I 95 or I 75 to Florida: Which Road to Pick?

Traffic and construction can be hectic for your travel to Miami or Disneyland. You kids will annoy you also, Moreover, you won’t be able to vibe with your song. 

So, i 95 or i 75 to florida?

Both of the roads are interstate roads that end up in Miami. If you are looking for fast and cheap travel, I95 is the one to pick. But if you want to hit different cities and want to have fun, I75 is the one here. You can also take your electric car on this trip. 

There are more details to catch on to for both of these roads. We have given a full description of each of the roads down below. So why don’t you jump in!

Short Comparison: i75 vs i95

There are some key differences between two of the roads. We have given a chart, where we have mentioned all the key factors. Take a glance for a short review. 

Where Does the Road go throughRoad is located on the west coastRoad is located on the east coast
ConstructionIs Usually under constructionIs usually under Less construction
The fastest wayIs slower than I95Is faster than I75
Fun to DriveEnjoyable Less enjoyable
TollNo Yes 

These are all the key factors of each road. But each of the factors has more details to it. We have given a full description of them below. 

Detailed Comparison

Now that you know all the key differences, let’s get down to the details. Some of the factors are self-explanatory. But some of them need some details to understand better. 

So why don’t you jump below!

Where Does Interstate 95 Go Through?

When it comes to traveling, interstates are one to pick. Interstate roads are which connect a state to the other ones. Such as I40 connects many different states together. 

Source: aaroads.com

It is also the best way from Albuquerque to New-Mexico. Interstate roads are wide and usually don’t have that much traffic. 

If you zoom out on your google map, you’ll see wide roads. These roads link one state to another. Here you will see the i 75 in florida map. Unlike I70 and I80, I95 and I75 roads connect Florida to other states.

These interstate roads can even travel internationally. You can even take the i 95 to florida from toronto. Though do check out the i 75 route from toronto to florida map. Sometimes there is traffic on route I95. 

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Both of the roads serve the same purpose. But I95 is located on the east side of Florida. Where I75 is located on the west side of Florida. 

I95 roads will take you directly to Miami. Which is the biggest city in Florida. I95 starts in Florida for Georgia. The i 95 exits in florida from Georgia. The first big city which will come up in Jacksonville. There is no bypass of Jacksonville. So you have to go through the city traffic. 

After you cross Jacksonville, you will drive beside the sea heading directly to Miami. If you are planning to go to Disneyland, I95 is the fastest route. Disneyland is located in the middle of Florida in Orlando. 

To go to Disneyland you have to take the I4 road. When you reach Daytona Beach, the I4 route will be on your right. Disneyland will be on your right after you get on the I4. 

Though, people say I40 is the most dangerous roads in US. So, if you are scared to take this road, there are other roads to pick from. Such as the 27 route. 

But if you are planning to go to Miami, continue traveling on the I95. The I95 route will take you to West Palm Beach which continues to Boca Raton. Afterward, you’ll reach Fort Lauderdale and right after that, you’ll reach Miami. 

When you reach Miami, you’ll find route I75 is connected to Miami as well. So, How about taking that route? Let’s see how that road is in the section below. 

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Where Does Interstate 75 Go Through?

Route I75 is another interstate road that connects Florida to other states. There are a few similarities with the I95 route. But one massive difference is that this area sits on the west coast of Florida. 

The I75 route is also coming south from Georgia. The I75 route is also connected through many different major cities. But the I75 route is not the fastest route to Miami nor Disneyland. Such as I4 you’ll see that i 10 and i 75 intersection in florida map. 

Although, the I10 is not a small road. I10 and I40 connect the whole USA from East to west. Though there are debates on I10 and I40 comparison.

People also ask, i 77 or I 75 to florida. Yes, you can take both of these routes to Florida. 

Although, the I75 route can reach you in Tampa. Also, from Tampa, you can travel a bit more north to Disneyland. Or if you don’t want to see the Tampa traffic, you can take the bypass route. 

Source: heraldtribune.com

This is also a shortcut to Orlando if you take the 27 route. Route 27 is not an interstate route, but it does connect to the I4 route. From there you can go to Disneyland. I4 connects i 75 to i 95

Though, if your plan is to go to Miami, you have to keep traveling from Tampa to the south. From Tampa, if you keep moving south, you’ll reach Fort Myers. Keep moving forward and you’ll see the road will turn left towards Miami. 

Keep moving through the I75 and you’ll reach Fort Lauderdale. Miami is just on the corner from there. At Fort Lauderdale, you’ll see that I95 and I75 are colliding together. This is where both the roads meet. 

So, this is how you travel to Miami through the I75 route. Now let’s see which one you should take to reach Miami or Disneyland. 

Which Road to Pick?

Now that you know all the travel destinations it’s time for you to pick the best route. To determine the best route, we have listed 2 factors to consider while picking a route. We have given both pros and cons of each route down below. 

The Fastest Way

The I95 is 344 miles long to Miami from Jacksonville. If you take the I75 it is 378 miles to Miami from Lake city. So the fastest way is the I95 route. People often ask, how long does it take to drive through Florida on i 95. It usually takes 5 to 6 hours. 

From Jacksonville, it’s straight south to Miami. Where if you use the I75 it has to go through Orlando. 

That’s why it can take a much longer time. Also, other than the distance, you have to consider the traffic. Taking the I95 doesn’t require you to travel through any major cities. So it is easier to travel. 

Here I95 is the better route. 

Source: interstate-guide.com

Fun to Drive

When it comes to the fun to drive, I75 is a better option. The I75 touches more cities and goes beside the sea. So if you don’t have time pressure it is the best route to take to have fun. 

Though you have to remember, this is not the most efficient route to Miami. It will take you a long time to reach Miami. Also, you might face some tolls and construction while traveling through this route. 


Are There Any Tesla SuperChargers Along the Route?

There are multiple Tesla superchargers in both I95 and I75 routes. There are both super and non supercharging stations. You can easily take your Tesla on this long road trip. These are charges on the I4 route as well. 

Can I Charge My Electric Ford Pickup at a Tesla Supercharger?

These are normal charging stations for your electric pickups as well. There are also rest stops alongside the charging stations. So you can take a break from driving for hours. 

How Long Does it Usually Take to Travel Through I 95 and I 75?

Considering traffic, it usually takes 5 to 6 hours to drive from Lake City to Miami. On the other hand, it takes 4 to 5 hours to drive from Jacksonville to Miami. If you take the I75 route, you will face some sort of traffic. 


That’s everything you need to know about, i 95 or i 75 to Florida. Both of them are popular roads. 

I75 and I95 both roads end up in Miami. Check traffic conjunction before your travel. 

Safe travels!

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