Economy MileSAAver vs Economy AAnytime: Find Better Out

Scheduling to move inside the US within a few days? But want to save money at the same time? Well, we got your dilemma.

We have come up with every single detail! So, saving money while enjoying additional facilities is clearly possible. 

What is the difference between Economy mileSAAver vs Economy AAnytime?

In general, both Economy mileSAAver and Economy AAnytime plans seem equally suitable. But you may need flexible scheduling, canceling if required. And to keep these situations smooth, economic AAnytime is much better. On the other hand, economic MileSAAver may ask you for an alteration fee. 

In this article, we are dealing with all the benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully, this can make your trip smoother. 

So, let’s get into the deep!

Table Overview: A Quick Recap!

A lot of travelers end up spending more pennies than actual expenditures. Lack of information, confusion among different plans, etc., are the key reasons. Have a look at the factors between Economy mileSAAver vs Economy AAnytime

Comparing FactorsEconomy mileSAAver Economy AAnytime
FlexibilityOn averageHigh
PenaltyAround $150 feeNo penalty
Incidental Costs & BenefitsLack of servicesBetter

Also, check out if you are eligible for AAdvantage elite status! But for now, let’s explore more of these two rewards.

Economy MileSAAver Vs Economy AAnytime: Detailed Comparison

American Airlines comes with a unique approach. Its co-branded credit cards bring up discount options. So, whenever you buy from this airline you will get an award flight discount! 

The programs including the discount are called Reduced Mileage Awards (RMA). That’s what we are going to discuss deeper here.


The “AAnytime” reward program brings some significant benefits. Choosing AAnytime can maximize users’ flexibility. So, what flexible factors we are talking about? 

Well, you may fall into timing issues. As a result, pausing your trip or shifting the schedule can be required. 

Meanwhile, American Airlines brings the “MileSAAver” program as an award availability. When booking a ticket, you will find an option there. 

That’s how one can avail MileSAAver award through RMA discount. Initially, finding this program was quite straightforward to claim. 

But there’s a catch:

Later, American Airlines was coming up with a new and advanced search tool. That award tool made the availability of MileSAAver more obscure. 

Along with that, this tool asks users to provide specific preferences. Deep inside, you will be asked about these requirements of flight plan: 

In economy class: 12,500 miles or less

In first class: 25,000 miles or less

However, it may make you feel frustrated even if you get flexible dates. But wait, there are more disappointments to come across! Recently, American Airlines have vanished the workable options. 

Adding to it, you will not be finding the availability calendar. Meanwhile, AA partners with British Airways, Qantas Airways. That keeps you directed to those airlines for buying mileSAAver. 

However, the majority of travelers don’t find this much suitable for them. Well, would you mind buying via this? Hopefully, you won’t!

Winner: Economy AAnytime is highly likely to win this comparison over Economy MileSAAver.

Depending On Penalties

As it’s named “AAnytime”, so yes, it offers anytime cancellation or alteration. Isn’t it fascinating? Also, you will not have to face any penalty. 

However, let’s not come to any verdict now. It’s time to observe the economy mileSAAver AA

A MileSAAver flight would charge you around a $150 penalty fee. And force you to hold buying until a new flight is available. Consequently, it may keep you waiting for an uncertain period. 

So, learn about what a seat request is. It can help you reduce penalties.

However, many renowned airways require several departure penalties too. It makes sense now! That’s where the economy AAnytime ranks higher. 

Winner: There’s no objection to Economy AAnytime reward as it has no penalty.

Incidental Costs & Benefits

Aware enough of incidental costs after reaching the airport, right? You can not ever estimate how these costs may be included in the list. 

So, knowing it’s deep is quite vital for you. Services that may catch you often are such as,

  • Seat upgrade fee
  • Baggage checking fee
  • Itinerary changing fee
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Ticket alteration or cancellation
  • Telephone reservation fee
  • Food & beverage fee onboard
  • Airways exclusive lounge member fee
  • Wireless fee onboard(while Gogo wireless comes as free)

Apart from these, keep you updated on early departure fees

Interestingly, both programs from American Airlines don’t provide the same. If you are thinking to overlook this, then more news for you!

MileSAAver awards have some restrictions here. You can not enjoy these above benefits to the fullest. It makes you a change fee for any ticket alteration. 

However, passengers from Executive Platinum AA don’t have to face the consequence. These make a bit of a confusing situation among general passengers. Last but not least: you can not enjoy baggage or priority-based boarding here.

Winner: Economy AAnytime again stays ahead among these reward programs AA.

Final Verdict: Which One Suits You Better?

You have already seen our thorough research above! Simply, it’s the economy AAnytime that serves much better, right? 

AAnytime enables any seat availability carrying no blackout date. Besides, you are eligible for accessing American Eagle flights too! On the other hand, economy MileSAAver awards have limits in availability. In spite of that, no blackout dates are there. 

So yes, the MileSAAver award has got some beneficial characteristics. But in the long run, our verdict sticks to the Economy AAnytime


What Benefits My Credit Card of American Airlines Can Provide?

The credit cards that American Airlines provide have various benefits. As you have got this cardholder service, it usually includes hassle-free bags checkup without spending money. Also, you will have the first priority onboarding. Lastly, an excellent discount on in-flight purchases.

Is My Flight Reserved Via AA Miles Possible To Cancel?

If you have bought tickets through, it’s highly possible to cancel. Also, they reinstate your schedule if required. In addition, you can claim the refund eligible fees along with taxes. Getting these facilities active for up to 1 year is such a big thing. 

Am I eligible for the Reduced Mileage Awards of American Airlines?

AA eligibility includes Executive World Elite Mastercard, Platinum Select Mastercard. Also, you may require CitiBusiness/City/AAdvantage Mastercard. Along with that, AAdvantage Aviator Red, Silver, and Business Mastercard are also eligible. So, you can enjoy rewards by carrying any of these.


Economy mileSAAver vs Economy AAnytime shows you the right path while flying within the US. But be watchful if your money brings back the highest benefits or not. 

These concerns can make you enjoy flights to the fullest. Let us know which program you will get into.

Happy traveling!

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