How To Get To Burano From Venice? The Best Route For You!

You can take a water bus, named Vaporetto, from Fondamenta Nova Ferry Terminal. It takes only 40 minutes from Venice to Burano. You can also use a private boat or taxi to reach your destination. You can spend a whole day roaming here and there, or you can spend a couple of hours. Burano is less crowded than Venice. If you want to escape from a crowded place, then Burano is the best place to choose. 

But the question is – how to get to Burano from Venice? In this article, you’ll get a full idea of the best route to go there. 

How To Get To Burano From Venice?

In Italy, there are many destinations for your desired holiday. Burano is off the island, which should be noticed. It will take almost 40 to 45 minutes from Venice to Burano if you take the water bus named Vaporetto. The distance from Venice to Burano is 9.3 kilometers. 

Also, there is a bus service which is available all the time. But most of the visitors choose a ferry to travel to Burano from Venice as it costs a lot. But don’t worry, you will get both ideas from this article. 

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Water Bus

It would be best if you go to Fondamente Nove Stope, where the water bus leaves for Burano every 30 minutes. This water bus will stop in three places: first in Murano, second in Mazzorbo, and lastly, your desired destination – Burano. 

And it will take a maximum of 75 minutes to get there from Venice. You can choose both a private boat and a group boat. But people choose a shared boat as it costs less. You can take a group tour bus service from St. Mark’s Square.

This water bus is the most affordable one to travel from Venice to Burano. ACTV company owns this water bus, which is named for Venice Vaporetto. Every day from Venice Fondamenta Nove, water buses leave for Burano. 

So you don’t have to think that you are missing the bus schedule. Choosing a Fondamenta Nove would be really convenient for you. From there, you can also get the Night water bus. 

Also, there is the Railway Station Santa Lucia, St. Mark’s Square, and Marco Polo Airport, from where you can take a water bus to get to Burano. 

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Private Boat Tour

There, you will have the option for a private boat tour from Venice to Burano. You can choose a private boat tour if you want to explore some other places while visiting Burano. 

Private boat covers Murano and Torcello before landing in Burano. And this whole tour will take four hours. Though a private boat is a bit expensive, it will make your life easier. 

They will pick you up from the hotel, and they have comfortable sofas to enjoy nature. In that way, you will get a chance to visit Murano and Torcello, which are very popular islands to visit. 

Please don’t miss this chance to visit these islands while traveling to Burano. In Murano, you can visit San Donato Church and enjoy the street view. On the other hand, while visiting Torcello, remember to taste their famous biscuit.

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Group Tour-Venice To Burano

If you are on a budget, a group tour would be the best option for you. If you want to stay in a group, don’t think of a book for a group trip. Here, you will get a guide, but they won’t take you to Murano and Torcello. 

Of course, they will share short information about those islands. You have only five hours to visit Burano and also in Murano. It is your preference which time you want to go. But you should take the ride in the morning; then you will get the best scenery there. 

Bscenarioking to Burano, you will land in Murano just to take note of the blowing technique. It’s their tradition. You don’t need to learn Italian; the guide has some basic knowledge of English, so they will communicate with you based on that.

Private Taxi

Taking a private taxi is really expensive to travel to Burano. It will take 130-140 euros in a day. But yes, if you are looking for a comfortable journey, then this option is for you. 

And the best part is you can ride in the same taxi while coming back to Venice from Burano. They don’t charge for waiting time; you can roam here and then and take as much time as you want. If you are scared of water, then taking a private taxi is better. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Burano from Venice?

If you are planning to take a water bus, then it will take 7.5 Euros, which is a one-way trip. And it will take a maximum of 75 minutes. Two-way tickets cost 15 Euro. and these tickets will also take a maximum of 75 minutes. 

But normally, it takes 45 minutes from Venice to Burano. In that case, if you choose multiple seats and also want to spend time in Murano and Torcello, then it will take 20 Euros.

These tickets or passes are cheaper than other options. If you are planning to take a private taxi, then it will take 130-140 euros. It would be better if you take a look at the schedule for the water bus. Then, you will not face any conflict while traveling.


How to Get to Burano from Venice?

You can take the water bus, which is named Vaporetto. Vaporetto stop is located at Fondamenta Nove. You have to take line 12 to get your water bus, and it will leave for Burano.

Can You Get Vaporetto Service frequently?

Yes, it is quite frequent. Vaporetto Service leaves for Burano from Venice every 30 minutes. They even have a night water bus. But please check their schedule in advance cause sometimes they may close their service, and it totally depends on the time and season. 

Can You Get a Tour Guide from Venice to Burano?

Yes, there are a lot of tour guides available and also you will have many options for transportation in Burano. These tour guides will share with you many information about the islands. If it is needed, they will give you a tour of a beautiful place.


Now you know how to get to Burano from Venice! There are many options to reach Burano. You can use the ferry, taxi, rideshare, and even by walking, you can get there. But it would be the best option if you take the water bus, which is really comfortable and price-worthy transportation. If you are in Venice or Italy, make sure to enjoy Burano.

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