MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia: Which One Is Best?


Want to plan the perfect cruise trip to the West Mediterranean? Well, you got two great options to pick from. The MSC Divina vs the Meraviglia. 

While both cruise ships belong to MSC, they are quite different from each other. 

So,  MSC Divina vs Meraviglia: Which one to choose?

MSC Meraviglia offers a lot more enjoyable experience than MSC Divina. The Meraviglia is a more modern class of ship compared to the MSC Divina. You’ll get a more contemporary and vibrant experience in MSC Meraviglia, focusing on entertainment and onboard activities. In contrast, MSC Divina provides a more elegant and refined experience, offering a mix of European-international influences.

There are a lot of aspects to compare  MSC Divina with Meraviglia. To have a better idea about these two cruises go through the whole article.

MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia: Detailed Comparison!

Given that both MSC Divina and Meraviglia have several features. let’s consider a concise comparison between the two.

MSC DivinaMSC Meraviglia
Dining OptionsAfternoon buffet,  Italian dishes, Steakhouse, Continental, Mediterranean FusionContinental, Steakhouse, Kaito Teppanyaki, Marketplace Buffet, Italian, Mediterranean cuisines. 
Entertainment OptionsSeveral pools, Aurea Spa, whirlpools, bar, kids zone, library, movie theater.Carousel Lounge and the multi-purpose karaoke bar, comedy club, TV studio & Bar, Outdoor Aqua Park
Swimming PoolsAqua Park. Jacuzzis. La Sirene Covered Pool, Sliding Sun Roof, hot tubs, Solarium and Le Prue, The Garden PoolYacht Club pool, hot tub, Bamboo pool, Atmosphere pool, Horizon pool.

Sports FacilitiesBasketball, Tennis court, Mini Golf, Jogging TrackBasketball, Soccer, Bowling, F1 Simulator
Notable Features Swarovski Crystal Staircase, Infinity PoolLED-lit roof, ropes course, and full-size bowling alley
Passenger Accomodation35025714
Wheelchair-Accessible Cabins4555
MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia

Source: CruiseMapper

Dining Options-MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia

Both MSC Divina and Meraviglia ships offer a range of dining options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

MSC Divina provides a variety of restaurants, including casual eateries for quick bites as well as gourmet options. 

There is an afternoon buffet with limited options that include fruit, cheese, salad, and a make-your-own-sandwich bar.

The dinner options include more pasta and other Italian dishes. Divina has a main dining room, The Black Crab Restaurant, where you can experience MSC’s traditional family recipes. 

Villa Rossa is another restaurant on board that offers a range of Mediterranean and international dishes.

On the other hand, MSC Meraviglia is considered to have better food options compared to MSC Divina. There are four main dining rooms on board, all serving the menus of traditional cruise meals.

MSC Meraviglia restaurants offer a variety of international and Mediterranean-inspired venues. 

The ship has two restaurants included in the cruise fare: the main dining room and the buffet. They have a sushi or Teppanyaki place which is different than MSC Divina. 

You can purchase their dining facilities from web check-in. But if there’s any problem with MSC web Chek-In then it’s better to contact them directly.

Entertainment Options

Both MSC Divina and Meraviglia provide various entertainment options to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable cruise experience.

MSC Divina features a lavish theatre where Broadway-style shows, live music performances, and dance shows take place. 

Passengers can enjoy a variety of entertainment options in the ship’s casino, disco, sports bar, and piano bar. 

However, MSC Meraviglia offers exclusive world-class shows performed in innovative venues like the Carousel Lounge. 

It also has a multi-purpose karaoke bar, comedy club, TV studio, and bar. Similar to MSC Divina, MSC Meraviglia also provides a casino, disco, sports bar, and piano bar. 

However, both ships cater to families with children and teenagers by offering a range of activities tailored to their age groups. 

This includes kids’ clubs, video arcades, and dedicated teen lounges to keep young passengers entertained. As Gen Z tourists are more attracted to this type of fun trip plan.

Pools at MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia

When it comes to swimming facilities, both MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia have a range of options. 

MSC Divina offers its passengers several swimming facilities as well. The Yacht Club Pool is an exclusive pool area reserved for guests from the luxurious Yacht section of the ship. 

