Does Marriott Check Corporate ID? [Here’s the Answer]

Marriott is known for giving out super services, discounts, and rates. Corporate rates are some of the famous ones in this hotel.

However, you can only obtain the rates if you’re eligible. Yet, many people think that Marriott doesn’t check corporate IDs.

So, does Marriott check corporate id?

Marriott checks corporate IDs and many other IDs at check-in. IDs must be shown to be eligible for the different discounts and rates. Failing to show your ID for a rate will be penalized and provided a rack rate.

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Does Marriot Check ID?

Although it depends on the property and individual staff members, Marriott generally checks IDs. 

The picture shows a Marriott receptionist checking corporate ID of a person

In fact, Marriott International Inc. has an official policy of checking IDs at check-in. Marriott checks for identification whether it’s a corporate identification or a government identification. 

Without the identification, Marriott’s authority cannot validate any rates or discounts. It depends on the type of rate you want to apply to your stay. If you’re applying for a corporate rate, you’ll need to show a corporate ID.

On the other hand, for military/government IDs, the policy is similar. Even after checking the identifications, the rates depend on availability. The policies are identical in the TownePlace and Springhill suites.

In some situations, a business card may suffice instead of a corporate ID. Work-email printouts, work badges, etc might be handy as a replacement for corporate IDs.

Marriott also checks AAA cards along with checking corporate and government IDs. The various rates like MMF, QCC, MMP, etc are also verified by Marriott.

When hiring, Marriott does a background check. Marriott has a strict rule of not hiring people associated with retail, thefts, etc. 

Note that, for some rates, you won’t need a corporate ID to get rates if you’re an ex-employee. There are some discounts available for Marriott employees after quitting.

Penalties for Not Having Corporate ID

Identification at the Marriott is necessary when applying for a rate/discount. For instance, if you’re applying for a corporate rate, you must have a corporate ID. 

Sometimes Marriott’s authority will not check for corporate IDs. However, if they ask for the corporate ID and you don’t have it, you will be penalized. 

All discounts will be lifted off of your stay and you’ll be provided with a rack rate. This policy of Marriott is similar to Hyatt Hotel, IHG Hotel, Hilton Hotel, etc.

The picture shows a Marriott Hotel.

Since not having ID messes with the company policy, you won’t be considered for any discounts. The hotel may even refund your money if the issue is too grave.

Benefits of Having an ID at Hotel Check-ins

Although showing the ID at hotel check-ins (especially Marriott) may seem like a tedious process, it carries some advantages. For the hotel, your ID gives them a lot of information about their services. 

They research and understand which people stay at their residence, the identification acts as a form of survey to them. 

But, if you carry your ID with you, you can get access to many special offers. 

For example, there might be a discount going on for people who are still studying. If you can show your ID, the hotel authorities will avail the discount for you. However, if you fail to show your ID, you might not get the discount.

Moreover, your identification can act as a background check in most cases. These are some of the advantages you will be getting if you carry your ID with you at Hotels. 

In general, it’s always a good practice to carry your identification with you. Whether it’s residential hotels or any security measurements, you’ll always have proof this way.


Why do hotels scan IDs?

Hotels scan IDs to ensure that only valid members get into the premises. Moreover, the IDs can provide additional information regarding their age, names, nationality, etc.

Can anyone use corporate code?

No, not everyone can use the corporate code. Corporate code can only be used by employees. Although you can make a reservation at a hotel from a website, you cannot access the corporate codes if you’re not an employee.

Is the Marriott public or private?

Marriott is a public company. Marriott International Inc. became a publicly traded company in 1953. Since they’re a private company, buying stock from Marriott International is possible.


That’s all. Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question, does marriott check corporate id.

Don’t forget to check your ID for validity. If you didn’t know, all IDs have an expiry date. So make sure you’re carrying a valid ID with you at all times.

Have a great day!

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