Long Beach Vs Huntington Beach: Which One Is Better?

Looking for the perfect beach to spend your weekend? Put Long Beach and Huntington Beach on your list. After all, these two are on the list of top beaches in California.

But, if you were to choose one among them, which one would it be? Which one would be better between long beach vs huntington beach?

Huntington Beach is better comparatively as it has a more “beachy” vibe than the long beach. Long Beach is rather more city-like. Also, the beach condition is not very impressive as it’s not so clean and safe. Huntington Beach is cleaner, safer, and gives the chance to peek at the ocean wildlife.

The comparison doesn’t end here. Care to know more about them? Then join us in the full discussion!

Long Beach Vs Huntington Beach: Quick Comparison

Here are the highlighting differences between both locations.

AspectLong BeachHuntington Beach
Surfing ConditionBelow AverageBetter 
Beach ConditionPoorBetter
Night LifeVibrant nightlife Not much 
ClimateAvg Temp. 48-82F Avg Temp. 48-79F 
Suitable ForBusiness TripFamily Visit 
Best to Visit WildlifeNoYes
Cost of LivingDouble the amount compared to the rest of CA15% more expensive than Long Beach

Let’s move on to the detailed discussion.

Long Beach Vs Huntington Beach: Detailed Comparison

Not only have we talked about the differences between these places, but we’ve also provided a complete tour-guideline here. Read the details to find out more.


24 airlines fly to Long beach CA. The list includes Malaysian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways International, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Long Beach has two major airports. One is Los Angeles Intl. Airport(LAX) which is about 4 miles away from the long beach. Another is Long Beach Airport. It is 4.4 miles away from the LGB.

10 airlines fly to Huntington Beach CA including the names we mentioned above. Your destination can be either LAX or LGB airport, the two major airports near Huntington Beach.

You can also fly to Orange County John Wayne Airport (SNA) which is the closest. Or Ontario International Airport which would be the farthest. 


You can use public transportation, a taxi, or a car to commute around the long beach. The Metro Blue Line connects Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles. 

Before boarding the subway, commuters must acquire a TAP card and pre-load it with credit. Each journey costs $1.50. Taxi rates range from $3 to $20 for a trip between the neighborhood and rental car fees start from $30. 

The only bus system in Huntington Beach is run by OCTA(Orange County Transit Authority). The fare ranges from $2-$6. Rental cars, taxis, bikes, and shuttles are also available for commuting.

Beach Condition

Long Beach has a more city vibe than “beachy” compared to Huntington Beach. This is also the case when comparing Long Beach with Santa Monica. It has a more industrial vibe comparatively.

The long beach area is more crowded than Huntington Beach. It is 15 miles away from Huntington Beach and buzzes with city life.

Picture of long beach is shown while compairing it vs Long BeachcomparingHuntington Beach
Long Beach – Source: Trip Savy

Due to being more crowded, the crime rate in this area is also high. The beaches are also kind of dirty and the water lacks waves. These two major drawbacks make the place unappealing to many visitors.

Huntington Beach on the other hand is a little isolated. Although the crowd is small compared to Long Beach, it is more livable and a family-oriented place. 

Between the two, Huntington Beach is more suitable for enjoying family times and vibrant Beach activities. On the contrary, Long Beach is not so popular for beach lifestyles.

However, it does have a considerable amount of places to visit and a vibrant nightlife. Which is Something common between California and Florida beaches.


Long Beach has a long list of high-end to budget-friendly hotels. We’ve shortlisted the best hotels in long beach among them.

Hotel NameBest For
The Westin Long BeachLuxury
The Queen MaryCouples, Families, Friends
Hampton Inn Long Beach AirportCouples, Families, Friends
Hotel CurrentBudget-friendly
Courtyard By Marriott Long Beach AirportBusiness Travel 

There are lots of well-renowned hotels around Huntington Beach as well. Here’s the list of hotels near Huntington Beach

Hotel NameBest For
The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton HotelLuxury, Couples, Families, Friends
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & SpaLuxury, Couples, Families, Friends
Huntington Surf InnBudget-friendly
Kimpton ShorebreakSurfers 
Ocean Surf Inn & SuitesBudget-friendly 

If you look around you’ll find many more available options.


Both Long beach and Huntington Beach have a long list of places to visit. Even after visiting the sea and beach, you can enjoy a lot of activities. 

