Best Route To Albuquerque, New Mexico [3 Routes A to Z]

Planning to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico? From wherever you start driving, each trip is totally un-identical! Carrying out a proper plan can take you safely to the destination. We can’t agree more!

In this article, you will see how comfortable a trip can be made! But a thorough process works behind it.

So, what is the best route to Albuquerque New Mexico?

There are mainly 3 routes to Albuquerque, New Mexico. These are from Phoenix to  Albuquerque, Baltimore, Maryland to  Albuquerque, and Dallas, Texas to  Albuquerque. You can choose according to your convenience. However, the scenic places that fall in these routes are also a factor.

No worries, we will take you to the proper guidelines. It’s going to be a hectic ride!

So, shall we start?

Prerequisite: Before Digging Out The Routes

Mostly, travelers often lose some prerequisites before heading out home. Worry not, we are starting with it.

Rental Cars

First of all, the issue may arise whether you drive on your own or not. Get a good rental car if you sit back and enjoy it. Rental cars sometimes disappoint users which back reasons too. 

Mostly, users get frustrated with returning their rental car. Because companies ask users to get cars back in the same place where they picked. 

To avoid all inconvenience, it’s better to pick good companies. As a result, you have the flexibility while returning. 

Recreational Vans

Also, hiring a recreational van (RV) is not a bad option at all. These RVs or camper vans carry lots of people with serving home facilities almost. So, if you are roaming with a big number, look up RVs. 

Several online marketplaces have got tons of RVs. You can visit and check these out!

Different Routes To Albuquerque, New Mexico

However, let’s get back to the best route to Albuquerque New Mexico. As your place in Albuquerque has several ways, don’t get confused. Major highways are suitable to keep you driving. 

More chances of getting filling stations, food chains are there. Also, popular roadways are quite lively and crowded. You won’t ever have directional issues at all. 

Along with that, be prepared for hotel bookings before starting the journey. Reservations in hotels are ideal throughout an itinerary number process online.

Now, we will see the routes all around heading to Albuquerque NM.

Route 1: Phoenix, Arizona To Albuquerque, New Mexico

First of all, start with Phoenix to Albuquerque driving! This capital city from Arizona comes west to Albuquerque. 

Wondering to see what you will get around while driving from here? We are spelling all the excitement out to have you entertained while driving.

Many travelers claim this road trip is quite boring. But wait! Don’t take it seriously. Maybe lack of info made them miss too many options. 

Route A: US-60 E

People consider the US-60 route is more appropriate for this trip. Also, it’s the fastest route to Albuquerque. Why is that? 

Well, you don’t need multi-day driving here. Also, get to watch some absolute scenic places. So, where should you stop while driving on this route? Let’s dig those out.

Scenic Place 1: Tonto Natural Bridge

You will find this underrated site after 2 hours of driving from Phoenix. Situated in Payson, this bridge is full of red rocks. It offers hiking trails going around the pine forest. 

Within a second, you may discover yourself at the natural vastness. Also, put Tonto Natural Bridge State Park on your wishlist. It’s quite close to the bridge.

Scenic Place 2: Pinetop Lakeside

As the name suggests, it offers a deep surrounding with pine forest. East of US-60, the town’s lakeshore is very small. Similar to Tonto park, it has several hiking trails, breezing lakes. 

Scenic Place 3: Greer

As long as you reach the NM border, Greer welcomes you. You may feel alone here as not so many tourists visit. But we have added this for treating your eyes.

However, you can also check out the great Grand Canyon of Arizona state. It’s a great chance to cover canyons on your trip. 

Meanwhile, people coming from northern states usually explore Yellowstone. Haven’t you got comparisons like Yellowstone vs Grand Canyon? Check it later!

Finally, we have another route on the list. For a multi-day plan, this route below is perfect.

Route B: I-17 N To I-40 E

It is highly likely to make you drive for a couple of days. Some best places around the US southwest you will witness here.

Scenic Place 1: Prescott

It takes 1.5 hours almost from Phoenix to reach. Prescott, a pine forest area, also is quite historic. 

Roaming around here will show you ancient buildings and cultures. Also, green spaces, traditional restaurants, and downtown make it more interesting.

