7-Days of Travel Itinerary of Santorini: Explore Santorini

Today we’re going to talk about a very special place in Greece. Santorini! Santorini is a magical as well as island full of mysteries. Its magic and mystery attract people from every corner of the world. 

The best part about Santorini is that you can enjoy the island in different ways. Be it history, a dip in the ocean, culture or just soaking up in the sun. You can get it all here. 

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To explore more about this hidden gem, we’ve interviewed a Santorini travel enthusiast Romina.

Since the first time, she stepped foot in Santorini, she instantly fell in love with the place. And in the past 2 years, she has visited Santorini 6 times. 

Even after her 6th time, she claims that she has a lot more to explore in Santorini. 

According to her words, “I started traveling to Santorini, I think, um, two years ago. And in two years, I’ve been to Santorini 6 times already because I absolutely fell in love. Yeah, it stole my heart. So don’t go there if you wanna have your heart right here, because mine is lost in Santorini for sure.” 

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If you’re short on time, here’s our TL;DR section – 

ActivitiesDay 1 – ImerovigliDay 2 – OiaDay 3 – Central and Southern SantoriniDay 4 – Central and Southern SantoriniDay 5 – Sailing Tour of CalderaDay 6 – Wine ToursDay 7 – Revisit your Favorite Spot
MorningVisit Anastasi ChurchVisit Famous Blue Domes of OiaVisit PyrgosVisit AkrotiriGet to the Old Port of FiraReach Venetsanos Winery at Megalichori Visit your Favourite Spot 
DayVisit Skaros RockBreakfast at Terpsi n OiaExplore MegalochoriArrive at Vlychada BeachSailing to Nea KameniTry the Santo Wines at Pyrgos Take Rest and Collect Souvenirs
AfternoonVisit FirostefaniVisit the Windmill of OiaVisit the Red BeachReach Kamari BeachWatching Sunset from FiraExplore Domaine Sigalas in OiaPrepare for Leaving
EveningStay in TheraSunset at Amoudi BaySunset at Red Beach and ReturnEnjoy Sunset at Kamari BeachEnjoy Nightlife at FiraEnjoy Sunset from Oia or Enjoy NightlifeReach the Airport to Athens

Culture and People of Santorini

Greek people are renowned for providing a hospitable welcome to tourists and guests. They are friendly and accommodating, frequently going above and beyond to make guests feel at home.

Romina spoke very highly of the people and the lifestyle of the people of Santorini and Greece as a whole. Which is one of the main reasons she fell in love with Santorini.

She said in the interview, “Yeah, it’s really, um, you have that kind of vibe and flare and atmosphere that I cannot really describe. Um, but it’s just that the city is full of life, but still so calm with the people. They’re just, you have the feeling, they just enjoy life and they are thankful for life.”

So, you’ll never feel left out if you plan on visiting Santorini on a solo trip. You can approach the people around you if you need any help. Such as clicking your picture or asking for directions.  

How to Get to Santorini

There is no direct arrival at Santorini. But don’t worry, it’s not a complex situation at all. It’s very easy to get there. 

There are 2 ways you can arrive at Santorini. 

Way 1: Via Plane

The means of arrival is a plane. There is no direct flight to Santorini. So, you need to book a flight to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. It’s the largest airport in Greece. 

From Athens, you take a connecting flight to Santorini Thira Airport. Do remember that Santorini Thira Airport is an international airport. However, international flights here are limited. Mostly some European flights from Paris, Munich, Rome, and Milan arrive here. 

Hence people prefer arriving in Athens first and then taking a connecting domestic flight to Santorini. It’s a direct flight that takes about 50 minutes to reach Santorini. 

So, if you are in a time crunch, take a flight to Santorini. It’ll save you some time. 

However, our guest Romina warned about a certain time to avoid flights. It’s the end of October and the beginning of November. Because it’s very windy that time of the year. 

