Top 7 Trending Travel Tech Right Now that Might Make your Trip Easier

The 2020 pandemic changed the travel industry forever. 

What once was simple and easy to navigate is not the same anymore. That’s why using the appropriate travel techs will help you save time and money while also making your trip less stressful. 

Now, whether you’re looking for techs for renting houses, booking flights, or creating the perfect itinerary, these are the 7 trending travel apps to download before your next trip.

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Topping the first on our list has to be Hosthub. This tech in particular has experienced a massive burst of popularity in recent years.

Hosthub is a greek founded rental channel manager that first started back in 2017. With the end of the pandemic and the rising growth of the travel industry, this company has seen a massive boost in popularity in 2022. 

hosthub interface

In a nutshell, Hosthub is a travel company that focuses on providing inexpensive and convenient housing for travelers all around the world. This tech also enables property hosts to adjust prices and availability across numerous channels simultaneously. 

Hosthub is especially popular among travelers who are on a budget. The company offers a variety of accommodations including apartments, hostels, and guest houses at an affordable rate. Hosthub has a particularly strong presence in Asia and Europe. 

Here are some of the testimonials of people who have used Hosthub:

hosthub reviews

Some of the unique features that Hosthub boasts: 

  • Provides real-time sync across all vacation rental websites.
  • Easy to set up and navigate. 
  • Has a call-in feature in case of unavailability of the internet.
  • Apt customer service that resolves issues and provides appropriate guidance. 
  • Has a multiple configuration system where you can either list your entire property or separate rooms.

From the experiences of most travelers and rental owners, there haven’t been a lot of issues that came up with Hosthub. Some minor time zone concerns have been raised a few times. Other than that, Hosthub is an amazing platform for vacation rental owners and budget-conscious travelers.   

You can know more about Hosthub from their website


If you want to go on your next solo trip but don’t have the appropriate knowledge then look no further and book a trip with Tripsider.

Tripsider, previously known as is an American startup that was founded in 2018. It had seed funding of $1M among seven investors. 

Tripsider gained a lot of popularity in its inception days. However, due to the pandemic, most of its business operations came to a stop. On the brighter side, now that the pandemic is over its popularity among travelers is increasing again. 


Tripsider is basically an online platform that arranges expert-led trips to cultural centers around the world. It aims to connect travelers with like-minded people and local experts all across the globe.

  • Provides personalized itineraries and tour programs based on unique experiences and value.
  • Tour programs crafted by Tripsider cater to every need of a traveler. Starting from diving in the clear waters of Maldives to backpacking across Machu Picchu, Tripsider has a tour program for every single traveler.
  • Has responsive and adept customer service
  • Proficient tour guides that expertise in specific locations accompanying group tours.  
  • Efficient synchronization prevails among tour guides, accommodations, flights, and travelers. 

The organization of these tour programs crafted by Tripsider is also spot on. Appropriate coordination persists among all the intermediaries of a trip abroad. 

Essentially, Tripsider will make your trip planning and execution much much easier.  To know more about the perks of using Tripsider check out the Tripsider website

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As important as spending off days inside your house is, spending the warmer months outdoors is equally important. This is where sites like Wildpoint come in. It is a UK-based company founded amidst the pandemic in 2020. 

Wildpoint interface
Source: Wildpoint

Wildpoint is an online travel platform that enables private landowners to use their spare land and grounds as diverse camping and outdoor accommodations. This website has recently gained a lot of traction. More and more people are getting to know about this.


Through Wildpoint you can book unique locations as your outdoor lodging. It is often times called the Airbnb of camping. 

  • Connects travelers with unique camping grounds.
  • Provides eccentric experiences.
  • Travelers have the option of getting a tour guide. 
  • All the necessary items needed for camping will be provided. 
  • Convenient to book and pay. 

One thing to note is that Wildpoint is inactive during the winter season. So, it basically operates in the spring, summer, and early autumn months of the year. Keep this in mind while planning your next camping trip. 

Know more about Wildpoint from here


The next tech on this list is TapTrip. TapTrip, now acquired by TripStax is one of the leading travel management companies. This venture started its operation back in 2018 in Manchester. With a funding of $2.7M, TapTrip has experienced exponential growth since the very beginning. 

Primarily, Taptrip is a corporate travel management company that facilitates bookings and reporting online for business travellers. This app is ideal for small to medium-sized companies.

TapTrip claims to do business travel differently. Previously, business owners or corporate travelers had a hard time booking flights, hotels, and restaurants separately with little to no coordination. 

However, with the help of TapTrip, travelers can now manage all of their travel bookings and expenses under one app. As a result, they’re saving time and additional effort unlike carrying DOT-approved cases on airlines..

