Can You Bring Food On Icelandair? Getting The Facts

Yes, Icelandair states on its website that passengers are welcome to bring their food during the flight. You have to maintain a specific packaging procedure if your food includes liquids. As long as your brought items do not go against the airline regulations, they will allow any kind of food on board.

Let’s find out all the facts regarding the question “Can you bring food on Icelandair?”. Without further delay, let’s start. 

Icelandair’s In-Flight Meals On Board

Icelandair does not offer any meals during the flight for economy class. You can get soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks free of cost. Drinking water and juice or coffee is also available for the Economy class passengers.

However, you can purchase meals beforehand while booking the tickets or at least 24 hours before your journey. You can also buy snacks and alcoholic beverages with your credit card during the flight.

On the other hand, Saga premium passengers get food on board included in their service. 

If you are heading towards Naples, or Amalfi coast, or any other place in Europe, you will get a two-course meal. Saga premium passengers traveling to the Rocky Mountains for vacation or somewhere else in the North American flights receive a three-course meal.

Passengers are offered an exclusive menu for pre-purchasing their meal. You can select from the available snacks on the flight and enjoy them after paying. As for kids, Icelandair provides complimentary drinks and refreshments for two to eleven-year-olds. If you plan to travel with  Icelandair with a six-month to two-year-old infant, you can request fruit puree or oatmeal 24 hours before your trip.

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Can You Bring Food On Icelandair?

As it runs on a purchase-only food rule, it allows the passengers to bring food on the flight. Icelandair authorities will check if the food items brought by you have any potential to create any safety hazards or discomfort for other passengers. They suggest that passengers follow the proper guidelines when they bring their food to the flight.

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Security Screening

Security screening will check everything you are carrying before you hop on to the flight. Your food is no exception. If your food contains liquid or gravy, make sure that they are within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved limit and packed following the guidelines.

According to the TSA, you can carry baby food, bread, bottled water, chocolates, and other solid foods like meat, fish, and vegetables in your carry-on bags. But, your carry-on liquid should not be more than 100ml or 3.4oz.

Even so, it should not be a problem because you will get free drinking water, tea, coffee, and soft drink beverages in Icelandair.

Moreover, if you are planing to carry a perfume bottle with you, make sure it is 100 ml/ 3.4 Oz. If you are carrying multiple perfume bottles then pack them in a ziplock bag and place them in booked luggage. Though you can carry multiple perfumes in travel perfume atomizers, that are very handy.

Packaging and Odor Considerations

Icelandair advises passengers to be mindful of the packaging of their food items. It is better to avoid gravy or foods with a strong smell as that may cause discomfort to your fellow passengers.

The packaging should properly seal the food to avoid spills. It will also keep your food fresh during your long journey.

Customs and Agriculture Regulations

When you decide to pass on the airline meal and bring your food, get information about the customs and agricultural regulations. Many countries restrict certain types of foods as a precaution to prevent pests or pest-infected diseases.

Especially the ones that include seeds. 

It will be wise to follow these guidelines if you are bringing food from home. However, you don’t have to worry about the food or snacks that you buy from the airport after you check in. Almost all of them are allowed on board.

Why Should You Bring Food?

You may wonder why you should take the hassle of bringing food if Icelandair meals are available for purchase. Surely, you can skip that. Nevertheless, bringing food to the flight has its benefits.

Cost Saving

Airline meals are usually expensive. You can save yourself from excessive costs by bringing food to the flight. You can avoid spending your money on overpriced meals by carrying some snacks and food in your carry-on bag.

Personal Preference

You can bring foods of your choice to enjoy a more comfortable journey. You don’t have to worry about the taste of the in-flight food or its ingredients. This will allow you to enjoy your journey without forcing you to adapt to new food.

Health and Dietary Considerations

If you have a certain health condition or dietary restrictions, bringing your food box is the ultimate solution for you. For example, if you are allergic to any ingredients, you won’t have to worry if the airline meal contains them. Or maybe you are just trying to lose weight and avoid carbs and fat, so bringing your food is the best option you have.


How strict is Icelandair on carry-on?

Icelandair is very strict about its policies. Your carry-on luggage size must be 21.6×15.7×7.8 inches (55x40x20 cm). The carry-on has to fit on the compartment overhead. Your bag of essentials that you will keep with you should fit under the seat in front of you. If the carry-on luggage crosses the size limit, it will be counted as check-in luggage, and you will have to pay for extra baggage.

Does Icelandair charge for food?

Yes, Icelandair has a pre-purchase food policy for the Economy class. You can also purchase snacks that are available on board. You will have to pay for food and alcoholic beverages if you are traveling Economy class. Meals and alcoholic beverages are included in service for the Saga Premium passengers.

Does Icelandair offer free drinks?

Yes, Icelandair offers free non-alcoholic drinks. You can get drinking water, Coffee, soft drinks, and juice free of cost. You can purchase snacks with your credit card during a flight. If you want an alcoholic drink, you have to pay for that also. You can enjoy free meals and alcohol if you are traveling in Saga Premium.


Icelandair gives their passengers the freedom to bring their food during a flight. Hope there’s no doubt left regarding Can you bring food on Icelandair?

Now, the choice is yours. Bring your food or choose to pre-order from their exclusive menu to enjoy a hearty meal! Bon appetit!

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