Some of her friends from the U.S.A. once faced this problem. They took a flight from Athens to Santorini. However, they had to return to Athens mid-flight because of it. 

Way 2: Via Ferry

Another way you can arrive at Santorini is by ferry. In fact, traveling in Greece by cruise or by land is a common debate. It certainly takes longer to arrive but according to Romina the site and the experience are worth it. Depending on the type of vessel you’re on it could take around 5-13 hours to reach your destination. 

Romina never traveled to Santorini by ferry. However, she has been to other islands by it like Naxos. And she suggests that one should take a ferry if you’re not seasick. 

According to her words, “I was really surprised going with the ferry. It’s really big and you have a shop inside and also an ATM if you need some cash and it’s really big. I really liked it. Like I really liked the ferry style because the views are so different than being in a plane. And you can always also go outside on the ferry and enjoy the views.” 

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Where to Stay in Santorini

infographics on where to stay in santorini

There are plenty of accommodation options for you in Santorini. Santorini has you covered if you’re a solo traveler, a group or family, or a couple. Santorini has a lot of accommodation options to choose from. 

You can choose the one that fits your taste and budget. 

Option 1: Oia and Fira

The most popular accommodation places in Santorini are Oia and Fira. You’ll find decent hotels there. You’ll also find cheaper alternatives if you’re looking for a budget trip. 

Depending on the time of the year the pricing may fluctuate. Especially during the high season in Santorini from June to December. At this time of the year, there are most tourists in Santorini. Hence the price of rooms is also high. 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place in Oia and Fira you’ll need to spend around 50 to 100 euros. For a mid-range option, you’ll need 100 to 400 euros. And for a luxury option, you’ll need to spend from 400 to over 1000 euros per night. 

Here are some of the best places to stay in Oia:

Budget-Friendly HotelsMid-Ranged HotelsLuxury Hotels
Anemomilos Hotel ApartmentsOia Santo Maris Luxury Suites and SpaKatikies Hotel
Delfini VillasNikos Villas HotelCanaves Oia Suites
Villa AgnadiFilotera SuitesOia Spirit Boutique Hotel

Here are some of the best places to stay in Fira:

Budget-Friendly HotelsMid-Ranged HotelsLuxury Hotels
Hotel ThirasiaKamares ApartmentsAria Suites
Villa SoulaSantorini PalaceCosmopolitan Suites
Pelican HotelLava Suites & LoungeAndronis Luxury Suites

Option 2: Imerovigli

There is one underrated place people often forget is Imerovigli. Especially because it’s not as popular as Oia or Fira. Our Guest Romina prefers Imerovigli over Oia or Fira. 

Romina says Imerovigli is a beautiful place to stay. And you get to do a lot of things there. She always lodges with Imer Villas

View from Imer Villas

So you can also give this place a look if it fits your budget. It’s a beautiful place to stay. Some other places to stay in Imerovigli are:

Budget-Friendly HotelsMid-Ranged HotelsLuxury Hotels
Merovigla StudiosAstra SuitesGrace Santorini
San AntonioAndronis Concept Wellness ResortChromata
AfroessaRocabella Santorini Resort & SpaCanaves Oia Suites

The budget really fluctuates according to the season in Imerovigli. In the low season, a budget-friendly option of a double room can cost between €50-€100. In Peak season it can rise to €100-€200 per night. 

For a mid-range option, in the low season, it could range between €150-€300 per night. And in the peak season it could cost around, €300-€500

For the luxury option, the low season price range is €400-€1000 per night. And in peak season it could go up to €1000-€3000.

So, accommodation in Imerovigli could make you spend a few extra bucks than you were hoping. 

Option 3: Pyrgos

Since we’ll be exploring the Central and Southern side of Santorini too we need to keep in mind the accommodation there. These regions are not as popular as the other places in Santorini. 