One of the reasons behind TapTrip gaining this much popularity is due to its lower costs. It charges low rates on most transportation and hotel bookings. Thus, it helps business travelers to save money.  

  •  All the expenses of a business trip can be recorded for the company to track. 
  • Transportation, flights, and hotel bookings for multiple people can be made at once. 
  • The travel policies of a corporation can be updated in the app. 
  • There’s a reward system available for frequent users. 
  • Expense claims can be created by the traveler on the go.

TapTrip is not strictly work-based either. You can look for cool restaurants to eat at or activities that are happening around you through the app. You can learn about all the details from the TapTrip website


One of the other apps that have been subjected to all the rage recently happens to be PickYourTrail. Founded in 2013 and based in Chennai, Pickyourtrail is one of India’s highest-rated travel planners. Widely acclaimed corporations like Google and BCG have lauded the business model of PickYourTrail. 

With funding of $3M from 6 investors, this app has been made to cater to every need of a traveler. This tech allows users to schedule, personalize, and book their trips virtually. Because of this flexibility, it has regained its popularity in recent years. 


PickYourTrail specializes in tailor-made international vacations. This app revolutionizes the consumer experience by allowing travelers to explore destinations at their own speed with entirely customizable tour packages. As a result, travelers don’t have to go through agencies anymore to plan a holiday abroad. 

A review about Pickyourtrail

Some of the unique features that make PickYourTrail different from other travel websites are:

  • Each tour package is crafted based on the preference and values of the traveler. 
  • Starting from the mode of transportation, flights, and hotels, everything can be customized to match your own preference. 
  • Has a fairly easy payment method.
  • The trip planning tool gives real-time flight updates and recommendations on the finest foods to try.
  • A personalized AI assistant helps you to prepare for your upcoming tour. 
  • 24/7 customer service is available. 

PickYourTrail’s platform has helped 10,000+ visitors from over 15 countries to organize and discover their favorite destinations. Their NPS score of 72 reflects their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Learn about the full perks of using this tech from the PickYourTrail website


With the influx of trips after the pandemic, vacation rental properties have seen quite a boom. So, it’s not surprising to come across various holiday rental software catering to the different needs of a rental property owner. Lodgify happens to be just that. 

This EU-based rental software company was established in 2012 making it the oldest company on our list. As it has been in the travel industry for a while now, Lodgify has become a household name among vacation rental property owners. It also happens to have the highest funding on this list coming in at $36.6M. 

Even though during the pandemic the popularity of Lodgify went down, It has seen a steady rise recently. 

Lodgify popularity

Lodgify is a vacation rental management software with a direct booking website builder. You can effortlessly construct your own website with Lodgify to accept direct bookings. Moreover, you can also sync those bookings with other channels such as Airbnb and Vrbo in one place.

lodgify interface

Here are some of the perks of using Lodgify:

  • Has direct 2-way integrations with Airbnb,, Expedia, and Vrbo. 
  • Has numerous website templates that are customizable.
  • API interfaces with major OTAs are available through Channel Manager.
  • Direct bookings and payment can be done from the site. 
  • Automation tools are available for repetitive tasks. 
  • Business performances can be analyzed.

All in all, Lodgify is an excellent solution for hosts with one or a few homes and property managers with tens to hundreds of properties. You can know more about them from the Lodgify website


Last but not least is YouLi which is a software for arranging group travels. YouLi is an Australian company founded amidst the travel boom of 2019. This company received angel funding of $200k. 

YouLi website interface

YouLi basically takes all the headaches of arranging group travels and does all the work for you. By using YouLi, you can set up tasks and manage all the members of a group. 

YouLi effectively helps travel professionals and travelers to plan their entire trip. This includes flights, hotels, and recreational activities. Bookings can also proceed from the site directly. 

  • Manage groups and automate pre-travel activities.
  • Options for split payments between group travelers or one invoice for the whole family are available.
  • Creates digital group itineraries.
  • End-to-end reservation management across all platforms. 
  • Handle reservations and payments on one site. 
  • A new website can be launched through YouLi or you can integrate existing websites with it.  

Using YouLi can save you hours of time and the frustration of arranging group travels. Just by going on to the app you can create a personalised itinerary, book hotels and pay for all. 


YouLi has truly made the process of arranging group travels effortless. Know more about YouLi from here

End Note

The process of organizing a trip can be pretty intimidating. It’s not easy to locate decent prices on airlines, hotels, and activities, let alone figure out where you want to go. This is where travel techs come in to help. 

I hope this list of trending travel apps will help you to plan your future trips efficiently. 

Until next time!

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