Marriott Employee Discount after Quitting: Explained!

Marriott International Inc. is known for operating and licensing high-quality hotels and residentials. They’re also known for huge discounts at their hotels.

Many people say that the employees are eligible for these discounts, even after quitting their job. It’s time to clear out the dilemma.

So, is there a Marriott employee discount after quitting?

Yes, there are two discounts that can be used by Marriott employees after they quit. The explore rate discounts are applicable for employees and their families. This discount can get you up to 75% off on stays. The other discount is the Quarter Century Club discount. This is a lifetime discount for Marriott employees with 25+ years of experience in Marriott property.

You can still get flabbergasted by this limited information. So read the article till the very end to know all the important details.

Can Marriott Employees Get Discounts After Quitting?

The short answer to this question is- yes! Marriott employees can avail of certain discounts even after quitting their job at Marriott. The duration of these discounts depends on how Marriott handles their separation from the employees.

Different Types of Discounts Offered by Marriott

Marriott offers many different discounts such as friends discounts, Quarter Century Club (QCC) discounts, dining discounts, etc. However, not all discounts are available after quitting. 

For your convenience, below I’ve elaborated on the discounts that are available even after quitting. Have a read.

Explore Rate

The explore rate is available for the employees, family, and friends of Marriott. This discount goes up to 75 percent off on hotel stays. The explore rate is validated at the check-in of the hotel. Beware, fake IDs won’t work at Marriott hotels!

The immediate family of Marriott’s employees is eligible for the explore rate of Marriott hotels. The Marriott explore rate codes are MM4, MMP, MMF, etc.

You can understand more about how to use these explore rates by checking out this video-

This discount is available to the families and friends of Marriott employees even after they quit. Note that this is applicable for both full-time and part-time employees of Marriott. 2 rooms per night can be booked via this rate.

There is also a ‘explore friends rate’ for Marriott employees. However, this rate is not usable after quitting the job at Marriott.

Quarter Century Club

The Quarter Century Club discount is the largest discount a Marriott employee can have. The QCC rate can give up to a 100% discount! 

As the title suggests, the Quarter Century Club rate is available to employees who have more than 25 years of experience. This is applicable to all employees who have completed 25 or more years at the managed properties of Marriott.

Since it’s a lifetime discount rate, Marriott employees can explore this discount even after quitting the job. This requires the checking of the corporate ID. This discount can be booked up to 90 days in advance.

Per year, the QCC-eligible employees can book 1 complimentary stay for 1 room for up to 3 nights per property. This discount is strictly for the employees, their friends, and families are not eligible here.

If you’re an eligible employee and around Cancun, you’re in luck! You can try out the JW Marriott Hotel or the Marriott Cancun. Although there are many differences between the JW and the Cancun, the QCC rate should be available at both.


What is the Marriott MMP Code?

Marriott MMP codes provide the explore rate on Marriott hotels. Ultimately, these codes provide discount rates on Marriott hotels and resorts all over the world.

Is There Any Golf Discount on Marriott?

Yes, there is a 30% golf discount on apparel, equipment, and tee times. Marriott employees can avail of these discounts. There’s also a 20% food and spa and a 30% retail discount available. 

Do Marriott Employees Get Discounts on Flights?

Yes, Marriott employees are eligible for different discounts on flights. Although, the airlines and flights are limited when it comes to discounts.

The Final Words

That’s everything. Hopefully, now you know about all the Marriott employee discount after quitting.

Always abide by the different ethical codes whenever you’re using discounts; whether you’re an employee or not. 

Have a great day.

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