However, you’ll have a lot to do there. Here are some of the best places to stay in Pyrgos:

Budget-Friendly HotelsMid-Ranged HotelsLuxury Hotels
Zorbas HotelAtrina Canava 1894 HotelZannos Melathron Hotel
Villa PelekanosAria SuitesAstarte Suites Hotel
Villa ManosKastelli ResortPyrgos Petra Villas

For a budget-friendly hotel room you’re gonna have to spend approximately €50-€120 per night in Pyrgos. For a mid-ranged option, you’ll need around €125-€250. And for luxury hotels, you’ll need a budget that exceeds €250. 

Option 4: Airbnb or Something Similar

Let’s get one thing cleared out. In Santorini, Airbnb doesn’t necessarily mean budget-friendly. According to Romina Airbnb is a huge thing on the island. 

People rent out their houses all over the island. And the demand for these houses is actually quite a lot. Thus, some properties are rented at a very high price. Because people prefer houses to hotels. 

In her words, “Yeah, almost everything is full with Airbnb, not only hotels. Um, and actually it’s a big problem because, um, they do everything with Airbnb, so it’s really hard to get apartments if you wanna work there or if you wanna stay there.” (22:00)


Once you arrive at Santorini be prepared to put in a lot of cardio sessions. Because Romina suggests that you should come to Santorini only if you’re ready. By “ready” she means ready to walk a lot. 

There are other means of transportation available as well. However, walking is a popular option on the Small Island of Santorini. 

Some other means of transportation are 

Transportation System 1: Public Buses

The public bus system in Santorini is very convenient. Especially for travelers who are on a tight budget. 

The bus routes cover almost every popular destination. Including Kamari, Perissa, and Akrotiri. You’ll find the stations in Oia, Fira, Thira, and the popular destinations. 

And you don’t have to worry about any delay in your schedule because of local buses. Because the buses are very frequent. 

The local bus fare in Santorini is €2.50 for every ride. If your plan is to travel frequently you can avail of the daylong bus pass for €5.00. This will give you unlimited bus rides for 24 hours.

Transportation System 2: Rental Cars or Scooters

Car or scooter rentals are a popular option for tourists who want the flexibility of traveling around. Owning a car can make your trip to Santorini unforgettable. 

Whether you want to explore the off-the-beaten-track, tour remote towns, or travel along the picturesque coastal roadways.

A rental will give you the freedom of doing whichever you set your mind to. 

a snapshot of a reel of travel Romina going on a rental car

In Santorini, the expense of a rental can differ based on a number of things. Which includes the kind of vehicle, the rental agency, and the length of your rental. The fare of the rental depends on the kind of vehicle and length of the rental.

As of 2023, Santorini car rentals typically cost between €30 and €50 per day. Scooters cost between €15 and €25 per day to hire, making them a more cost-effective choice.

It’s essential to keep in mind that some rental services might need a deposit. Or to put a hold on your credit card to confirm your appointment. For a rental in  Santorini, you also need to have an active driver’s license. And be at least 21 years old.

When it comes to licenses, rental companies usually accept any driving license. Even the U.S.A.’s driving license. But just to be safe before your trip, apply for International Driving Permit (IDP). Because some companies prefer the IDP. 

So, it is always wise to check the requirements of the rental companies beforehand. 

Transportation System 3: Taxi

Taxi is probably the most used means of transportation in Santorini for tourists. If you’re not a fan of public transportation or don’t want to drive then Taxis are the way to go. You arrive at your destinations hassle-free.

Taxis operate 24/7 in Santorini. Hence, you’ll find a Taxi at any time of the day. There are designated Taxi stands in almost every town. You can hire a Taxi from those stands. Or you can directly call the Taxi company to pick you up. 

a picture of a taxi in greece
Taxi in Greece

Taxi fares in Santorini can change based on a number of things. Including the distance driven, the time of day, and the number of people. 

On Santorini, the base fare for a taxi journey is currently €5.00. And the cost per kilometer is currently €1.50. As a result, a normal cab journey between Fira and Oia, two of the island’s most well-known locations, will cost between €20 and €25.

