Can You Bring Corkscrew On A Plane? A Guide For Wine Lovers

You can carry a simple winged corkscrew in your carry-on bag when you are traveling on a plane. However, corkscrews with blades are not allowed in the carry-on bags. You can pack them safely in your checked baggage. 

Wine enthusiast travelers often find themselves wondering, Can you bring a corkscrew on a plane? Let’s find out the answer together!

Can You Bring Corkscrew On A Plane?

Traveling on a plane comes with a bunch of rules and regulations. While a corkscrew is much needed to enjoy your vacation to the full brim, it might get you stopped at the security check for safety issues.

There are many types of corkscrews and all will not put you in trouble with the securities. Wisely choosing your wine opener can save you a lot more time and keep away from fuss.

To do that, you will need to have a proper idea of the items that are approved by the TSA. Anything falling outside of TSA’s suggested criteria should be avoided to stay risk-free.

A corkscrew is shown in the picture. it is a simple corkscrew that does not has knife or sharp edges and it can be carried in the plane

The TSA’s Take on Bringing Corkscrews

According to the TSA rules, corkscrews are allowed to carry on a flight. But you can only carry the corkscrews without blades in your carry-on bag. As for the corkscrews that include a foil cutter or knife, you have to wrap the sharp ends properly and pack them on your checked-in suitcase.

Picture shows a lever corkscrew and a wine bottle

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  sets the rules and regulations for airport security in the USA. They offer a proper guideline for the items you can and cannot carry during a flight.

The TSA guidelines mention that a blade not exceeding four inches long can be carried in your bags. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that the final decision lies with the security officer on duty.

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Navigating Airport Security

While the TSA provides a general stance, the devil is often in the details. The approval of your corkscrew depends on its specific design and features. 

Traditional corkscrews, with a simple corkscrew and no built-in blades, generally pass through security without issue. However, modern variations equipped with additional tools such as knives or foil cutters may raise concerns and lead to confiscation.

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Types Of Corkscrew

Now that you know you can carry a wine opener during your flight, you’d want to make sure that your corkscrew is TSA-approved . There are different types available in the market. You can always choose your preferred one as long as they don’t go against the TSA guidelines.

Different types of corkscrews may be convenient for different people. Your job is to select one that combines your preference and the TSA guidelines. Let’s take a quick look at different types of corkscrews.

Waiter’s corkscrew

Picture shows a waiters corkscrew which is allowed to be carried in the plane as per TSA

Popular among the restaurant staff, a waiter’s corkscrew features a screw and a knife. The knife is used for cutting foil, and of course, the screw extracts the cork. It is better to avoid this one while traveling. The included knife may raise safety issues.

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Lever corkscrew

Picture shows a rabbit corkscrew which is also known as lever corkscrew

The lever corkscrew, or the rabbit corkscrew known for its lever-like mechanism. The lever corkscrew allows you to remove the cork with minimal effort. You can carry a lever corkscrew for better convenience. Make sure to avoid the knife-attached ones.

Winged corkscrew

winged corkscrew is shown in the picture that is used to open wine bottles

The most common corkscrew you can find at any place. Used mostly at homes, this corkscrew has wings and a screw. You have to open the bottle by twisting the screw in the cork and then pulling it. It might be the best option to bring on a plane.

Electric wine opener

electric wine opener is shown in the picture

Electric wine openers do not have any blades attached. You can open your bottle of wine just with a button press. This variation is quite suitable to have in your carry-on bag during a flight.

Tips For Traveling With Corkscrew

Whether you are traveling by plane or on a cruise trip, carrying a corkscrew is often crucial to enjoying your vacation to the fullest. You might not always get one while you are traveling to a new place. 

If you are staying in a low-budget hotel, you may not get many services there. For example, Many hotels do not provide iron, corkscrew, or a snack bar inside the room.

You can stop worrying about the security check for carrying a corkscrew if you simply take some measures. Security checks are rather simple when your bags are packed following the guidelines. Here are a few tips that will come in handy during your travels.

  • Be mindful of the rules: Take a good look at the security rules and regulations provided by the TSA, as well as the airline you are flying with. You can avoid any kind of trouble during a security check just by having a proper idea about their guidelines.
  • Make a wise choice while choosing your corkscrew: You can pick a harmless winged corkscrew or an easy electric wine opener. As both of these do not contain any blades, they are most likely to pass the security easily.
  • Pack in the checked-in suitcase: If your corkscrew includes a blade within four inches long, you should pack it in the checked-in suitcase. Make sure to wrap it properly while packing. This will prevent any injury during the security check.


What kind of corkscrew is allowed on a plane?

According to the TSA, only corkscrews without blades are allowed in carry-on bags. You can carry corkscrews with blades in your checked-in suitcase. The blade or knife length must be within 4 inches.

Is it allowed to take a bottle opener on a plane?

Yes, bottle openers without any sharp edges are allowed on the plane. Items with sharp edges are allowed in the checked-in bags. Note that it is up to the TSA duty officer to decide whether it will be allowed or confiscated.

What is the easiest corkscrew to use?

The winged corkscrew, also known as the twist-and-pull corkscrew, is the easiest one to use. You just have to twist the screw in the cork, and when it’s properly stuck, you pull it out. It is also the ideal type to carry during your travels.

Summing Up

Hope you got all of your answers regarding the question: can you bring a corkscrew on a plane? It’s time to implement your ideas. A glass of wine on a relaxed evening will mount up your travel experience. Open a bottle with your corkscrew and sip in the liquor delight. Cheers!

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