What to Do with Old Suitcases: A DIY Adventure!

Repurposing a suitcase as an under-bed storage for off-season clothes or blankets is a great idea. You can use them as kitchen storage cabinets after cleaning and refurbishing as well. Stack vintage suitcases for a stylish side table near a bed or sofa, or create a cute coffee table with legs. Make a dog bed with extra cute added bunting. Then, Transform suitcases into charming flower planters or herb gardens. To do that, drill drainage holes, place them in the yard, and fill them with soil and plants.

The list doesn’t end here. There are more fantastic ways to wait in the article regarding what to do with old suitcases. Let’s dive in!

What to Do with Old Suitcases: 10 Amazing Ideas

You can recycle most of your old suitcases instead of throwing them away. You can repurpose an old suitcase for affordable and versatile household organization and decoration. After your sunny, delightful trips to Manhattan and Hermosa Beaches or Florida and California Beaches, it may become weary. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to throw it away before buying a new one! Take a look at 10 creative ways to repurpose them to make them more functional and charming.  

Creating Storage

A prominent way to recycle old suitcases is to make a store with them. So, skip pricey under-bed storage; repurpose a suitcase instead. To do that, you need to clean it and fill it with off-season clothes or blankets. Store items you don’t need now for future use.

what to do with old suitcases. use it to store bedsheets or cloths and place in store room or under the bed

Also, you can use them as storage cabinets in the kitchen. So, choose old suitcases for repurposing. Clean them by wiping debris with a damp cloth outside. Freshen the inside using carpet cleaner or disinfectant spray. Now, you’re set to start!

For this purpose large luggage suit cases are better then carry-on luggage.

Making a Side Table

Old suitcases can be used as side tables or stylish end tables near a bed or sofa. It is ideal for a lamp, drink, and book. Plus, convenient storage for seldom-used items.

To do that, you need some vintage suitcases by size, stacked from large to small. Then,  clean it, remove the interior, reinforce the bottom, and attach a wooden board or sturdy base. After that, paint, stain, or apply a clear coat, add a glass or wooden tabletop, and personalize it with decor. 

Turn your old suitcase into a side table

Also, you can transform a hard-sided suitcase into a cute coffee table with four legs and craft. You can create a versatile table that fits anywhere. To complete the travel-inspired look, you can add a matching ottoman by attaching a pillow topper.

Remember to prioritize safety. Also, you can seek professional advice if you don’t know to to do it. 

Making Pet Bed

Couldn’t find a perfect bed for your little buddy? You can give your pet a touch of vintage with a suitcase-turned-dog-bed. Try to make it extra cute with added bunting. Then, place a soft cushion inside. 

You can give your pet a touch of vintage with a suitcase-turned-dog-bed. Try to make it extra cute with added bunting. Then, place a soft cushion inside. 
Source: homedit

Also, line the opened suitcase with batting and a cozy blanket for a perfect pet bed. Your dog or cat will enjoy snuggling inside. Finally, use a screwdriver to easily remove the lid closing. Follow this vintage luggage pet bed tutorial for an in-depth understanding.

Setting up a Bar Cart

You can ingeniously use an open old suitcase atop a suitcase table. A vanity mirror adds a touch of glamor. Liquor bottles, displayed like a relic from another era, instantly exude chic charm for guests.

A suitcase has been turned into setting up a bar cart

The process may require plywood, aluminum corner channels, casters, nails, and screws. Once done, fill it with mini booze bottles for a top-notch finish.

Creating a Mini Garden

Transforming old suitcases into a charming flower planter or herb garden is a great idea. You need to drill drainage holes and place them in a fun yard spot. Then,  fill them with soil, and plant your favourite flowers or herbs.

An old suitcase has been placed in the garden and turned into a flower planter

 It will be an adorable and functional garden piece that will spark neighborhood conversations! Also, you can add a vintage flair to your plant display with a small suitcase as a unique stand. 


It is perfect for those who enjoy hunting for precisely fitting pieces. If you adore decor with a consistent color palette, seek vintage suitcases in the same hue. You should stack or arrange the suitcases based on size, placing the larger ones at the bottom.

If you adore decor with a consistent color palette, seek vintage suitcases in the same hue. You should stack or arrange the suitcases based on size, placing the larger ones at the bottom.
Source: thespruce

Then, choose suitcases with colors that complement each other for a cohesive look. Now, use lighting, such as string lights or a small lamp, to draw attention to the display.

Turning it into a Doll House

Need a dollhouse for your baby? Old suitcases can come to your rescue. You can transform an old suitcase into a charming dollhouse with this DIY project. Children will enjoy playing with it for hours, and collectors will appreciate it for its distinctiveness.

a suitcase turned into a beautiful doll house

The art of converting a suitcase into a miniature travel playhouse is also an artistic project. An enchanting structure with intricate details captivates the mind.

Creating Antique Tray

A tea tray is a cool and special item that mixes old suitcases’ charm with a tea serving tray’s usefulness. This is a great conversation piece that adds a nice touch to any tea party. It is necessary to add decorative handles or drawer pulls to make it convenient to use.

Then, personalize the trays with paint, decals, or other decorative elements to match your style. To create a flat, stable surface for serving, place a piece of glass or a wooden board on top.

Making a Medicine Cabinet

Create a stylish medicine cabinet by repurposing an antique suitcase. When using a suitcase in this manner, it’s imperative to prioritize safety considerations. 

You should ensure that the conversion maintains both aesthetic appeal and user safety standards. Also, You need to be clear about the expectations you can have from conventional medicine cabinets.

Using as a Bookshelf

This repurposed turntable for books blends classic aesthetics with modern functionality. In this innovative creation, a classic suitcase is reimagined as a rotating bookshelf. 

Keep standing books in place with bookends or fabric loops attached to the suitcase. Create pockets or shelves using fabric or cardboard for laying books. Depending on your aesthetic, you can paint the suitcase or add decorative elements.

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Can I Make A Traveling Art Studio With Old Suitcases? 

Yes, you can create a beautiful art studio with your old suitcases for your children. Let the chalkboard paint dry on the suitcase’s sides. Then, fill the box with chalk, crayons, paper, and art supplies. Kids can draw on the case and take it to different rooms to express their creativity!

How Can I Dispose Of A Suitcase?

Donate suitcases and large bags that are in good condition to charities or thrift shops. Before donating, make sure the items are clean and functional. You can also reuse them as so many wonderful stuff.  You should dispose of broken or unusable suitcases according to your local waste disposal guidelines. 

What Are Old Suitcases Called?

Old suitcases, known as steamer trunks, refer to large, vintage suitcases made of wood, leather, and metal. The smaller hand-held versions, known as dress-suit cases, emerged in the 19th century.


Hopefully, now you are sufficiently enlightened regarding what to do with old suitcases.

Regardless of what you prefer, make it. Before deciding which one to make, focus on your needs and preferences. 

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