What does Double Shuttle Mean- Explained Everything!

In today’s time car rental is a savior to make your trip more comfortable and easier! The double shuttle is currently one of these. 

So, what does double shuttle mean?

Basically, the double shuttle is an off-airport car rental service. Off-airport car rental businesses provide a shuttle bus from the airport terminal to your rental vehicle. It saves money and makes the trip hassle-free and easier anywhere though it can be a bit time-consuming.

This was just the basic sketch of the whole issue on double shuttle meaning. We’ve got the detailed version of this down below. So read along to know more!

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What does Double Shuttle Mean?

A shuttle service is simply a method of transporting passengers from one location to another. Typically, shuttle services have defined drop-off and pick-up places, and shuttle vehicles travel at regular intervals between the two points.

“Double shuttle” refers to the fact that you must take two shuttle buses to get to your car. The rental counter may be located at the airport/station.

The shuttle may be a walking distance depending on where you are, but they do provide a shuttle bus for those who require it.

For example, the double shuttle makes it easy for you to navigate your way to the best towers in Harrah’s Atlantic City.

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Previously, you had to physically hire a vehicle rental place using a mapping program or travel in person or by phone to reserve a car. You can now locate the greatest double shuttle for car rental offer in an instant with just a few easy clicks on an app.

Regardless, when it comes to auto rental services, double shuttles are the best of the best.


The Priceline double shuttle rental cars have a very cheap range of renting cars. So you can have a very budget-friendly trip by renting your car through a double shuttle. 

For a cheaper deal, you can make your rent from off-site areas. Though it can be a little inconvenient for you but will definitely save you some money. 


The majority of rental companies have offices in Terminal 1 at the airport. Some people discover that renting offsite is less expensive. 

Renters always hire from the airport for convenience. People normally land in Terminal 3 and walk to Terminal 1 to pick up their vehicles. 

There is a shuttle that operates between terminals. But they find it quicker to walk instead of waiting for the bus and then packing and unpacking their stuff. 

I assume it depends on the age of your group. It also depends on the station at which you arrive, your willingness to walk the distance, quantity of luggage, etc.


Many of the “on airport” car rental companies keep their cars in the high rise residential Rental Car Center. So no shuttle is required. 

Although if you arrive at T 2, 3, or 4, it is too distant to move straight to the rental car center. It is only accessible by foot from T-1 (partially due to where the entrance to that highrise is located). 

So, with all other Terminals, buses carrying the terms Rental Car Center shared by those on-site companies move about the baggage claim exit area. This gives clients a short ride to the Rental Car Center. 

This is located inside the Airport in the midst of all those Terminals. It only takes a few moments, also you can request your seats.

There are some really inexpensive locations that will send their own tiny shuttle bus to pick you up from that drop-off spot. And, drive you to their own desk someplace in a distant cheap area. 

I’ve seen individuals wait close to an hour for those shuttles. Some of these businesses only have one vehicle and when you complete your paperwork for your car. 

You’ll be shuttled even again to a distant region where they keep their cars instead of paying for an on-airport location. There are different paying methods you can try like avis pay now or pay later.

Again, it is possible that their shuttle will take a long time to complete the journey. So, while those who are hired from on-airport vehicle companies, are on their way. This is where you will still be going to wait for those other rather fly-by-night organizations. They will not pay for an airport site to pick you up and transport you to who knows where for your car. 

That, in my opinion, is a heavy price to pay in terms of time and annoyance.


Double Shuttle Service is a little time lengthy. Traveling off-airport may not be the greatest option if you need to go someplace quickly after landing. 

As previously said, you may be required to wait for a shuttle bus before being taken to the auto rental facility. You will then have to wait in line at the rental office to complete the paperwork and pick up your vehicle.

Location of Vehicle  

In most situations, Off-Airport car rental companies provide a shuttle bus from the airport terminal to your rental vehicle. However, if it’s particularly crowded, some businesses propose that the “operator” of the vehicle jumps on the bus. And, returns to the airport for the rest of their party. 

This implies that if you’re traveling with family members, you’ll have to make a snap choice to leave them behind. And have them wait at the airport till you return. It’s not perfect! 

If the site is relatively far from the airport, whatever money savings you may have made will rapidly be offset by the time it’s taken away from your valuable vacation.

Why Double Shuttle?

A double shuttle to a car can assist you in quickly finding a rental automobile straight out of the airport. So that it meets both your style and financial requirements. The core reason behind it is to make your trip more hassle-free and budget-friendly.

Many of these kinds of applications assist you in finding the greatest bargain and ensuring you’re receiving the best trip on your money. Furthermore, using this service to reserve a car rental is far more convenient than speaking to someone.

And if you require a rental car, you’ll probably need somewhere to stay the night as well. There are several excellent applications that may assist you in finding more economical ones.


What is the distinction between a shuttle and a shuttle bus?

The shuttle is public transport and the shuttle bus is an airport transport system between 2 points. Shuttle – a mode of public transportation that consists of a bus, train, or airplane that travels back and forth between two locations. A shuttle bus consists of a bus that goes between two locations.

How do airport shuttles function?

Typically, the airport shuttle functions by transporting passengers and airport personnel from one terminal to another terminal. There are also shuttle buses that transport passengers to and from the airport car parks, airport hotels, as well as vehicle rental agencies.

What is the relationship between freight shuttles and passenger shuttles?

For freight shuttles, the attendants travel in the passenger compartment at the head of the train with both the truck drivers on freight vehicle shuttles. And on the other hand, on passenger car shuttles, they monitor the train. So, that’s how freight shuttles and passenger shuttles are related.

Wrapping Up

We’ve discussed all the information we got about what does double shuttle mean. Hopefully, it answered all of your questions.

Another additional thing you can check is if your location and trip planning meet with the availability of a double shuttle service.

This is all for today. Catch you later!

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