Where Should You Go For- Yellowstone or Grand Canyon?

It doesn’t get much more majestic when experiencing the wild outdoors. 

However, deciding between the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park is difficult.

Don’t worry! We wrote a whole article comparing them.

Where do you think you should go? Is it better to visit the Yellowstone or Grand Canyon National Park?

Although the Grand Canyon is not as large as Yellowstone. It is nevertheless stunning. In terms of travel expense, meal costs, and private touring Yellowstone is more affordable. But in the case of flight cost and hotel cost, Grand Canyon can be a better option.

Want to dig more in? Let’s dive right in for a thorough examination.

Grand Canyon or Yellowstone- A Quick Review

Let’s take a quick look at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.

ParametersGrand CanyonYellowstone
Travel Expense$2,169 for a solitary tourist$1,616 for a solitary tourist
Hotel Costs$70 to $318 per night$95 to $433 per night
Flight Costs$504 and $708 per person for economy flights Between $820 and $995 per person for economy flights
Per Person Costs(Including transportation and restaurant expenses)$85 to $147 per person$52 to $89 per person per day 
Meal Costs$35-$37 per person$25-$27 per person
Private Tour Costs$1070-$1090 per day$790-$800 per day
Area3,061 square miles3,500 square miles
Best Time to VisitEarly to mid-SeptemberEarly October

Grand Canyon or Yellowstone- A Comprehensive Comparison

Following a sneak peek, we’ll go into a comprehensive comparison of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks.

Travel Expenses

While travelling, travel expenditures play a significant role. It can be travel expenditure for business or for recreation. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive trip expenditure list. A seven-day journey to Yellowstone National Park costs an average of $1,616 for a solitary person. For a couple, it would cost $2,902. And, for a family of four, it will cost $5,441.


Source: planetware

A seven-day trip to the Grand Canyon, on the other hand, costs $2,169 on average for a single person. For a couple, it would cost $3,896. And, for a family of four, it will cost $7,303.

Grand Canyon-

Source: hospiceofthegoodshepherd

You could prefer Yellowstone over the Grand Canyon in terms of trip costs. 

Hotel Costs

Another issue to consider while traveling is hotel fees. The cost of a night in a hotel in Yellowstone National Park ranges from $70 to $318. Yellowstone National Park’s average hotel cost is $123 per night. 

On the contrary, the Grand Canyon costs $95 to $433 per night. Grand Canyon’s average hotel cost is $168 per night. Make sure you know everything about the hotel’s early departure fee.

In terms of hotel prices, the Grand Canyon may be preferable to Yellowstone.

Flight Costs

Economy flights to Yellowstone Airport (WYS) cost between $820 and $995 per person on average throughout the world. First-class airfares go from $2,573 to $3,122 per person. 

In contrast, economy flights to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) cost between $504 and $708 per person on average throughout the world. First-class airfares go from $1,582 to $2,222 per person.

You could prefer the Grand Canyon over the Yellowstone in terms of hotel costs.

Per Day Fare

$52 to $89 per person per day ids an estimated recommendation from us. This is for transportation and dining.  For Yellowstone’s local eateries, depending on your activities. 

On the contrary, We recommend allocating $85 to $147 per person each day for transportation and dining at local eateries in Grand Canyon, depending on activities.

You could prefer Yellowstone over Grand Canyon in terms of per-day fare.

Meal Costs

We must also consider meals, as they are an important trip component. 

Around Yellowstone National Park, a nice dining restaurant with beverages might easily set you back $400 or more per person. In Yellowstone, a typical quality supper would cost around $26 per person. 

Whereas, in Grand Canyon, a nice dining restaurant with beverages might easily set you back $540 or more per person. A typical quality supper costs around $36 per person in Grand Canyon.

In terms of food prices, Yellowstone may be preferable to the Grand Canyon.

Private Tour Costs

Traveling with a tour guide is sometimes necessary. In Yellowstone, private trips may cost up to $792 per day. 

Whereas, in the Grand Canyon, it costs $1080 per day. However, self-guided trips to the outdoors can be free. 

These costs depend on many things like whether you are served a continental breakfast or hot breakfast etc.

Yellowstone may be more affordable than the Grand Canyon in terms of private touring.


Doesn’t having greater space be more fun and engaging?

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles in length, has a mile depth and 18 miles in width. The park does not cover the whole canyon.It covers a total 1,904 square miles. 

However, Yellowstone National Park is a 3,500-square-mile wilderness recreation area perched above a volcanic hotspot. The park is divided into eight areas.

Best Time to Visit

These will be the cheapest dates to fly to WYS. You can stay in a Yellowstone National Park hotel:

  • May 28th to June 17th
  • August 20th to October 7th

Early October is often the most affordable time to visit Yellowstone National Park.

On the contrary, These are the cheapest dates to travel to FLG and stay at a Grand Canyon hotel on average:

  • January 8th to February 25th
  • April 16th to April 29th
  • August 6th to November 18th (except the week of October 15th)

Early to mid-September is generally the most affordable time to visit the Grand Canyon.

Final Verdict

You have seen all the comparisons above based on the key features of the 2 places already.

If you consider Private Tour Costs, Meal Costs, Per Day Fare, meaning Travel Expenses in general, then Yellowstone is your destination.

On the other hand, Grand Canyon is preferable for Flight Costs and Hotel Costs.


What Are the Most Scenic Parts of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone National Park is home to one of the most diverse collections of natural wonders in the United States. Yellowstone is one of North America’s most precious assets. Lower Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Lake, and Tower Fall are our five picks for this spot.

How Long Does the Trek to Yellowstone’s Lower Falls Take?

The Brink of the Lower Falls Route is a 0.7-mile out-and-back trail near Yellowstone National Park extensively visited. One of Yellowstone’s most photographed sights comes from this vantage point. The 308-foot Lower Falls are seen from this vantage point.

How to Travel to Yellowstone’s Lower Falls?

Lower Falls is a must-see attraction in Yellowstone. Lower Falls is a neighbourhood directly east of Canyon Village. A one-way circle drive brings you to the Grand Canyon’s rim and provides four perspectives. Finally, the route to the top of the Falls is visited.

Last Words

We attempted to compare the Yellowstone or Grand Canyon on a broad scale. We hope the information helped make your selection.

Last but not least! The cost of a daily vacation varies a lot depending on what you want to accomplish. Costs vary wildly, and we make suggestions based on the cost of living and the averages we find for this trip. Happy travelling!

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