Scenic Place 2: Jerome

Jerome is considered a ‘storytelling’ area of Arizona. This town was used to being popular for mining copper. 

Along with that, its unique handmade crafts will please your eyes.

Scenic Place 3: Sedona

This stoppage offers a variety of psychic vortex and red rocks. You can go for a traditional pink jeep tour here.

Where To Stay

Flagstaff can be an ideal place to stay. It’s around 140 miles away from your starting point. You can consider it a decent midpoint too.

Route 2: Baltimore, Maryland To Albuquerque, New Mexico

Usually, it takes more than 7 hours to complete your trip. Crossing almost 420 miles comes with different scenic places USA. So, let’s start where you should stop the gear!

Columbus in Ohio comes first. After driving for 3 hours, you will get to see excellent places in Columbus. Such as:

Scenic Place 1: Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Garden

It’s full of flora and fauna including glass greenhouses. 

Scenic Place 2: North Market

You can stop at this market close to the main downtown. Largely, it offers traditional foods. Homemade bread, pastry including global dining options are all there. 

Later, you will be going through Indianapolis, Indiana. It includes:

Scenic Place 3: Discover Wildlife at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

See rare animals from all of the worlds promoting distinct ecosystems here.

Scenic Place 4: Prophetstown State Park, West Lafayette

This park is at the junction of the Tippecanoe & Wabash rivers. 

Where To Stay

To stay overnight, Columbus is the right place. Tons of hotels there offer cost-effective deals which is a plus.

Route 3: Dallas, Texas To Albuquerque, New Mexico

Starting the journey early is always better. Especially, Dallas to Albuquerque trip shows you some excellent places. So, the earlier your trip begins the more places you go around. 

Scenic Place 1: Wichita Falls

After a one-hour drive, Wichita Falls will be there. This town has wide popularity for cattle and oil.

Scenic Place 2: Copper Breaks State Park

After leaving Wichita Falls, usual driving may take 1.5 hours to get here. This park in Quanah keeps vast historic buildings. The environment is quite breezy and calm.

Almost got black up in the sky? You can stay at Palo Duro Canyon.

Start the fresh day by going to Amarillo first.

Scenic Place 3: Cadillac Ranch

This parkland is full of colors, best for the family outing. It’s situated at Exit 62A off Interstate 40.

Then Tucumcari is waiting to welcome you! It will take 2 hours from Amarillo.

Scenic Place 4: New Mexico Route 66 Museum

This museum at Tucumcari also comes with the Railroad Museum.

Now, it’s time to cross Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Scenic Place 5: Blue Hole

This beautiful tiny lake is a bell-shaped pool. Planning for scuba diving? Don’t miss out on this chance!

Scenic Place 6: Spring Lake Park

Featuring exciting trails, campgrounds are the key attractions here. Also, it’s an ideal historical place for family outings.

However, do check what are the best attractions of Santa Rosa.

Where To Stay

Palo Duro Canyon is an ideal place for staying the night. So many budget-friendly hotels you will get. So, add this place to your Albuquerque itinerary.


Which City Comes At Midway Between Phoenix, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM?

Coming from Phoenix of Arizona will take you through at least three cities. But the more convenient one is Adamana while heading to Albuquerque city. It’s just 5 miles away from the actual midpoint. 35° 2′ 30″ North, 109° 48′ 47″ West are the actual latitude and longitude coordinates of this point.

What Are The Top 5 Sightseeing Places On Route 66?

Petrified Forest National Park, Painted Desert are very popular places route 66 on Arizona. Illinois has got two spots- Gemini Giant, Wilmington, and Route History, Springfield. You also can consider Blue Hole, Santa Rosa in New Mexico. All of these will make your trip worthwhile.

Which Season In A Year Is Suitable For Exploring At Route 66?

Route 66 is always full of tourists and travelers for almost 365 days. But our recommendation for you would be late spring to go. But you may find the route a bit crowded then. Also, you will feel comfortable while roaming in the early summer there. Even going in early fall is also a good option.

Final Words

These are the top three route picks Inside this huge country. You can get our suggestions listed for a smooth trip. Nevertheless, local guides you can hire. 

They are beneficial to find the best route to Albuquerque New Mexico. Even if you are stuck, locals are always the savior.

Best of luck with your coming trip!

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