Do Hotels Have Irons: Resolving The Need for Iron

Packing your luggage but you’re afraid, if it could get wrinkled? And, you’re wondering if there’s any iron and ironing board in the hotel room? 

So, do hotels have irons? 

The answer is yes. Hotels usually have irons as an amenity. But sometimes you’ll not find it in the room. You need to ask the room service for it. Most hotels usually have the laundry and the ironing service as well. However, they’re not free. There are some alternatives to ironing too. 

This is just the brief. You can have a detailed idea if you go through this article. So stick with us till the end. 

Do Hotels Have Irons?

Yes, most hotels have irons as an amenity of the hotel. However, it depends on the specific hotel chain’s policy. 

Generally, you’ll always find iron inside your room. Along with an ironing board. So, you don’t have to worry about wearing your wrinkly clothes. And you’ll be looking tip-top if you have a business meeting. 

But some low-budget hotels or hotel rooms might not have this amenity. Low-budget hotels mostly do this for cost-cutting. 

Sometimes finding the iron could be a little difficult. If you’re facing this problem you can do 2 things. 

  • First, look for the iron in the room’s closet or the wardrobe. Usually, hotels keep it there for ease of use. 
  • Second, you can call the room service and ask them where is it. They’ll assist you in finding the iron. 
A man irons his cloths in the hotel room.

Asking for Iron and Ironing Board at Hotels

There could also be a chance that your hotel has iron as an amenity but it’s not in the room. Because some hotels think that it could be a fire hazard. 

Irons could actually be a fire hazard at hotels. Especially when someone forgets to turn it off or unplug it. In hotels, the guests may forget to turn it off. Which could lead to a huge fire accident. 

To avoid this some hotels have the policy to not keep the iron in the room. In contrast, the iron is provided upon calling the room service. 

So, if you don’t find the iron in your room make sure to call the front desk for room service. You can ask them to bring the iron to your room. 

The picture shows a person ironing his cloths beside a hotel bed

Source: cdn. 

You could be wondering do hotels have washing machines for emergencies or rush hours. Well, most hotels have a laundry and ironing service for their guests. You can pile up your clothes and put them in the clothes bin. 

For instant ironing, you can just call the room service and ask them to iron certain clothes for you. If there’s no rush they could come back with your ironed clothes within minutes. 

However, if you need the laundry service it’s better to call it a day before you need the clothes. If you call the room service they’ll pick up the bin and throw them for the laundry. 

But do remember that these laundry or ironing services may not be free. Because it’s not considered as a hotel amenity. Rather it’s a hotel service that you can avail of. Depending on the hotel’s policy they’ll charge you per piece of clothing. 

Alternatives to Irons in the Hotels Room

Sometimes hotel room iron is available but the iron itself is in pretty bad condition. Because of being used for a long time, it could start leaving stains. Or it could also start overheating and burn your clothes. 

If want to use hotel irons we suggest you have a look at this video first. 

Another thing you could do is carry a travel iron or a travel steam iron. These are usually small in size and easy to carry irons. They’re also called mini irons.

If you’re not a fan of hotel room irons, or your hotel simply does not have iron services, there are some alternatives you could try. Here are some alternatives to ironing that you could try. 

Alternative 1: Hot Shower

A hot shower creates steam. This steam help could help you to straighten out the wrinkles. 

You can hang the dress you want to iron on a hanger in the bathroom. And make sure to hang it in a way that the entire clothe receives the steam. 

After you’re done with your shower, take the dress and try to straighten it out with your hands. This should do the trick. 

It’s probably not gonna be as good as ironing but it’ll give you a pretty satisfactory result. 

Alternative 2: Hair Dryer

Hairdryers could be a great solution for straightening out wrinkles. Turn on the hairdryer and apply heat directly over the wrinkled area. After you’ve applied the heat try to straighten out the cloth using your hand. 

You need to be a little patient while using the hairdryer. Because it could take some time to get your wrinkles straightened. 

Alternative 3: Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a great solution to straighten out small wrinkles. If you’re having trouble with small wrinkles on your cloth you can directly use this over the wrinkles. 

You can have a look at these hair straighteners for your traveling. They’re convenient and will also do your ironing work.

ProductCheck Price
Professional Travel Size 0.5 inch Mini Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Black$9.99 
Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Hair Straightener, Compact Professional Flat Iron for Styling On The Go$34.99

These are the best ones in the market. So check it out. The process is not different than using it on your hair. Just locate the wrinkle and then press it over the wrinkle. 

Well, you can’t iron the entire dress with it. It will take a lot of time and effort. But it’s a great solution for small wrinkles. 

One last piece of advice for you if you’re planning on booking hotels. Make sure that you have an authentic id. Because fake ids don’t work in hotels normally. 


Do Hotels Have Steamers? 

Yes, some hotels have steamers. Usually, the steamers are not available in the room. You can avail of the steam by calling the room service. Or you can also ask for the steamer at the front desk. They’ll let you borrow it for some time. Usually, you can use these steamers for free. 

Do Hilton Hotels Have An Iron?

Yes, Hilton hotels usually have an iron and an ironing board in the room. It’s a part of their hotel amenity. Thus, they do not charge you for the iron. If you do not find it in your Hilton hotel’s room then it’ll surely be available at housekeeping. They also have laundry and ironing services.

Can I Use My Bed As An Ironing Board? 

Yes, you can use your bed as a surface to lay your cloth to iron. Just make sure the bed is not wrinkly. However, you should remember to not iron for too long. Because it can damage the bed sheet or the clothing. You can lay a thick towel between the clothe and the bed for protection.


So, this should clear out your query regarding do hotels have iron. 

So, you don’t have to worry about irons in your room anymore. And pack your clothes worry-free. That’ll be all from our side. Hope you enjoy your trip. 

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