7 easy steps to book both round trip and one-way flights together. Keep following the instructions to avoid buying over-price tickets, since you’re purchasing both.

Step 1: Make a Flexible Schedule

Consider making some room for change in your schedule. You’ll profit more if you’re willing to be adaptable in all areas of your life. You should be flexible with everything from your airline and airport of departure and arrival. 

If everything syncs to your travel dates and package deals, you’ll have a better chance. You’ll be able to obtain a low-cost plane ticket.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday? Booking Tuesday and Wednesday is generally the most affordable option. So, you can purchase a round-trip ticket and a one-way ticket at the same time. Even, the deals are too lucrative to miss.

For both, cheap last-minute flights are frequently available. Especially when purchasing in conjunction with a hotel and/or a car rental service.

In many cases, flying out of smaller airports can be more cost-effective. It provides better connections than flying out of major hubs.

Step 2: Research & Compare the Flight Cost

Compare flight costs. The cost of a plane ticket may differ depending on a wide range of variables. The date of booking is the main concern. 

You might ask do you pay twice for round trip? The answer is- No. The round trip is a bundle package. It includes both pickups and drops off at the same location. So. you need to pay once for a round trip ticket.

Choosing the right website and booking in advance are essential variables. Do a quick research about comparing costs from other sites. You should be able to get the greatest value on both flights.

If you can, make your reservation six weeks in advance. This is how you’ll be able to locate the cheapest flights and the best offers.

In the afternoons of Tuesdays, between 3:00 pm and 5:05 pm, airfares are at their lowest. Eastern time. Online travel agencies compile data on the most affordable and convenient flying options. 

You may search for flights on these sites: Kayak, Expedia, CheapTickets, and Priceline. When using a travel website, you may compare rates. Take into account many aspects of your both flights automatically.

It’s a good idea to compare prices on other online travel agencies as well. The deals they have to offer might be rather different.

Booking tickets directly via an airline’s website is also a viable option. On airline websites, you may often locate better and cheaper tickets for both flights.

A one-way ticket on another airline may be a viable option for you. This will offer you more flexibility. 

Step 3: Short List Special Deals and Costs

Make a list of flight prices and special deals. Keep a record of all important facts while you compare flight deals. Check the airports and times of departure and arrival, as well as the costs and cancellation procedures. 

Your search for the finest airline deals will become simpler with this information in hand.

Check to see whether the price includes taxes and baggage costs. Read the cancellation and change costs for each flight. 

Knowing such things in advance might help you save a great deal of cash. You’re doomed if you have to cancel or alter your flight. In this case, if you want to stay in hotels, you can book these through the pay now or later services on Expedia.

Step 4: Prepare and Print All the Important Papers

Print the confirmation of your reservation as well as any other applicable paperwork. Bring these papers with you to the airport on your travel day. 

Carry the necessary to prevent any inquiries or complications with your reservation.

The “24-hour rule” should be followed. Within the next 24 hours after buying your ticket, double-check the price. If the rate has dropped, contact the airline and rebook the tickets at a cheaper price.

Step 5: Contact a Travel Agency along with All the Papers

Contact a travel agency or a representative from an airline. To locate the best round trip and one way flight together, you may contact the agency. It can be done by phone either by conventional travel agencies or airline representatives.

Provide the agent with details about your preliminary trip intentions. Include any particular instructions or requests in your message. For example- seat preferences or if your trip dates and airlines are changeable.

Consider being flexible in your plans. Just like you would with online booking, to get the greatest costs and timings. 

Because booking round trip and one-way flights together can be tricky. Suppose, you are booking flights for the ideal route from Florida to California, choose as per your convenience.

A reputable agent will inform you of all possible flight options. They’ll give you the freedom to choose the best deal for you.


Compare the pricing of several agencies. Request pricing quotations from multiple travel agencies. You will find the greatest flight bargain by comparing what various agencies have to offer.

You may like an agent but their offer isn’t the greatest. Tell them about the cheaper price you discovered. Check to see if they can equal or beat your performance.

Step 6: Purchase Your Flight Ticket & Gather All the Information

Get your ticket now. It’s time to purchase your ticket after you’ve decided on the best flight deal. Book a round trip flight and a one-way flight together. 

Make a phone call to the agent and tell them the flights you’d want to book. Respond to any queries they may have regarding things like available seats or food preferences.

Usually, round trips cost a little less than one-way flights. So, keep this in mind.

Inquire about the reservation. Learn about additional expenses including taxes, luggage fees, and upgrading prices. Inquire about the rules regarding cancellation and refunds.

Step 7: Reprint All the Reservation Related Papers

Reprint your reservation as well as any other pertinent papers. Prevent any queries or difficulties with your booking. On the day of your departure, bring these documents with you to the airport.

Some may want to know how do you book flights separately but sit together? This usually happens with family booking. 

You may make a reservation with the airline by calling their reservation line. In order to avoid confusion, make it plain that you’re all related. The agent may usually connect the bookings or make a note. 

This will help the seating system recognize you as a family. Arriving early at the airport increases your chances of securing a seat together.


Can I buy 3 seats on a plane?

There is no reason why you cannot. An additional seat may be purchased using your name on the airline’s website. Tickets and seat allocations are included with this purchase. This is permitted, regardless of whether you need the additional seat.

What airline has the biggest seats?

Jet Blue is the clear winner in the “largest pitch” and “widest seat” categories. It owns into the spacious nature of the bulk of its budget and business class seats. Jet Blue’s lowest-priced seats have a pitch between 32 and 35 inches. However, certain aircraft have a pitch between 37 and 41 inches.

Can you book two separate airlines?

On long-haul trips, purchasing two separate tickets may be cheaper than reserving with one airline. But, be aware that there are dangers associated. Your first flight being delayed means you won’t be eligible for compensation.

Final Verdict

Now, you may know how to book a round trip flight and a one way flight together. Purchasing both with proper instructions makes it easier.

Please go through all the rules regarding the airlines to match your requirements. Sometimes, circumstances change so you may want to cancel one of your flights. 

Have a safe flight!

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