Interjet Vs Aeromexico – Pick The Best Airline!

Are you planning to visit Mexico in the next several days? But you also want to save money? We understand your dilemma.

It doesn’t get any better than Interjet Vs. Aeromexico when it comes to Mexico-based airline comparisons.

So, what are the differences between Interjet Vs. Aeromexico?

Both Interjet and Aeromexico are Mexico-based airlines. And, the airlines appear to be equally suited. However, you may prefer flexible timing and the ability to cancel if needed. But to keep things running smoothly Aeromexico is far better. Inter-jet on the other hand may offer you a better deal on a cheaper budget.

Does this seem helpful to you? Superb! We’ll go through all of the upsides and downsides in the following segments. Hopefully, this will make your journey go more smoothly.

So, let’s dive right in!

Interjet Vs. Aeromexico: A Quick Recap!

Many tourists eventually spend more pennies than they actually should spend. The main reasons include a lack of knowledge, uncertainty among several strategies, and so on. 

Let’s have a quick recap of the differences between Interjet vs. Aeromexico.

Airlines Miles OfferNew Year offersThroughout the year
ScheduleSometimes delayedFlexible
SecurityNot strong enoughMore secured
Destinations53 destinations, 36 Cities, and 8 countries80 destinations
Beverages and Refreshments3 Types available2 Types available
PriceCheaperMore Expensive

Now, let’s take a closer look at these two rewards.

Aeromexico Vs. Interjet: Head To Head Battle

After comparing the key factors, now you have a basic idea about these two airlines. So, let’s move to the in-depth comparison to understand better, which one is worth flying.


Let’s look at the seat distribution of these two airlines-

Interjet Seats

There is only one type of seat available on Interjet flights. That is, Economy. You can pre-book your Interjet seat when buying your travel with Alternative Airlines. You can ensure that you get the finest seat available. 

You can make your reservation if you like to sit by the window or at the front of the plane!

Onboard, you may order a meal along with hot and cold beverages. You may also keep yourself engaged aboard by reading one of the airline’s in-flight magazines.

With a 34-inch pitch among seats, enjoy the roomy seating with plenty of comfortable legroom.

Aeromexico Seats

Where Interjet has the only economy type of seating facilities, Aeromexico offers 3 types of seat facilities.

Clase Premier

It is Aeromexico’s most luxurious journey yet has in-seat power. It has a personal on-demand entertainment system. And also there are fully reclining flatbed seats available for the passengers. You can take a nap as well if you want.

AM Plus

You can get extra legroom and the time-saving benefits of AM Plus. Basically, this is the Economy Plus service of Aeromexico. It has extra benefits such as priority check-in, baggage handling, and boarding.

The AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy 737-800 planes have the same three-three seat layout as the economy planes. The only difference is the extra legroom, which is 34 inches instead of 31 inches.

The headrest with”AM Plus” embroidered onto it is the only additional feature that differentiates AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy. That is all there is to it.

Preferred Seating

You can choose preferred seating options and fly comfortably. This is basically the economy class seat of Aeromexico. Preferred Seating is placed behind the AM Plus seats near the front of the Main Cabin. 

When you pick Preferred Seating, you’ll be able to deplane faster. Also, you can pick Preferred Seating in emergency rows, you’ll have additional legroom.

Baggage and Security Service

Baggage and security is a pretty important factor while choosing airlines. Let’s see what these 2 airlines have to offer regarding this.


Passengers are allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage, each weighing no more than 10kg and measuring no more than 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (21″ x 15″ x 9″).

The amount of baggage and its weight is determined by the ticket you’ve booked. If you have any questions, you may contact our customer support staff.

Passengers can check-in online or via the airline’s smartphone app. Online check-in started 48 hours & 24 hours before departure for domestic & international flights, respectively. 

For domestic flights, online check-in was available for one hour, while for international flights, it was available for two hours.

Passengers are asked to be at the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.


There are 3 types of baggage and check-In services available for the passengers. 

The first type is two pieces of carry-on luggage weighing no more than 10kg. These were included in the Light Light tickets (22lbs).

The second type provided 25kg (55lbs) of checked luggage. 

Third type provides priority class passengers were given two 25kg (110lb) checked bags and two pieces of carry-on luggage. As well as the chance to receive priority check-in and boarding.

