How Bad Is TAP Air Portugal: Unveiling the Truth!

TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) Air Portugal faces significant criticism, including the absence of first-class compartments, frequent flight cancellations, and delays. Passengers experience extended waiting times and dissatisfaction with the reimbursement process post-cancellation. Then, the airline’s customer service was widely criticized due to its unresponsiveness and delayed email replies. There are fewer options for reclining seats on this flight, and baggage handling problems are common. 

This is just a sneak peek of what’s next. Hang tight to the article to learn the details regarding how bad is TAP Air Portugal.

How Bad Is TAP Air Portugal?

Despite being the national airline of Portugal, TAP Air Portugal has received a lot of criticism. They don’t have any first-class compartments, which is a major inconvenience. 

Moreover, many customers have ranted about their negative experiences on Tripadvisor, Reddit, and other travel forums. Complaints most commonly encountered are listed below.

Flight Cancellations or Delays

Passengers have repeatedly complained about TAP Air Portugal’s lateness and flight cancellations. TAP Air Portugal flights might get canceled or delayed due to needing more pilots and cabin crew. So, if you’re planning on your 7-day itinerary for a Portugal wine tour, this is a caution for you!

TAP air Portugal aircraft is taxing on the runway. TAP air Portugal has bad customer reviews due to various reasons highlighted din this article
Source: tripadvisor

Furthermore, some travelers received conflicting information regarding TAP’s cancellation, initially claiming bad weather. It was later discovered that flights were successful despite canceling the trip based on this information. 

Sometimes, users face problems with their aircraft, such as maintenance or technical difficulties, which can disrupt flights as well. Even travelers reported receiving last-minute cancellation notices with unclear instructions, which is utterly inconvenient. 

Problematic Reimbursement Procedure 

Another central concern is the delayed refund process after a flight cancellation. Usually, passengers wait a long time to get their money back after their flights are canceled. 

Some say it’s taking months, and a few even claim that the airline is keeping their money unlawfully. That indicates a perceived lack of concern for customer satisfaction by TAP Air Portugal.

Worst Customer Service

Customer service at TAP Air Portugal is extremely poor. Their clients encountered several issues, including delayed responses to emails, unhelpful information, and no-reply emails. 

There may also be malfunctioning links and insufficient details for checking the refund status. So, make sure you know everything about the itinerary number of your flight. It will help you to keep up to date with vital information and any changes made.

According to users, the TAP’s helpline doesn’t pick up the call, which is nothing new. When receiving complaints, they remain unresponsive most of the time. 

The users also expressed frustration with closed complaints that were not informed or resolved. Then, the difficulty of reaching the hotline and the associated costs is a big issue claimed by the customers. 

Furthermore, some passengers experienced rudeness from flight attendants. A user complained that the flight attendant changed his seat without informing him. He also mentioned that it was hard to get wine. No one asked if he wanted more, and he was not happy about it. 

Seat Selection Issue

Certain travelers have mentioned that TAP Air Portugal’s short flights lack seat reclining options. That causes discomfort during the journey. Also, seat selection charges can be problematic, such as paying in advance for seats and not getting them.

Moreover, some passengers say getting on the plane is confusing. The seats come with very little legroom. So, they suggest picking a seat with a higher number to make sure there’s space for your bags.

Baggage Handling 

Some users had a terrible experience with TAP Airlines. Bags were missing for almost 4 days, but they got no communication or updates. So, according to them, it was the worst airline of all time, especially when it came to baggage handling.

Dropping off baggage with TAP Airlines is a big problem. One person handles check-ins and baggage drop-offs in Nice, making people wait for a long time. Sometimes, the premium counter for faster drop-off doesn’t work according to the users. 

Premium counters accept passengers and bags 2 hours before the flight, causing a rush during security checks. 

Nevertheless, When organizing your trip with TAP Air Portugal, it’s crucial to consider these potential problems because they might affect your overall travel satisfaction and convenience.

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Has TAP Air Portugal Anything Good To Offer?

Don’t get frustrated with the complaints regarding TAP Air Portugal. If you are planning to travel on TAP Air, here is some good news for you. TAP Air Portugal provides various advantages to its travelers.

One of the most highlighted benefits of TAP is that it is moderately priced compared to other Airlines. In comparison to other airlines charging $600 or more, their fares are consistently some of the cheapest. It is often under $300 roundtrip and sometimes even closer to $200.

TAP Air Portugal also gives passengers two options in Economy Class: Comfort seats and Standard seats. That provides more space, extra recline, and an in-flight sales menu. Travelers can also join a TAP Customer Account for quicker flight reservations, managing bookings, and earning miles. 

For long-haul flights, TAP Business Class provides a full culinary experience and a diverse drinks menu. A variety of eco-friendly amenities are also available, including rPET business amenity kits.

Travelers can enjoy a multi-day trip to Lisbon and Porto without extra charges, thanks to TAP’s unique stopover program. Often, this feature is free and helps explore budget-friendly destinations.

Last but not least, the crash incidents reported by TAP Air Portugal are relatively low.


What is TAP Portugal Airline Ranking?

JACDEC’s Airliner Safety Report ranks TAP 22nd among the 100 largest airlines. In RPK, revenue passenger performance is measured. In total, the airline flies to more than 80 destinations worldwide, from the home country Portugal. TAP Air Portugal is certified as a 3-star Airline based on its overall service quality.

Is TAP Air Portugal’s Main Airline? 

TAP Portugal (TAP) is Portugal’s national airline based in Lisbon. The carrier offers international services to North America, South America, and Africa. It also provides local and regional services within Portugal and Europe.

Why is TAP Air Portugal so cheap?

TAP is known for providing incredibly cheap one-way flights between the United States and Europe. TAP Portugal allows award travel in economy class for less than 20,000 miles. Whether you pay cash or miles, you’re flying a low-cost airline.

End Note

Hopefully, you got enlightened regarding how bad is TAP Air Portugal. Now you get to choose whether to travel on it or not. Finally, make sure to consider your requirements properly and then choose a flight. 

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