How to Avoid Toll Roads in Oklahoma? 2 Tricky Methods

If you are a regular driver in Oklahoma, you might already be tired of a thing. And that is the toll of the roads there. We understand how it feels. But hold on! You do not have to do this anymore as you can avoid these roads. 

But how to avoid toll roads in Oklahoma?

You can actually avoid the toll roads in Oklahoma legally. The first thing you can do is get a Pike pass from the agencies. This eliminates the toll. Another useful thing you can do is with the help of Google Maps. You can find some alternatives to your destination that would reduce the tolls.

Think this is enough? Not really. Read along as we have got here all the strategies for this.

So, dive in right away!

How Can I Avoid Toll Roads in Oklahoma?

When you think of the direction to Oklahoma, remember that there are too many tolls. And the reason for this is to meet up the expenses of the highways. 

Oklahoma roads are greatly linked to many states. And this can be an option for traveling to Albuquerque Mexico route too. 


And there are actually more states connected to these roads. Thus, you can already understand how crucial can be to travel on Oklahoma roads.

Now, the wonder for us is can we avoid the Oklahoma tolls? Well, yes, you can do it, fortunately. But you must know how to do it properly. So, how to avoid Oklahoma roads?

However, remember one thing. You may not always be able to avoid the Oklahoma tolls entirely. But the toll charge would decrease noticeably.

If you fail to take proper actions, you may have to go through a few consequences. But don’t worry as we have the options open here for you. So, take a look.

Option 1: Get a PikePass

A Pike pass is one of the legal options to avoid tolls in Oklahoma. However, this option does not let you avoid the toll entirely. You can just eliminate the charge. 

If you try to get a Pike pass, you can mainly follow one of the three main methods. The first thing you can do is call their customer service. 

When you let them know about your concern, they’d notify you about the further steps. 

But if you think, you want to do it online, you can. Visit the official website of Pike pass and there you can proceed further. You can just google up Pike pass to visit their official website.

There, you can follow the instructions and complete the actions to get a Pike pass.


Finally, if you want to do it in person, you can do it too. You can just stop by their customer service stores and talk to them. 

They would give you a Pike pass once you complete the necessary actions this requires. And they would deal with the itinerary number of your car.

So, these are the 3 main options that would let you get a Pike pass. And once you get this pass, the tolls of Oklahoma highways would decrease noticeably.

One thing you must remember is the time of travel. There are rush hours on the highways of Oklahoma State in the morning. 

In addition to that, there are rush hours in the afternoon too. Thus, you can try to avoid traveling during those hours.

And if you have any emergency, you can either start the journey earlier. Or else, you can travel in between the morning and afternoon. You definitely would not want to take on too much traffic.

Option 2: Look up The Alternatives

Another option that you may follow for this is the alternative. Yes, you can try looking for alternatives to toll roads. It is not that you can avoid all the toll roads.

But you can actually eliminate the tolls at times. And that can be significant too. To do that, mark up your location first.

Then see if there are one or multiple routes to your destination. If not available then you can not actually do anything.

But most of the time, you might be able to find multiple routes to your destination. And if you find it so then see which route might have fewer tolls. 

To recognize fewer tolls, small roads are best for this. Try to follow the small or narrower roads for this. And avoid the highway on the route as much as you can.

But if you have a working phone with you, you can take help off it. Open the Google Maps app on your phone. Then set the location that you want to go to.

When you set your destination, you would notice three dots together. And that is the menu option. Click on the three dots and select the route option.

There you would find a couple of options related to your destination route. From those options, you can find the ‘avoid tolls’ option and then tap that option.

Then on the pop-up window, you would appear where you would’ve to click on done. And that is how the avoid toll option is operated.

Remember that you can also do it on your desktop by going to Google Maps. And any of the options would work fine.

This would noticeably lessen the road tolls in Oklahoma while you are traveling. Thus, this can be another strategic way to avoid Oklahoma tolls legally.


Can I Drive Off without the Oklahoma Tolls?

No, you can never be able to overlook the tolls in Oklahoma. You can not actually do it anywhere in the world. At least, the US would not let you do it. 

But even if you do it anyhow, you would have to go through legal actions. That is, the Oklahoma state would hold you liable for the toll violation.

The main and primary penalty for this would be fine in cash. However, the charge may increase if you tend not to be responsive to the penalty.

You must make sure to clear the fine within the due time with proper proceeds.


Can I really avoid the tolls on the Oklahoma roads?

Yes, you really can avoid the tolls of the Oklahoma roads. But you need to make sure that you follow the proper steps. There are certain proper ways to avoid these tolls. Special passes are one of the few safe and proper ways to avoid these tolls. Other than this, there are some others too.

What are the reasons for many tolls in Oklahoma?

The reason for this is Oklahoma has got many highways in the state. The significant number of highways let the state collect many tolls. These tolls are collected to meet the expense they had and have due to the highways. The tolls also make sure that the state can have more developments.

Do Oklahoma tolls have a cashless payment system?

Yes, the Oklahoma authority has already moved to the cashless system. However, Oklahoma also has a cash-based payment like the usual time. In addition to digital payment, you can also pay the tolls online. Thus, the payment for this in person is no longer compulsory.

What happens if you don’t pay tolls on Oklahoma roads?

Not paying tolls is a breach of law according to the legal system. However, it is not a crime-based violation of the law. When a rider avoids tolls on Oklahoma roads, he gets fined a certain charge. In case he is late to pay the fine, the charge may increase gradually.

The Final Words

Now you know how to avoid toll roads in Oklahoma! We believe the instructions we have here would be enough for you to be successful.

If you still have any issues, you know what to do. Because we have got that here too.

All the best!

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