Schedule Flexibility

Aeromexico flights are very flexible with their flight schedule. They hardly get delayed on their flights. So passengers don’t have to go through any hassle or trouble due to time issues.

But passengers often complain that Interjet flights are not at inconvenient times. And they delay their flight schedule as well as have layovers that you would find to be long. 

But if you want to enjoy the countryside roads and scenic views, then choose the best route to New Mexico.

Airlines Miles Offers

You may earn anywhere from 25% to 200 percent of your flight miles at Aeromexico. It depends on the fare class of your ticket. For flights inside Mexico, flights to the United States and Canada. And, flights to the rest of the globe, Aeromexico provides three distinct earning charts.

On the other hand, Interjet Airlines launched this exclusive travel subscription service named Club2020 just in time for New Year, providing travelers who join the club a 20% discount on any journey they purchase, with no limits on the cost or Interjet location they can fly to.

Beverages and Refreshments

Now let’s compare the beverage facilities of the two.

Types of Meals in Interjet

Interjet provides three different types of meals:


You can buy light and small packages of snacks and refreshments if you want. It is for economy class passengers. 

Source: flight-report


The Optima provides the freedom to select your complimentary food and drinks, and free changes at the same tariff.


Priority class passengers were given special priority to have refreshments and beverages.

For entertainment, on the cabin’s above displays, you could view TV shows and films. Some aircraft also offer audio service in the seats, allowing passengers to listen to music while flying. Magazines for in-flight reading were also offered.

On the airline’s flights, snacks and drinks were served. Onboard, you can also purchase alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

Types of Meals in Aeromexico

There are two types of meals available on the flight.

AM Plus

On AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy, meal, and beverage service is similar to that of economy class. Passengers are served a light breakfast of powdered eggs and veggies with yogurt and fruit. 

This was on the side during a six-hour flight from Vancouver to Mexico City. There are no points granted here.

Economy Class

Drinks are, once again, the same in terms of cost in economy seats. In the economy, presuming beer and wine are also included, AeroMexico AM Plus or not.


Destination is one of the most important things to consider while choosing airlines.

Interjet Airlines Destinations

Interjet is a Mexican airline that flies to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and North and South America on a regular basis. The airline served more than 53 cities in eight countries, including 36 in Mexico. 

Chicago, Dallas/Ft, Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando/Sanford, and San Antonio are among the airline services available. This is from Benito Juárez International Airport (Mexico City) and Lic. Montréal, Santa Clara, Canada, Havana, Varadero, Colombia, Cuba, Bogota, Guatemala City, Peru, San Jose, Lima, Costa Rica, and others are among the international routes available.

Aeromexico Airlines Destinations

As of April 2022, Aeromexico (SkyTeam) serves 43 domestic and 39 foreign destinations in 21 countries. Aeromexico airline service has 80 destinations in total. It has regular flights to South America, North America and also Europe. 

Final Verdict

You’ve already seen our extensive research on the best Mexican airlines in 2021 so far! Simply put, it’s the Inter-jet that benefits you financially the most, right?

Aeromexico allows you to book any seat that is available at any time. It comes with a more expensive budget but it has better flexibility in time and service. If the price seems affordable to you, you should definitely go with Aeromexico.

Also if you want you can book a round trip and a one-way trip together.

However, in the end, we recommend Aeromexico.


What’s the difference between Volaris and Interjet?

Volaris now has 188 flights, 121 of which are domestic but Aerobus has 119 routes, 100 of which are domestic. And Interjet has 87 routes. approximately evenly split between domestic and international (42 vs 45). Interjet also has plans to expand in 2020.

Aeroméxico flies to where?

Though Mexico is Aeroméxico’s most comprehensive route map, it also offers a wide range of daily flights to North American, South American, as well as European locations. Aeroméxico Airlines, based in Mexico City, provides a low-cost, dependable service. It has 80 destinations in total. 

When did Interjet begin operations?

Interjet  was created in 2005 and commenced operations with one Airbus A320 aircraft in December of the same year. Until January 2010, the airline had added ten new planes to its fleet. Interjet took over Aero California’s empty slots and began service to Mexico City International Airport.

Final Words

We hope now you have understood the differences between Interjet Vs. Aeromexico. However, keep an eye on whether your money is bringing you the best results.

Please let us know which option you are going with. And also, don’t forget to mention your experience here. 

Bon Voyage!

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