Norwegian VS Holland America: Choose The Best Cruise Line

When it comes to cruising timelessly in the ocean, you need a cruise of your preference. And Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America are the top names in the cruise line industry.  

So, what would you choose between Norwegian vs Holland America?

When it comes to Norweigian vs Holland America, Holland America is a more classy and traditional cruise line suited for elderly and sedentary cruisers. Whereas, Norwegian Cruise is more modern and flashy that targets mostly young and active cruisers. While NCL is more affordable with entry-level and inside-cabin options, HAL is more expensive. 

Here, we’ll discuss the competitive features of both cruise lines so you can choose your pick.


Norwegian Cruise VS Holland America: A Brief Comparison

As both Norwegian Cruise and Holland America are top in their own accords, let’s look at their brief comparison. 

FactorsNorwegian CruiseHolland America
Ships 30 ships.11 ships.
AtmosphereMore modern, upscale, and flashy with a casual atmosphere.More refined, upscale with a traditional atmosphere
Dining Flexible dining time and place options with freestyle cruising. Less dining time and place flexibility. 
Entertainment– Modern and flashy entertainment options. – Award-winning entertainment with live music, comedies, and Broadway shows. – Different live music locations for dancing and enjoyment. 
Accommodation– Different cabin options from inside cabins to luxurious suites. – Studio-designed cabins for solo travelers.  – A variety of classy and timeless cabins.- Queen beds with split option and regular cabin accommodations.- A minibar in each cabin.
Price Range$50 per person per night for inside cabins on average.$57-$2000 per person per night for inside cabins on average. 

As we’ve picked the essential and important features of both cruise lines, we’ll now discuss them in an in-depth comparison. 

Norwegian Cruise Line VS Holland America: Full Comparison

So, Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America are two giants in the cruise ship industry. While they have differences, the major difference is their atmosphere. Let’s see what they don’t have in common in this in-depth comparison. 

Norwegian VS Holland America entertainment
Source: Cruisefever

Ships and Atmosphere

Norwegian Cruis Line is a much bigger line with 30 ships while Holland America has 11 ships. Also, NCL is more flashy and modern compared to the classy and traditional atmosphere of HAL.

With its flashy and more attractive modern style, the NCL is most suitable for young and active cruisers.

On the other hand, HAL is more refined, classy, and traditional that is targeted at elderly and sedentary cruisers. If you want to know further and explore Westerdam vs Eurodam cruises of Holland America then read this.

Dining Options at Norwegian Cruise Line VS Holland America

Both Norwegian Cruise and Holland America have excellent dining options with a variety of cuisines and meals. Both cruise lines have chefs who are certified by the prestigious Confrerie de la Chaîne des Rotisseurs gourmet society.

NCL offers a flexible dining option meaning you can eat where and whenever you want. But Holland America being more strict and rigid does not offer this flexibility. 

HAL although does offer intimate and reservations-only dining options for you. You can enjoy their continental, ethnic, and vegetarian dining items also. 

With casual dining including burgers, fries, and gelato, you can enjoy HAL’s exceptional culinary cruises. Also, HAL is the only cruise line that offers Alaskan seafood certified by Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM).

On the other hand, NCL also offers a diverse range of dining options. It includes 28 specialty items and additional complimentary items. Their fleetwide Starbucks cafes and Kiskos are good places to chat with your travel partner and enjoy the time. 

Norwegian VS Holland America dining expirience

As a special item, NCL offers a specialty Italian dining taste with the Tuscan cuisine at Lacucina. 

So, take your pick based on the dining options of both cruises. But for its more flexibility and no set time or place for dining, many cruisers choose NCL over HAL.

Entertainment Services

Both Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America offer award-winning musicals, comedies, and Broadway shows.

In NCL’s flashy atmosphere, you can enjoy award-winning Broadway shows such as Kinky Boots, Rock of Ages, etc. Also, there are breathtaking acrobatic shows of the Latin Rhythms of Burn the Floor and Cirque Dream. And the fleetwide live musicals and comedy shows never let you pass a dull moment. 

On the other hand, Holland America also offers live musicals including Rock, R&B, Pop, etc. There are B.B. King’s Blues Club, Rolling Stone Rock Room, etc. You can also enjoy refreshments at the shows of the World Stage with world-class dance performances. 

One thing about NCL’s nightlife is that it’s never-ending and young-spirited whereas HAL’s nightlife is limited. Also, there’s spa facilities, bars, and lounges in NCL for you to spend time with your partner and enjoy. 


If you’re a solo traveler, then NCL’s studio-designed solo cabin is for you. On the other hand, HAL offers classy and timeless cabins. 

Norwegian Cruise Line VS Holland America rooms are shown

NCL offers you a home away from home with its wide variety of contemporary staterooms. NCL also offers a luxurious and exclusive enclave. 

NCL’s The Haven is at the top of the ship with a mesmerizing view of the ocean. With its inside cabins, you can enjoy your travel in an entry-level price range. You can choose between the NCL suite and Haven and enjoy the time. 

On the other hand, HAL also offers a wide range of accommodations for its guests. It offers queen-size beds for all cabins that splits into two. There are also, regular housekeeping services, TVs, and washrooms. And there’s a minibar in the cabins of HAL which is convenient. 

As a competitive advantage, NCL caters to solo travelers for which the studio-designed single cabins are. You can enjoy it all with your alone time and lots of accommodations to enjoy in NCL. 

Price Range

Trips on Norwegian Cruise Line costs less than on Holland America. For example, a 7-day Mediterranean cruise on NCL starts from $659 per person while HAL costs $1000 per person. 

However, the exact cost will depend on several factors. Such as time of the year, itinerary, type of staterooms, promotions or discounts, etc. But on average, NCL’s 7-day Mediterranean and Northern Europe cruises start from $659 and $549. 

That means the NCL cruise will cost $50 per person per night for inside cabins. On the other hand, a 7-day trip to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe on HAL starts from $1000. That means the HAL cruises will cost $57-$2000 per person per night for inside cabins.

So, Holland America is a bit more expensive than Norwegian Cruise Line with all the premium offerings and accommodations.  

Norwegian Cruise Line And Holland America: Choose Your Pick

Now, it’s up to you to choose your pick between Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line. Both are top of their game. But if you’re a solo traveler and looking for more activities and excitement, NCL is the pick for you. 

Alternatively, if you’re a traditional and classy cruiser and have money to spend, go for Holland America’s expensive cruises. Or, if you’re a young star, a modern, and active cruiser you should go for Norwegian Cruise Line.  

Also, if you’re a yacht guy, you should compare NCL’s Haven and MSC’s Yacht Club. For a more relaxed and ship-wthin-a-ship experience, choose your pick. 


What Cruise Lines Are Similar to Holland America?

Carnival Cruise Line, AIDA Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises are similar to the services of Holland America. All of these cruise lines have premium and luxurious vessels with all the accommodations as HAL and more.  

What Is The Biggest Cruise Line in The World?

Carnival Cruise Line is the biggest cruise line in the world. The company has over 100 ships and 9 cruise lines across the globe. The company also offers more luxurious services than most cruise lines around the globe. 

What Months Are Cruises Cheapest?

January, February, and March are traditionally the cheapest cruise months. This season is also known traditionally as “wave season.” You can also get special promotional offers and onboard credits in these cheapest cruise months. 


So, that’s all there is to the comparison of Norwegian vs Holland America. 

Compare all that you need between these two famous cruise lines in the world. Choose the one that goes with you. And don’t forget to book early for extra offers and promotional accommodations. 

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