In addition, there are hot tubs available for relaxation. The Bamboo Pool, Atmosphere Pool, and Horizon Pool provide further options for swimming and enjoying the water on MSC Divina.

MSC Meraviglia boasts an Aqua Park, which features exciting water slides and splash areas for both adults and children. Additionally, there are jacuzzis and hot tubs available on the ship for passengers to relax and unwind. Both MSC yacht club and NCL haven have several numbers of pools for their guests.

Sports Facilities

MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia both provide sports facilities to their guests. On MSC Divina, you’ll find amenities such as a basketball court, tennis court, mini golf, and a jogging track. 

These facilities cater to various sports enthusiasts, allowing them to engage in friendly matches. They can also practice swing, or enjoy a leisurely stroll or jog while taking in the beautiful views of the ship.

Similarly, MSC Meraviglia features a sports centre that includes a basketball court, mini-golf, and a gym. 

Passengers can enjoy a game of basketball, practice their putting skills, or maintain their fitness routine at the onboard gym. 

Notable Features

Both MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia offer distinct and impressive features that contribute to an unforgettable cruise experience. 

MSC Divina is known for its exquisite Swarovski Crystal Staircase, which adds a touch of elegance and glamour to the ship’s interior. This dazzling staircase is adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals. Another notable feature of MSC Divina is its Infinity Pool, which offers a unique swimming experience with its endless horizon.

MSC Divina is known for its exquisite Swarovski Crystal Staircase, which adds a touch of elegance and glamour to the ship's interior

Source: Trip Advisor

On the other hand, MSC Meraviglia boasts several remarkable features as well. 

The ship’s LED-lit roof is a standout feature, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere throughout various areas of the ship. 

Additionally, MSC Meraviglia offers a thrilling ropes course for adventurous passengers. For those who enjoy classic entertainment, the full-size bowling alley on MSC Meraviglia provides a fun experience.

Wheelchair-Accessible Cabins

Both MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia offer wheelchair-accessible cabins to accommodate passengers with mobility needs. 

MSC Divina provides 45 wheelchair-accessible cabins while MSC Meraviglia offers 55 wheelchair-accessible cabins on board.

These cabins are available to ensure that individuals with disabilities have comfortable accommodations during their cruise.

MSC Divina Vs Meraviglia: What Will be Best for You?

the best choice between MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia depends on the preferences and priorities of the tourists. 

Those seeking elegance, stunning views, and modern features can find MSC Divina more appealing. 

However, tourists looking for vibrant entertainment, thrilling activities, and a variety of dining options can be drawn to MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Divina stands out with its elegant Swarovski Crystal Staircase and Infinity Pool, providing a touch of luxury and breathtaking views. 

With a variety of entertainment venues like the lavish theatre, casino, and water park, MSC Divina ensures a memorable and diverse experience for tourists.

MSC Meraviglia offers its own set of notable features such as the LED-lit roof, ropes course, and full-size bowling alley, creating a vibrant and thrilling atmosphere onboard. 

So, It’s recommended to consider the individual preferences of each ship to make an informed decision.


Is the MSC Meraviglia the Largest Cruise Ship?

No, it is the fifth-largest cruise ship. MSC Meraviglia, spanning 1,036 feet in length, holds the distinction of being the fifth-largest cruise ship globally. and It holds the title of being the largest ship in the MSC Cruises fleet.

What is the Best Ship in MSC?

MSC Grandiosa and MSC Virtuosa are the best ships in the MSC line. Both belong to the Meraviglia Class category.  These two standout ships in the MSC lineup, are renowned for their exceptional quality and features.

What is MSC’s Newest Ship?

MSC Seashore is the MSC’c Newest ship. This ship made its debut in 2021, making it one of the most impressive additions to the entire MSC fleet. With its modern design and enhanced features, MSC Seashore stands out as the most remarkable ship in the lineup, 


Now you know which one is better in MSC Divina vs Meraviglia. When it comes to choosing between MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia, both ships offer various amenities and features. These features easily cover different preferences and interests of the tourists. So it depends on you which ship will go with your test as a tourist.

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