Let’s see the activity list for Long Beach first-

  • Spend a night on the massive Queen Mary ship.
  • Can do shopping from local boutiques for vintage fixing and clothes. They’re perfect items as souvenirs.
  • Enjoy a Duffy boat ride on Alamitos Bay.
  • Take a stroll on Belmont shore.
  • Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.
  • Take an art walk in the East Village Arts District. 
  • Enjoy a comedy show at The Laugh Factory.
  • Visit Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market. (takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month)
  • Enjoy the Grand Prix (takes place only in April and requires prior reservation)

We’ve quite a big list for Huntington Beach as well-

  • Enjoy surfing Huntington Beach.
  • Walk around or rent a beach cruiser bicycle to go around the boardwalk and harbors.
  • Visit the International Surfing Museum.
  • Do shopping and lunch at Pacific City. You can collect souvenirs from here.
  • Enjoy beach bonfires.
  • Enjoy outdoor games like beach volleyball or roller skating.
  • Join yoga sessions on the beach.
  • Enjoy a cruise with a Duffy boat or a private luxury charter.
  • Take a walk around Central Huntington Park and the ecological reserves.
  • Take a ferry ride to Santa Catalina Island for whale watching, etc.

The list is never-ending. You won’t be bored however long you stay for your vacation in both of these locations.


Long Beach has a whole lot of good restaurants around the area. You better not miss your chance to dine at these places.

Restaurants Around Long Beach
Categories Restaurant List
Brunch & Lunch The Breakfast BarPotholders Coffee cup cafe 
Dinner The Ordinarie The Original Yard HouseCreme De La CrepeSaint & SecondThe Attic 
DessertSnow Monster
Coffee Rose Park RoastersThe LibrarySteelhead CoffeePortfolio Coffee HouseViento y Aguya Coffee House
Beers & CocktailsBlind DonkeyBallast PointCongregation Ale HousePadreBO-beau Kitchen+Roof Tap

Here comes the list for Huntington Beach-

Restaurants Around Huntington Beach
Categories Restaurant List
Brunch & Lunch Sushi on FireSugar ShackJan’s Health BarPacific Hideaway
Dinner Duke’s Huntington BeachPacific City LSXOBluegold 
DessertThe Funnel HouseSOMISOMIThe Moo Gelato
Coffee Philz CoffeeThe Coffee TaleAOSA CoffeeThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Beers & CocktailsGolden Road BrewingOffshore 9Surf City Ale House Kitchen + BarThe Wicked Wolf

Final Verdict: Long Beach Or Huntington Beach?

Both Long Beach and Huntington Beach are great places to spend your vacation. Whichever place will be more enjoyable for you definitely depends on your choice. 

To make it simple, if you’re looking for a complete beach vibe then Huntington Beach should be the choice. Because it is less crowded and offers more beach-oriented activities. 

The Beach in Huntington is quite clean and refreshing. The area is safer compared to Long Beach just like Manhattan Beach and Hermosa beach. And yoBeachu’ll get to see the wildlife better here.

On the other hand, Long Beach is more city-like despite having a beach around. The beach condition is not so good and there are also issues of safety.

But there are a lot of good places around the long beach area which makes any trip enjoyable. So, make your final decision based on which kind of experience you prefer.


When is the best time to visit Long Beach?

May and September are the best months to visit Long Beach. You’ll find no summer tourists during this time. So, the place will be less crowded. Also, the temperature won’t be so high. So, you’ll get the perfect weather to do outdoor activities.

What are the best months to visit Huntington Beach?

September and November are the best months to visit Huntington Beach. The weather wouldn’t be too warm or cold at this time. You’ll also get to enjoy some popular events like Pacific Airshow, Surf Dog, Surf City, etc. Also, from December to April, you’ll get whale-watching opportunities.

What’s the difference between Huntington City Beach & Huntington State Beach?

Huntington city beach is slightly more crowded than Huntington state beach. It is also closer to Huntington downtown. There’s a 6 mile distance from both beaches. Huntington city beach is also the home to Huntington dog beach.

Final Thoughts

That was all regarding long beach vs Huntington Beach. Hopefully, the information here was helpful to make your decision on your vacation location. 

Don’t forget to consider the weather condition prior to your visit. Also, it’s better to avoid public holidays because the crowd will be more than usual.

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