NCL E-Docs Not Ready: What to Do?

Before boarding a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, you must complete the check-in process. Once you have checked in, you will receive electronic documents (e-docs) that serve as your boarding pass.

So, if your NCL e-docs not ready, then there can be several reasons. 

One possible reason why your NCL e-docs are not ready is that the check-in process has not yet been completed. Check the “E-Dcos Status” in the My NCL app. Wait 24 to 48 hours after the check-in process for the e-docs to generate. Also, providing incorrect information and technical difficulties can cause this issue. In that case, contact the Norwegian Customer Service. 

So, no need to worry. Here, we’ll provide you with all that you need to know about getting your NCL e-docs. 

Reasons Why Your NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready Yet

The e-docs of the NCL cruise is an electronic document that holds a detailed summary of your trip. It also works as a boarding pass into the NCL vessel. 

Sometimes the NCL E-docs may not work due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons behind this happening and how it can be solved have been discussed below. 

1. Incomplete Online Check-in – NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready

It might be that your check-in process is not yet finished, such as payment or information, etc.

To complete the check-in process, you’ll need to provide all the required information. On top of that, you must complete the check-in process 21 days prior to the cruise date for the e-docs to generate.   

2. Incorrect information

If you provide incorrect information during the check-in process, it may halt the process and prevent your e-docs from being generated. 

To avoid such delays in the future try to double-check your information carefully and input what’s necessary. 

3. Technical issues if NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready

Lastly, sometimes technical issues may occur that prevent the generation of e-docs. 

So, if your check-in process is complete, and you provided all the correct information. But it’s been 48 hours and still no sign of the NCL e-docs, then it’s likely a technical issue. 

What to Do When Your NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready

So now let’s see what you can do if your NCL e-docs are not ready still. 

1. Check Your NCL Account

First, check the My NCL app for any irregularities like incorrect information or the completion of the check-in process. Provide all the correct information that is required by the NCL check-in process. You’ll need to provide the following information.

online check-in screen on mobile is shown in the explaining of NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready
Source: ncl. 
  • The confirmation number of the NCL cruise line including sail date, ship number, etc. 
  • Full legal name, and birthdate of the travel members. 
  • Passport or other appropriate travel documents with issue date and expiration date.
  • Emergency contact information of someone not traveling alongside. 
  • Credit card information as cruise onboard purchases only accepts cashless system. 
  • Your detailed travel plans. 

So, make sure you carefully provide all this information and complete the check-in process.  

2. Wait 24-48 Hours if NCL E-Docs Are Not Ready

Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the NCL e-docs to get ready for you. So, after the check-in process is complete, wait up to 48 hours to receive the NCL e-docs. 

3. Call The NCL Customer Support

Now, if all goes well with the check-in process and it’s been 48 hours, the e-docs should be ready. If you didn’t get the NCL e-docs, then it’s a technical issue as we’ve said earlier. 

In that case, call NCL customer service. Ask them if it’s a technical issue. If so, they’ll assist you in solving the issue and you can get your NCL e-docs. You might need to bring some documents when your NCL e-docs are not ready such as, 

  • Your cruise confirmation number.
  • Your passport.
  • Your travel insurance information.
  • Any other documentation that NCL has requested.

Now, if you’re wondering how to transfer NCL cruise next, just call an agent. Also, you can email the pertinent information to [email protected].

Do I Need to Print E-Docs for Norwegian Cruise

Yes, you need to print out the NCL e-docs. It is an electronic travel document that contains a summary of your travel details. The printed version of this document will be your onboard pass aboard the NCL vessel. 

Now, let’s see how you can print this document. 

How to Print E-Docs for NCL

In your NCL app, complete the check-in first as instructed before. So, before 21 days of your trip, the e-docs will be ready. You’ll see the “E-Docs Status” has changed and you can print it now. 

There’s a “print this document” option on the e-docs screen. Click the button to print your desired NCL e-docs. Or you can download the e-docs and print them on some other day. 

Now, you can compare the Haven of NCL and MSC Yacht Club for a ship-within-a-ship experience. Both offer luxurious and prioritized services for their guests.

What Documents Are Acceptable for An NCL Cruise?

So, there are different kinds of essential documents you can present for the check-in of the NCL cruise. Some documents may be supplementary to others. So, the documents you’ll need for an NCL cruise are the following. 

  • Identification. 
  • Boarding passes. 
  • Health information. 
  • Visas and other destination-specific documents. 
  • Cruise line luggage tags. 
  • Permission to travel. 
  • Other travel information.
  • Emergency contacts.

Carefully provide the documents so that you do not miss out on your desired trip aboard NCL vessels. This document is the doorway to enjoying the attractive NCL suits and NCL Haven. So, be careful with the process. 


How Early Can You Check into NCL Cruise?

It is recommended that you arrive 1 hour prior to the embarkation period printed on your travel document. And also, complete the check-in process at least 4 days prior to the embarkation time. 

Does Cruise Need A Visa?

Whether your cruise needs a Visa or not depends on the destination you’re set to travel. For example, North American citizens don’t require a visa for Easter and Western Caribbean, or even Western Mediterranean or Alaska. 

Do Cruise Passengers Go Through Immigration?

No, cruise passengers do not need to go through immigration. This is because passengers have already conveyed their passports and other essential information for the cruise. 


Now your problem of  NCL e-docs not ready is solved. 

You should be aware to complete the check-in process prior to the cruise date just for safety. And on the My NCL app, the check-in process is super easy and convenient. Just tap in the information required and complete the process.  

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