Transportation System 4: Donkey Rides

Donkey rides are a traditional means of transportation in Santorini. It has been around for centuries.

However, Romina suggested absolutely against taking donkey rides. She says, “I also preach is please do not use the Donkeys, guys. I mean, if I’m going to Santorini, I know that I have steps to walk. Yeah. And if I’m not in the position to go to Santorini without using a donkey, then just leave it.”

She is against donkey rides mostly because she doesn’t want to see animals being used as transportation. As well as the donkey rides cost almost the same as the Taxi rides. 

a picture of Romina with a donkey in santorini
Romina with a Donkey

Depending on the donkey operator the cost of a donkey ride may range from €10-€15 per person. 

Food in Santorini

Food in Santorini can definitely be termed a highlight of the island. Santorini is known for its rich local cuisine. 

Romina claims that “Food is delicious actually everywhere where you are going.” And we agree. It’s Greece after all. The birthplace of the famous ‘Greek Salad’. 

So, you’ll love the food wherever you go in Santorini. You’ll find plenty of options even if you’re a vegan. 

a picture of food in santorini
Food in Santorini

However, Romina suggests some special dishes that you should try. According to her, these are the best food in Santorini: 

  • Briam
  • Moussaka
  • Pizza bread
  • Tzatziki
  • Gyros
  • Souvlaki
a picture of food in santorini
Food in Santorini

While you’re at Santorini we suggest you get your hands on as many local dishes as you can. Because Greek cuisine is truly one of a kind. So you don’t want to be missing out on this opportunity to much down Greek delicacies. 

7-Day Itinerary for Traveling in Santorini according to Travel Romina

As our guest mentioned, “Please, don’t stay there for just for 2 nights!” She said that because people often think that Santorini is a small place with nothing much to offer. But this is completely wrong. 

From the picturesque natural beauty to its rustic history to even adventure tours. You’ll get t to enjoy everything here in Santorini. This place is full of activities for you to do. 

And ending each day with a blissful Sunset will give you a feeling of Serenity. This island is full of sunset points. In fact, you can enjoy the sunset from almost everywhere in Santorini. So don’t miss out on this amazing beauty at the end of your day. 

Santorini has a lot to offer. So, going there for just 2-nights is a waste according to Romina. Hence, she advised making a travel itinerary of at least 5 days. Or stretch it to 7 days if not more.

We’ve included the estimated cost of each day for your better budget allocation. All the estimated cost is based on a budget trip for a solo traveler. The price will go up if you opt for a more expensive option. Or if you’re not traveling alone. 

Other than that the prices will be higher in the high season. When it is the peak time for tourism in Santorini.

Day 1: Arrival at Imerovigli, Santorini

Romina suggests that for accommodation you should stay in Imerovigli. It’s not as popular as Oia and Fira but it has its perks. And she always stays with Imer Villas. 

Romina sitting with a view of a church overlooking the sea
Image: Romina with the view from Imer Villas

Besides, Imerovigli is the perfect place to set up your camp. Because you can visit a lot of places all within walking distance. So, be ready to put in some steps for your first day. 

Here are some of the things you could do on ‘Day 1’. 

Activity 1: Visit Anastasi Church

If you’re staying in Imerovigli the Anastasi church is right next to it. So, it’ll be easy to make this your first stop of your journey. 

Although you might need to hike for a bit. Because the church is located a bit uphill. And it is considered the highest point of Imerovigli. And it is worth the hike. 

Anastasi Church’s interior is just as stunning as its exterior. The church is distinguished from other churches in Santorini by a number of distinctive characteristics, which includes: 

  • The dome-shaped ceiling 
  • A massive chandelier hung above, 
  • Two works of art by renowned Greek painter Spyros Giatrakos are displayed inside Anastasi Church. 

Activity 2: Visit Skaros Rock

You won’t want to skip visiting Skaros Rock, which is a must-see location. Visitors can get a glimpse into Santorini’s rich past at Skaros Rock, a special and intriguing location. 

