What is a Non-Commissionable Rate at Marriott?

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Finally, the vacation breeze is hitting you. Now, you’re on your way to booking a hotel/vacation place from an online platform. Here, suddenly you come across the commission/non-commission rate. 

So now you’re wondering what is a non-commissionable rate at Marriott?

The non-commissionable rate at Marriott means that you won’t have to pay any percentage of commission when you book a room in the hotel through travel agents. This means you won’t have to worry about hidden costs and you end up saving a bit of cash. 

But, that’s just the bookish knowledge about the non-commissionable rate. There’s obviously more to it, we’ve explained that below in the article. 

Added to that, we’ve elaborated if non-commissionable rates are good or bad from the perspective of travelers and travel agents.

So, buckle up because things are about to get interesting-

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The Non-Commissionable Rate At Marriott

We’ve said this earlier but we’ll clear it again- the hotel non commissionable rate means that there would be no commission when booked by travel agents. 

This means you won’t really have to pay your travel agents any commission upon purchasing any tickets/offers.

Normally, when your travel agents sell any tickets/offers, you’ll have to pay 8-10% of commission per offer/ticket. So, this answers what is a non-commissionable rate at a hotel.

Furthermore, once you are at the hotel then make a query at the front desk also regarding non commissionable rates of Marriott.

Are Non-Commissionable Marriott Rates Good or Bad? 

Non-commissionable can be good or bad. It depends on what perspective you’re thinking from. If you’re thinking from the mind of a traveler then it’s a good thing. 

But, it’s a different story when you’re thinking from the mind of a travel agent. Because they’ll be missing out on their share! Let’s see both the perspectives below-

If you are someone traveling to Door County, Fish Creek, then most hotels are privately owned and may have less or no commission rates. Do check out the 5 best hotels in Fish Creek by Mark Stoneman who is a local there and helping the community to make wise traveling decisions for the Door County area.

For the Travellers/Customers

Well, the non-commissionable rate is good for travelers! Because they won’t have to pay any percentage of commission to the travel agents. 

Normally, travelers have to pay a sum of commission to the travel agents. This rate can be around 10% and it gets added to the cost of their stay. 

But if you’re a member of marriott bonvoy, you will get a preferred rate for non commissionable rate Marriott bonvoy.

But, when they’re going for the non-commissionable rates, the travelers don’t have to pay anything to the travel agents. So, they could save some sort of money. 

You could save even more as non-commissionable rate Marriott points. If you’re planning on traveling, you can choose between Royal Hawaiian and Sheraton Waikiki. That said, being a customer/traveler, you’ll need to know one particular thing.

 And, that non-commissionable rate won’t provide you with any cashback offers. 

Yep! Nowadays, many hotels provide cashback offers once you will check-in. This could be to increase customer loyalty. But, if you’re going for the non-commissionable rate then you won’t enjoy this offer. 

Hence, all the special offers and cashback you’re hoping for, they’ll be gone within a blink of an eye! That’s why you’ll need to decide whether you want to provide a bit of commission to the travel agents and get that cashback offer. Or do you just wanna settle with the non-commissionable rate? 

Another thing! Not all hotels provide cashback offers, you’ll have to find them on their website. By knowing about the cashback offer, you won’t be surprised and ask yourself “why did the hotel refund my money“?

For the Travel Agents

It’s quite obvious that the non-commissionable rates aren’t that great for the travel agents. Face it, the travel agents would expect a bit of commission as they’re the middle-man between the hotels and the customers. 

And yes, the hotels do pay a hefty commission to online platforms like booking.com and Airbnb. But, when it comes to the non-commissionable rates, there isn’t much the travel agents can do as net non-commissionable hotel rates.

If traveling through Delta Airlines, know about standby policies of Delta beforehand. It will come in handy.

Basically, they won’t get their fair share of the commission. So, this rate isn’t the best thing if you’re a travel agent. 

The Truth About Non-Commissionable Rates of Marriot

It isn’t a direct bad-side of non-commissionable rates, to be very honest! But, you need to be picky about what offers you’re getting for yourself. 

There’s a thing about cashback. Nowadays, a lot of hotels are providing cashback offers. To give a little idea- you can get almost 6-9% rebate. This number can go higher when portals will offer more special rates.  

That said, you’ll need to be picky about what “special” rate you’ll have to be choosing. Why are we saying this? Well, yeah, you can take their rate and not pay the travel agent’s commission. 

But remember, non-commissionable rates will not provide any bit of cashback on your stay in the hotel. We did say this in a previous section. 

Sometimes, hotels utilise these non-commissionable rates to their own advantage. But, how? 

Well, Marriot will provide free breakfast in their rooms. But, at times, some hotels won’t provide their breakfast in the room. And, they’ll pursue you to have the breakfast-added room at a lower price. 

This will automatically cause you to pick this “special” rate because it’s a better value for money. 

But, the hotels here will attach that non-commissionable rate. This means you’ll miss out on the cashback offer. So, you’ll have to think about whether you’ll have to go for the non-commissionable rates or not. 


What is a commissionable rate? 

The retail rate where you have to pay particular commissions is the commissionable rate. When your travel agents sell you offers, you’ll have to pay a commission on those offers. 

Will the hotel room net rate contain taxes?

Yes! The net rate in the hotel rooms means that it’s the final price. So, the final price is considered after including the taxes.

Is there a way to tell whether the rate is non-commissionable or not? 

Yes, there’s a way you can identify whether the rate you’re paying is non-commissionable or not. You’ll have to select the “view rate” option on your preferred hotel. Then, you’ll have to click the “Rate Details”. Here, you’ll find whether the rate is non-commissionable or not. 

Will Non-Commissionable rates at Marriott contain any hidden fees?

No! The non-commissionable rates will not contain any hidden fees. 

Parting Words

Now, that’s all the information we can gather in one piece! We hope everything was easier and simple for you to understand. If someone asks what is a non-commissionable rate at Marriott– you’ll know the answer to it.

More importantly, you’ll know the supposed good or bad side of non-commissionable rates, in general.

That’s about it from our end, goodbye!

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