Delta vs. Air France: The Best One For International Travels

There are some distinct differences between Delta and Air France, two major airlines with extensive worldwide flight networks and first-class cabin experiences. Delta Airlines is known for being more affordable than Air France. But Delta usually offers more destinations than Air France. 

However, Delta vs Air France Airlines has had a long history of rivalry. We will explore how these two airlines differ from each other so you can choose the best one for your international travels. Let’s jump into it. 

Delta vs. Air France: A Quick Difference 

Here’s a quick comparison table to figure out the basic differences between Delta and Air France.

Criteria Delta Airlines Air France 
Route Mainline delta: 242 destinationsDelta connection 500-600 destinations 29 domestic destinations201 international destinations in 94 countries 
Service Professional and effective Renowned for providing classy, polite service with a touch of French flare.
Seat Lie-flat seats (business class)Standard seats with adjustable headrestCozy seats with ample legroom Fully lie-flat seats (business class)Standard economy class seats
Amenities Depending on the aircraft, it usually contains a dining area, entertainment system, and amenity kit. Wi-Fi is typically a purchase.Entertainment system, PJs, slippers, and amenity kit. Wi-Fi is typically a purchase.
Lounge access Medallion and Silver Medallion members receive complimentary access to Delta Sky Club lounge SkyTeam elite members enjoy more generous lounge access and more expensive fares.
Price Usually more expensivePrices are competitive

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Delta vs. Air France: Detailed Discussion 

The main distinctions between Delta and Air France are discussed below. Let’s have a look. 


While Air France provides more destinations in Europe, Delta offers more routes to cities in North America. You can travel to locations in Asia, Africa, and South America with both Delta and Air France, though Air France has more routes to Africa and Delta has more coverage in Asia.

However, Delta provides strong routes to North America, Asia, and South America. The airline has robust connections to Canada and Mexico, as well as an extensive network within the United States. 

Nowadays, Delta Airlines is also expanding throughout the region, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Besides, they are fairly well-covered, with a significant hub in Atlanta.

But they are not as prevalent as Air France, particularly in southern and eastern Europe. Besides, there are few ties in Africa, mostly via code-sharing arrangements. Delta Airlines also offers fewer destinations in the Middle East compared to Air France. Their networks in the Middle East are mostly in major centers such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

On the other hand, Air France has a widespread network covering most major cities and providing lots of connecting flights within Europe. They also offer strong networks in Africa, particularly among the former French colonies. Unlike Delta, Air France has strong routes to the Middle East. They are well connected to important hubs in the region, such as Doha and Dubai.

Air France aircraft is shown in the picture while flying over the clouds. the article is delta vs air france
Source: Humanperf 

But Air France’s network is not as extensive as Delta’s, especially in Southeast Asia. They provide mostly big destinations throughout Latin America, with a smaller network than Delta.

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Delta Airlines, generally speaking, is more affordable, particularly on well-traveled routes in North America. On the other hand, Air France rates can be competitive, particularly when there are special offers. Therefore, the price will increase when traveling to areas where their network is extensive (Europe, Africa, and the Middle East). 

However, based on numerous searches and traveler reviews, Delta Airlines offers business class flights from New York to London at a slightly lower cost than Air France. For example, departing on February 22 and returning on February 26, there is a $418.30 ticket price difference between Delta Airlines and Air France. It is estimated for business class travel from New York (JFK) to London (LHR).

This is an explanation:

  • Delta Airlines: Round-trip fare starting at $3183.71. 
  • Air France: Round-trip fare starting at $3602. 

Here are the factors that may affect the price: 

  • Route: Depending on the origin, destination, and number of connections, prices can differ greatly. Air France may be more economical for connections to Europe, but Delta may be more economical for travel inside North America.
  • Seasonality: High travel periods—holidays and summer—result in increased costs for both carriers.
  • Fare classes: They include First Class, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. 
  • Demand: Higher costs on both airlines are the outcome of increased demand for particular routes.
  • Deals and promotions: Since both airlines have discounted and promotional flights, it’s important to compare costs when there are specials

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Both offer comparable amenities like amenity kits and entertainment, but Air France may have higher-quality options. 

Delta One provides amenity kits, dining, entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi, usually available for purchase. In contrast,  Air France Business has options for amenity kits, pajamas, slippers, and entertainment systems. Like Delta, Wi-Fi is available for an extra charge.

Inside cabin view of Delta Airlines aeroplane is shown in the picture while comparing it against Air France

Below is a breakdown of the key amenity differences between Delta and Air France across different cabin classes:

Economy Class 

Criteria Delta Air France
Meals Free snacks and mealsFree snacks and meals 
Beverage Soft drinks, juices, and coffee or teaSoft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages 
In-flight entertainment Movies, TV shows and musicMovies, TV shows and music
Amenities kitEyeshade and earplugs Eyeshade and earplugs
Seat pitch 31-38 inches 31-34 inches

Business Class 

Criteria Delta Air France
Beverage An exquisite assortment of wines, spirits, and other drinksA premium assortment of alcohol, wines, and other drinks
In-flight entertainment Extensive content on a large personal entertainment systemAn extensive network for personal leisure with an extensive amount of content
Seat pitch Varies depending on the airplane (pods, lie-flat seats)Herringbone-patterned lie-flat seats
Lounge Access Based on ticket class and statusGreater lounge access and higher rates for SkyTeam elite members

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Which One is Better to Choose between Delta and Air France? 

Ultimately, the choice between Delta and Air France depends on your personal choice and preferences. Although they both provide excellent options, Delta and Air France are stronger in certain areas than others. Here’s a quick summary to assist in your decision:


Choose Delta is your one of the main concerns is cost: particularly on well-traveled routes in North America, Delta may be less expensive. You should also go with Delta if you appreciate efficiency and constant service. Delta is renowned for providing dependable and competent service. Also, not every flight needs lounge access; Delta’s lounge access varies depending on status and price class.

Air France 

Air France might be a better choice when you require links to the Middle East, Africa, or Europe because Air France has wide-ranging networks in these areas. Therefore, if you appreciate chic facilities and well-mannered service, there’s no good choice other than Air France.


Is Delta a 5-star Airline? 

No, Delta isn’t regarded as a five-star carrier. At the moment, Skytrax, the top airline rating company, assigns a 3-star rating to Delta. Delta provides a dependable and comfortable experience. However, it falls short of meeting the highest standards for onboard amenities and service needed to earn a 5-star rating.

Does Air France have first class? 

Yes, first class is available on Air France! La Premiere is a deluxe travel experience that offers private suites, gourmet cuisine, premium beverages, and special lounge access.

Is Air France a high-end airline? 

Air France is more expensive than some of its competitors, especially when it comes to First Class and Business. It offers sophisticated service, luxury facilities (such as pajamas in Business Class), and large European/African networks.


Now that we’re at the end of Delta vs. Air France, it’s crucial to keep in mind that both tend to offer higher passenger satisfaction. They are competing in Europe, North America, and Asia. Consider what matters most to you in a premium cabin experience, such as seat comfort, amenities, service, and price. 

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