Romina at Skaros Rock

On Santorini’s northwest shore, not far from the village of Imerovigli, is Skaros Rock. The location is accessible to visitors by ascending a flight of steps to the cliff’s summit. Although the hike up can be difficult, the scenery and historical importance of the location make the effort worthwhile.

Skaros Rock is accessible all year round to visitors. However spring and autumn are the best seasons. Because they are milder and have fewer visitors. The area may become congested during the summer, and the heat may make climbing more difficult.

A girl happily running down a set of natural stairs overlooking the sea
Image: View from Skaros Rock with Romina

Activity 3: Visit Firostefani

On Santorini’s cliffside, Firostefani started out as a tiny village. Its name, which translates to “Crown of Fira,” refers to its position atop the Caldera. This provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring area.

Again you need to put in the steps and go there by walking. Yes, you can take a taxi there or a donkey. However, Romina advises walking. 

Here are the things you can do while you’re at Firostefani: 

  • Visit the Church of Saint Gerasimos
  • Go for a Hike
  • Enjoy the Local Cuisine
  • Relax on the Beach

Activity 4: Visit Thera

There is a cute little village about 10-12 minutes walk away from Firostefani. It’s called Thera. It’s a little village on Santorini’s northwest shore. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and breathtaking natural beauty. 

Thera is a little village on Santorini’s northwest shore. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and breathtaking natural beauty. 

A picture of Romina enjoying sunset in Thera Santorini
Romina in Thera

The small village provides unmatched views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby area. Because it sits high on a rock facing the caldera.

The small village provides unmatched views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby area. Because it sits high on a rock facing the caldera.

A picture of a sunset at Thera
Thera and A Sunset at Agean Sea

Here are the things you can do while you’re at Thera

  • Hiking 
  • Beaches
  • Cultural Attractions 
  • Restaurants and Cafes

Estimated Cost of Day 1:

For your first day you’ll save a few bucks. Because you don’t need to spend much on transportation. Here’s the estimated cost for your day.

Other €20

Day 2: Go to Oia

Now for Day 2, Romina suggests Oia. So pack your bags and get ready to set your camp at Oia. Oia is around 15 mins away from Imerovigli. 

Oia is one of the most beautiful villages in Santorini. Its beautiful white-washed buildings make it a sight to behold. To top that there is this gorgeous view of the Aegean sea. 

You’ll have a ton of things to do in Oia. So most part of your Day 2 will be spent on Oia. So, we’re going to dive deeper into the things we’ll be doing in Oia. 

Here are some things you can do in Oia: 

Activity 1: Visit the Famous Blue Domes

Possibly the most attractive place in Oia is the Blue Domes. According to Romina, “Oia is the most famous spot with the three blue domes where you see the postcards and all the pictures on.” 

She also says, “But for me, it’s not only famous, it’s just super beautiful. It’s stunning.”

Well being the most beautiful place has its drawbacks though. Because it could get super crowded at times. That’s why Romina suggests that the best time to enjoy the beauty is early in the morning. 

By early morning she means very early morning. Around 6:00-7:00 a.m. So, if you plan to visit Oia, partying the night before might not be a good idea. 

Even with its drawbacks, this place is worth it. You can take beautiful pictures with stunning views. 

A girl posing in front of the view of the Blue Domes
Image: Romina with the view of Blue Domes

Activity 2: Breakfast at Terpsi n Oia

When you’re done taking pictures at the Blue Domes you can walk to Terpsi n Oia. Terpsi n Oia is a must-go if you’re in Oia. 

A picture of Romina sitting at terpsi n Oia
View from Terpsi N Oia with Romina

You’ll have an amazing view of the Blue Domes from the top. And you can continue taking breathtaking pictures coupling your breakfast.

