Why Am I On Standby Delta

Why Am I On Standby Delta? [Answered]

Flying in delta airlines for the first time on standby might be pretty confusing. You might be wondering what the standby system is, to begin with. Additional worries will race to you if you don’t know about the system in detail. 

So you might ask why am I on standby delta?

If your boarding pass shows you’re on delta standby it means your seat is underbooked. The airline hasn’t designated a seat for you yet. It’ll be decided once you reach the departure gate. It means your flight may change at any moment. It’s impossible to know exactly when it may happen.

That’s the initial thought of our today’s consultation. Want to know more regarding delta standby? Then keep reading our post till the end.

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What Is Delta Standby Policy?

Airline industries can be pretty crazy. It is so fast-paced that you’d be bewildered at it sometimes. One moment everything is fine and in another moment everything changes rapidly.

Whether you’re flying new or had flown before, the changing flight schedule is pretty common. People sometimes get flustered over what to do when airlines change flights.

So, you’d have to keep yourself prepared for any kind of situation all the time. One of the scenarios you may come to face is the delta standby policy. Note that, it’s a policy applied and maintained by delta airlines

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Although other airlines also apply the same service, Delta has its own rules and restrictions. So, if you’re using their service, this is something you should know about.

You must be wondering what the delta standby policy is. It’s a policy that is applied when you don’t confirm your seat booking beforehand. Maybe you just made a last-minute reservation for your flight.

And that’s why the airline is unable to provide you with a designated seat. Because most of the seats are to be filled in at that point. Instead, they’ll decide on your seat once you’re at the departure gate. 

They’d have a standby list of the passengers. They’d also have seats remaining on the standby list with them. The seats get distributed by delta standby list priority. And that is the delta standby priority policy in a nutshell.

How Does Delta Standby List Work?

Usually, when someone wants to change a ticket the airline looks for alternate flights. The request to change the ticket must be done within 24 hours. 

If the airline finds alternate flights you’d have to pay $75 dollars. However, it’s nothing like the non-commissionable rate at Marriott. It is to change the ticket of your flight. That’s the case when alternate flights are available.

If not then your name will be put on the standby list for free. Note that the request to change flight must be within the 24-hour mark. 

During this time you can exchange seats on the delta website as well. If any seat gets available they’ll call for you. So it’s best to stay prepared at any moment. 

This service isn’t applicable for basic economy class. All other classes are provided with the standby service. The service rule applies differently for different class members.

The non-members, general SkyMiles, and silver medallion members have to book for earlier flights. But platinum, gold, or diamond medallion members can choose flights from any time.

What To Do If You Are On The Standby List?

If you’re flying in delta airlines your name might show up on the standby list. This happens even if you had booked your plane ticket days ago. To people who are flying for the first time, the situation can be very confusing.

But first thing first, always keep additional plans when you’re on the standby list. It’s pretty similar to economy milesaaver than economy anytime. Because your flight seat is about to be changed at any moment.

The ticket you have booked will let you in on another flight if necessary. The ticket will be valid for 24 hours after the booking. So you’ll be able to request a stand-by flight within 24 hours. 

How To Get On Delta Standby List?

You can get your name listed on the standby list by delta customer service. Or you can use the fly delta app to register by yourself. The fly delta app shows the delta standby list

To enter the list from the app you’d need to cancel or change your flight. Locate the confirmation number and the original email on your ticket. Then click on “my trips”.

Provide your confirmation number, name, email, and credit card number. After confirming your information you’ll be able to cancel or change the flight.

You can go for the same-day change option too. First, click on the “same day change” option. From there you’ll see a list of seats that are yet to be confirmed.

If you pay $75 you’ll be able to make instant changes to your flight. That way you’ll be able to place your name on the standby list by yourself. 

If this sounds complex you can always get help from delta airlines customer service. Hopefully, this answers all your queries about delta’s standby policy.


Here we have gathered some commonly asked questions regarding today’s matter. Hope this comes to your help.

What’s the cost of a standby ticket?

Standby ticket cost ranges from $25 to $100. The cost range is influenced by two factors. One is the flight itself. Another is your personal connection to the airline. If you have anyone you know working on the airline you may secure a discount.

Who gets priority on the standby list?

People who have paid the full fare get priority over others on the standby list. Different airlines have different priority systems. The commuting flight crews also get priority on standby. As for normal standby passengers, people who check in first get called earlier.

How to get on delta standby upgrade?

You can apply for a delta standby upgrade from your fly delta app. But it must have the latest version on your device. Go to the app and look for your reservation under “my trips”. Request for delta comfort+upgrade. Now, check request upgrade and only upgrade options. 

What are standby airline tickets?

The definition of a standby ticket has changed over time. Before, a standby ticket used to mean a cheap ticket to fly on the empty seats. But the system has changed. Now, getting standby means that you’ve already bought a ticket. But I want an earlier or later flight.

Does Delta offer vouchers on an overbooked flight?

Yes, a voucher is offered to passengers from Delta who voluntarily decide to be on standby. Delta sometimes overbooks their flight. They offer a dollar value travel voucher to the passengers who voluntarily go standby. Or the passengers may choose to get compensation from them.

Final Words

That was all from us about why am I on standby delta? Hopefully, you’ve cleared your confusion by today’s discussion.

If you face any complexities feel free to get help from airline customer service. All airline industries have scheduling issues. So don’t be flustered to get help.

See you soon on another travel blog post!

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