How Do I Logout of NCL Internet: Necessary Steps!

NCL internet packages can be tough to understand in one go, and it gets pretty confusing to use them. It’s more evident when you are using the Cruise Norwegian app with your existing internet pack.

So, How do I logout of NCL internet?

You can log out of NCL internet by simply going to the website and the clock will stop. However, if you are using the unlimited internet package, there is no need to log out. Logging out from the NCL internet is necessary to ensure the security of personal information and prevent unauthorized access. 

There are more aspects to know about if you want to know the NCL internet logout process. To have a better idea about this process, go through the whole article. 

Is it Necessary to Logout from NCL Internet?

Logging out from any internet service, including NCL Internet, is always recommended to ensure the security of your personal information. Here’s why:

Protecting Your Account: 

When you log out of service, you terminate your current session and prevent unauthorized access to your account. This is especially important if you are using a shared or public device, such as a computer in a cyber cafe or a library. By logging out, you ensure that no one else can access your account and view sensitive information.

Mitigating Data Breach Risks: 

Data breaches can occur on any platform, and even reputable companies like NCL are not immune to such incidents. If you log out after using the internet service, your account is less likely to be affected in the event of a data breach.

Privacy Concerns: 

Logging out from an internet service also helps protect your privacy. When you’re logged in, the service may track your activities, collect data, and personalize your experience based on your behavior. By logging out, you limit the extent to which the service can track and monitor your online activities.

However, NCL has security measures in place to protect passengers’ personal information. But logging out is still a good practice to adopt whenever you finish using any internet service. It is a simple step that adds an extra layer of security and ensures the safety of your personal data.

You can go for an NCL trip, but it is better to book a round-trip flight to reach the exact location of your cruise. And this will help you to maintain proper timing.

Does Cruise Norwegian App Track Internet Minutes from the Internet Minute Packages?

It appears that the Cruise Norwegian mobile app does not track internet minutes from Internet minute packages. Instead, it serves as a useful tool for accessing information, communicating, and reviewing onboard account details.


The main distinction between the Norwegian app’s internet/Wi-Fi and the full cruise internet options is the level of access they provide.

The Norwegian app’s internet/Wi-Fi is primarily designed for accessing information and communication purposes. It allows you to access helpful information, such as disembarkation details, and communicate with guests on board. However, it does not provide full internet access and does not track internet minutes from Internet minute packages.

However, the full cruise internet options offered by Norwegian Cruise Line provide unrestricted access to the internet, including streaming services. These options allow you to browse, stream videos, and perform other online activities just like any other internet connection. NCL enables the online check-in option, but the NCLl edocs are not ready yet.

What are the steps for Logout from NCL internet?

Thank you for providing the steps to log out from NCL Internet. Here is a summary of the steps:

Step 1: Open your internet browser on your laptop or smartphone.

Step 2: If you are using the “250 Minutes Anytime Internet” package, you will see a login/logout screen. On this screen, click on the “Logout” button.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can go to to log out. If you are using the unlimited internet package, there is no need to log out as internet access is available throughout the length of the cruise.

Step 4: It is always recommended to log out from any internet service when you are done using it to ensure the security of your personal information.

For iPhone Users: 

Adjusting the background app refresh settings on your iPhone to “Off” can help conserve your internet usage. It also minimizes the data consumed by apps running in the background. This can be useful when you’re using a limited internet package and want to make sure you don’t exceed your allocated minutes.


Following these steps will help ensure the protection of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

What’s Special about NCL Ultimate WiFi?

To understand the current internet packages that NCL offers, you can have a look at this quick table-

Internet PackagesFeatures
Unlimited Social Media
– Access to popular social media platforms- Excludes email and web browsing- One device at a time
Unlimited Wi-Fi
– Full Internet access- Excludes streaming services- Available throughout the entire cruise duration
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi– Full internet access- Includes web browsing, email service, and social media access- Streaming capabilities

NCL provides a range of internet packages to fulfill the needs of its guests. The best part is that the internet speed is consistent whether you are in an NCL Suite or Haven. Here are some short descriptions of what you can get with NCL internet packages-

  • Unlimited Social Media: 

This package allows access to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, and more. However, it does not include email or web browsing access. It can be used on one device at a time.

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi:

Passengers with the Unlimited Wi-Fi package enjoy full internet access, excluding streaming services. This package is available throughout the entire cruise duration.

  • 100/250 Minute Package: 

The 100/250 Minute Package provides users with a set amount of internet access time (100 or 250 minutes). It includes a login/logout screen and permits one device to be logged in at a time.

  • Cheaper Internet: 

Purchasing internet packages ahead of the cruise voyage can result in lower wifi prices compared to onboard purchases.

It’s important to note that the Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package is the highest-tier internet plan available on Norwegian Cruise Line. This plan offers web browsing, email service, social media access, and streaming capabilities. Also, NCL is coming up with more interesting extensions for their guests in the future.


Does NCL give free Wi-Fi?

No, NCL does not offer free Wi-Fi. Each ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. However, while at sea, you will be required to purchase an internet package and a one-time activation fee. This ensures that you have access to the onboard internet services and can stay connected during your cruise.

How Do I Opt Out of NCL Mail?

To opt out of NCL Mail, simply click on any of the “unsubscribe” links at the bottom of their email communications. This option is available at any time, and by clicking on the provided link, you can easily opt out of receiving further emails from NCL Mail.

What is NCL Online Check-in?

NCL Online Check-in enables guests to complete the check-in process online. With NCL Online Check-in, you can pre-book dining options, explore and reserve exciting shore excursions. Also, it is possible to access and print your boarding documents easily. 


Now it is clear how do I logout of NCL internet. Logging out is a simple step that adds an extra layer of protection and ensures a safe browsing experience. That’s why it is recommended to log out to avoid using up your allocated internet minutes. Logging off is a proactive measure to protect your data, even if background app refresh is disabled.

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