What Is The Best Tower to Stay In At Harrah’s Atlantic City

From middle-class people to professional travelers, all want to explore the places and spend their money on something worthy. Harrah’s is a dream destination for many of them. 

But are you struggling to find out what is the best tower to stay in at Harrah’s Atlantic City?

Among the 5 towers of Harrah’s Atlantic City, with all the services and facilities, Bayview Tower is the best of all. Magnificent interior, elegant room service, pool, spa, food, and other things make the place highly recommended. However, the Waterfront tower and Atrium come next after Bayview.

Like the overview? Superb! That was only the highlight of our discussion. To know all the pros and cons of staying in Bayview, dive into the discussion with us!

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What Is The Best Tower to Stay In At Harrah’s Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is an interesting place. It has 5 towers. They are-

  • Bayview
  • Coastal
  • Marina
  • Waterfront
  • Atrium

We’ve shortlisted 3 among these as the best towers. They are the Bayview, Waterfront, and the Atrium towers.  

Among these 3 towers, the best one is Bayview tower.

To provide proof to our verdict, we’ll be comparing these 3 towers with certain features to come to a conclusion of the best tower of Harrah’s Atlantic City.


The check-in at Harrah’s is as usual and quite the same in all 5 towers. They have some special check-in kiosks in all towers. So if there is nobody in the reception, which is a rare scenario, you can check-in through the kiosks.  

However, The Marina tower is the closest to the check-in among all 5 towers.

There are some double shuttle buses available to drop the passengers off from the resort to the front of the hotel desk. Generally, three people work at the front desk of the hotel with approximately 2,500 rooms. 

They are very professional with their work and you can hardly face a problem here while checking in.

So in terms of check in, all 5 towers offer similar facilities with Marina being the closest.

Winner: Marina Tower.


Bayview Tower is one of the best stays at Harrah’s, so it is obvious that it will cost a good amount. Though the service is worth it. Although it varies from room to room, some Atrium tower rooms can be found cheap.

There is a daily $29+ tax resort charge and an extra daily $20 cost to access the pool if you go to Bayview. The resort charge is $50 a day if you are staying in a complimentary room. 

If you have a Caesar Diamond or higher status, you will be charged $15 a day internet access but not the $29 resort charge.  Last but not least, everybody pays a $3 each night city tax.

Winner: Atrium


Among all the towers, the most elegant ones are surely in the Bayview tower. Although the Waterfront tower is the latest tower, I think it still cannot beat Bayview. Bayview tower indoor-

Source: facebook

The waterfront tower is subject to some wear in its rooms. But it has an advantage , which is that the elevator is in the middle of the casino room. The rooms consist of a bathtub and living areas.

The bayview tower rooms have living rooms with bigger bathrooms.

The Bayview Tower was founded back in 2002, and the rooms were renovated again in 2017. The interior is absolutely grand and elegant. You can book your room according to your requirements single, double, king-size, or even honeymoon suits.

The rooms are spacious enough and well-decorated. The bathroom is on the left as you approach the room, and the main area is straight ahead.

You will find the beds against the wall, facing a wall-mounted TV, cosmetics table, and desk with an empty mini-fridge built-in.

If you’re booking rooms in Harrah’s, make sure to know about the non-commissionable rate.

The windows are huge, but it does not go all the way to the ceiling. A lounge chair is located beneath the window. Because there are no plugs along the window wall, the light beside the window is only for decoration. 

The curtains do an excellent job of shutting off the light. The room has a wonderful Harra’s view of a bay.

Winner: Bayview 


When it comes to bathroom facilities, Bayview tower is the unbeatable one.

However, Waterfront is the newest tower so its bathroom has a newer look than Bayview. But one thing here is that the Waterfront has no bathtub inside. It only has a shower stall, no bathtub. Here’s where this tower differs from towers like Caesars Atlantic City Ocean Tower and Centurion Tower.

But Bayview tower has both shower stalls and bathtubs. So as a whole package, Bayview offers an all-around better experience. 

Atrium on the other hand, has very small bathrooms. 

The bathroom in Bayview is spacious as well and would have been elegant. There is a separate showering area and bathtub, as well as a single vanity and toilet space.

The surface is marble or maybe something similar to granite, and the doorways are solid wood. 

Winner: Bayview 

Pool & Spa

When talking about a pool and spa, the factor here’s how close it is to the towers. Bayview towers have a direct walkout to the pool. But in the case of Waterfront, only the lower floors of Waterfront have direct access to the pool. 

Bayview Tower has a magnificent indoor pool area covered with a giant glass dome and it is decorated with beautiful greenery. 

The indoor pool of Bayview with a giant glass dome is perhaps the hotel’s greatest feature, but there are a few things to mention. For starters, it is only available to people over the age of 21. Secondly, even if you’re a hotel guest, you must pay to use the pool. 

The rate for visitors is $20 per day for up to two individuals and also $10 for every extra guest enrolled in the room. This is in addition to the $29+ tax daily resort charge of $50 for gratis accommodations if not a Diamond. 

Winner: Bayview 

Housekeeping & Internet

The housekeeping service is not as good as it should be in any of the towers. They have to work on it as there are not efficient and sufficient numbers of housekeepers and room services during the season. 

The internet or wifi service in Bayview tower is quite low. Though guests don’t stay at the hotel the whole day or they are not supposed to work on their vacations, good internet is a must for present times. 

Winner: Tie

So I think it’s clear now that Bayview tower is undoubtedly the best tower to live in Harrah’s Atlantic City. Hope these comparisons will help you in making a decision. If you are living in this resort, there are a lot of interesting things that you can do.


Where can I find a Harrah’s in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City’s Harrah’s Casino. Caesars Entertainment owns and operates Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, a hotel and casino located in the harbor neighborhood of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The casino, including the Borgata and the Golden Nugget, is one of three in the city’s waterfront sector.

What happened to the Harrah’s Marina Tower in Atlantic City?

The Bayview and Coastal towers, in particular, have been completely rebuilt, and the rooms there compete well with other comparably priced hotels in Atlantic City. However, in December 2019, the property announced that it would initiate another extensive remodel to upgrade.

Is Bill Harrah the owner of Atlantic City’s new Harrah’s Casino?

Despite the fact that Bill Harrah did not assist in the creation of the new casino, it was renamed Harrah’s Marina Resort prior to its debut. The new casino was built near the marina neighborhood, making it Atlantic City’s first casino not to be located on the iconic boardwalk.

Wrapping Up

That was all we had to share about what is the best tower to stay in at Harrah’s Atlantic City. If you make your decision to visit the place, do share your experience with us. Catch you later!

Happy Vacations!

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