Six Best Cross Country Route to Avoid Snow

With numerous health and travel restrictions being lifted, now is the ideal time for a cross-country road trip! But it’s winter, and lines on a map don’t always tell you about the route. So, in this case, preparing the best route to avoid snow might come to the rescue. 

Wondering what are the best cross-country routes to avoid snow?

Always root for southern road trips in winter. Pacific Coast Highway and Southern Pacific are absolute favorites of road trippers. The wide-open spaces of Sea Highway and the route of the Atlantic Coast, two are quintessential American adventures. 

Get ready to embark on an amazing road trip adventure this winter. Dive right in!

Some Cross Country Routes For Winter

Avoiding snow shouldn’t exclude you from experiencing certain road trip fun. The route you pick for your winter road trip is entirely up to you. However, I can provide suggestions.

But first, ensure that you got your car ready for a winter road-trip. You might be thinking, is it necessary to take snow tires? The answer is, it’s best to prepare for the worst and various roads might require snow tires.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, often known as Highway 1, is one of America’s most known highways. I’ve driven portions of the route before, and it never disappoints anyone.


This scenic coastal journey has something for everyone. From the forests of Washington to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the sunny seaside of Southern California.

Drive from north to south to get closer to the ocean during the drive. The journey might be completed in one week, but two weeks is preferable.

It’s wet and rainy around the shore, but rarely snow is seen. So, I don’t believe it should be an issue. In winter it’s best to avoid Washington and Oregon.

Southern Pacific: US-80

In case you’re driving cross country in December, this coast-to-coast road journey would be ideal.

Following ancient US-80 and its modern counterparts through the country’s southern tier brings you some insights. This route has more diverse cultural and physical environments than any other cross-country route.

You can go from one globe to another. And just in the time it takes to play a baseball game during this nearly 3,000-mile trek. Disneyland, Arizona, Amarillo, New Orleans, and Florida are among my favorite destinations.

Seward Highway

Anchorage, Alaska, serves as the starting point. And the Seward Highway from Anchorage to Portage is about 49 miles long.


Beautiful winter views may be seen in the Chugach National Forest. Also in Turnagain Arm, and around Kenai Lake. Great fishing, sea kayaking,  glacier and wildlife tours, and other activities are available.

Return after passing through the deserted town of Portage, or build your nerves. Make sure you have chains for the rest of the steep ride to Seward.

Sedona, Arizona

The drive is magnificent and it’s a safe cross-country route in winter. A journey to Grand Canyon National Park would be incomplete without a road trip across Arizona. 

Plan a trip to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, which is open all year. Don’t forget to stop at one of the breathtaking viewpoints to take in the surroundings.

Continue to Sedona, where you will be captivated by the vibrantly colored red rock formations. Just before dusk, take the short route up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was likewise built into the buttes, affording a breathtaking panoramic sight.

Border-to-Border Along Route-93

Three nations, over 3,000 miles, and 38 hours in a car sums up a border-to-border road journey. In real life, it’s a tri-lingual adventure that will blow your mind away.

This trip goes through some of the wildest and most dangerous places you can think of. The journey starts from Canada’s Jasper National Park, ending at the Sonora Desert. Before starting, decide which one you want between continental and hot breakfast as it’s a long way

There are huge mountains, roaring rivers, glaciated valleys, and two very different deserts along the way. It’s suggested to visit or go on a road trip here during winter.

Atlantic Coast 

The Eastern Seaboard of the United States is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse areas. And there’s no better way to experience this diverse region. Mainly than to hop in a car and drive from one end to the other.


The Mid-Atlantic area traditionally includes Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. From your first stop in Boston to your last stop in Florida, you could take in the breathtaking scenery. 

Some Road Trip Survival Tips

From budget to itinerary number, you should have everything fixed before. Preparation is the key to avoiding sleepless road trips full of monotony, irritable passengers, and automobile difficulties.

Here are the top road trip survival guidelines you’ll need for your cross-country move.

  • Whether you’re planning a 3-day or a 10-day holiday, know how to map out your ideal trip. Make a schedule of your dates and must-see attractions. Look for restaurants or small towns to visit along your trip each day. It will relieve the stress of always looking for a quick lunch spot.
  • It’s a good idea to double-check your roadside assistance alternatives. Examine your vehicle to ensure that the spare tire and equipment are in good working order. Do not forget your winter trip essentials.
  • Stocking up on food and drinks is not just a requirement. But it is also cost-effective. Choose foods that are easy to consume on the go, such as crackers, chips, or granola bars. It’s always peaceful to avoid hunger-induced arguments while on the road trip!
  • When traveling across the nation, your typical music on repeat isn’t going to cut it. Make a list ahead of time for each mood or place you’ll be traveling through. You may listen to a podcast series or an audiobook, which 

can help you escape boredom.

  • Make the most of your break stops to prevent becoming bored after long hours while driving. You can also take a break for a nice supper at a sit-down restaurant. Because it can revive you for the rest of the journey.
  • Bumps and scratches are possible on the road. Especially when traveling with children or stopping for hikes. So have some basic first-aid items on hand.
  • Do talk to the locals around you. Because it’s the best way to obtain the inside scoop on a place. Also, you can be guided in the right direction for restaurants and activities.

Before going on that road trip do consider the above tips, they’ll come in handy. These are the safest cross-country route out there.


What are the best months to drive cross-country?

Spring and Fall are the greatest seasons to drive, and ideal for sightseeing and sailing. However, if you want to avoid accidents, check the weather frequently.

How long should a road trip last?

It’s difficult to estimate driving time for a long road journey. But it should not exceed 450 miles (8 and a half hours) each day.

What is the most heavily trafficked interstate highway in the United States?

I-405 in Los Angeles serves an estimated 379,000 vehicles each day. Thus it’s considered the busiest highway in any American city.

The Final Words

I hope this article on the best cross-country route to avoid snow will be helpful. It might help you prepare for an extraordinary road trip. 

Don’t put off packing your belongings any longer. Happy travels, and best wishes for a fantastic cross-country road trip!

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