Activity 3: Visit The Windmill

The Windmill is in Oia, one of Santorini’s most beautiful towns. The Windmill is best known for its breathtaking views of the sun setting. It’s approximately a 5-minute walk away from Terpsi n Oia. 

The sky turns a stunning array of hues. From pink and orange to deep red and purple, as the sun begins to drop over the Aegean Sea. You will cherish this unique event for the rest of your life. 

However, Romina suggests you get there early. Take the pictures and head to the next destination for Sunset. 

Activity 4: Visit Ammoudi Bay

Once you’re done taking pictures at the Windmill now it’s time to relax. The next spot is 10 mins walk away from the Windmill. 

Picture of Amoudi Bay Taken By romina
A Picture of Amoudi Bay

You can just pick a spot to relax till sunset. Or you could go for a dip in the water before sunset. Or you could also rent a boat ride. 

However, remember that there will be a huge crowd there. So it’s better to get there as early as possible. And then get a spot for yourself. 

After witnessing the beautiful sunset you can go for dinner here too.

After witnessing the beautiful sunset you can go for dinner here too. 

Amoudi Bay Seafood
Amoudi Bay Seafood (Sunset in Amoudi Restaurant)

But since it’s a bay area you’ll find more seafood delicacies than meat.

Estimated Cost of Day 2: 

For Day 2 as we head down to Oia there’ll be some increase in transportation costs. Other than that it’s almost similar to Imerovigli. 

Other €20

Day 3: Central and Southern Santorini (Part 1)

For our 3rd day we are planning to take you down more South. There are a few spots down there in the South that are not very popular. But they’re every bit as amazing as the other places.

And for the 3rd day, you can stay at the same hotel you stayed in Oia for your second day. From there you’re gonna have to travel a bit far to the south. 

On the contrary, you could also book new accommodation down in the southern region. There are plenty of options there. Setting up your camp at Pyrgos would be a good option. You’ll find budget-friendly hotels in Pyrgos. 

Also for easier means of transportation, you should rent a car or scooter for Day 3. Or you could catch a local bus or a taxi any time you want.  

And there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. So you could easily grab a bite whenever you feel hungry. 

So, here are our go-to places or activities to do for the third day down the southern region: 

Activity 1: Visit Pyrgos

Pyrgos is located in the central region of Santorini Island. It’s a cute little village. Which is not known to many people. 

Although it’s a small village it has a lot to offer. Travelers seeking a more genuine and laid-back experience on the island frequently go to Pyrgos. 

A picture of Pyrgos taken by Romina
A snap of Pyrgos

Things to do in Pyrgos: 

  • Discover the rustic alleyways and paths of the village.
  • Visit the Pyrgos Castle
  • Relax in a traditional taverna

After exploring Pyrgos, Romina suggests an amazing Cafe called Franco’s which is a must-go. 

Activity 2: Visit Megalochori

After you’re done with Pyrgos you can explore Megalochori. It’s very close to Pyrgos. It’s about a 5-minute drive away. 

Megalochori is quite similar to Pyrgos. And there’s a lot to explore here. 

Things to do in Megalochori:

  • Discover the rustic alleyways and paths of the village.
  • Visit the Wine Museum
  • Relax in the village square
A girl posing in front of the Santorini cityscape
Image: Romina at Megalachori

Before entering Megalochori, Romina suggests stopping at an amazing bakery. Called Raki which is located right at the parking spot. Which you’ll find right before entering Megalochori. 

Activity 3: Visit The Red Beach

After you’re done with Pyrgos and Megalachori you’d probably want to go for a dip. Or relax at the beachside. This beach is quite unique and different from other beaches. 

It’s located on the island’s southern shore. And it’s renowned for its stunning red rocks and pristine blue seas. 

The spectacular red cliffs that encircle Red Beach are the reason for its name. Volcanic granite makes up the cliffs, which contrast beautifully with the Aegean Sea’s blue seas.

The Red Beach Santorini
The Red Beach Santorini

After a long day, you can really relax here. However, Romina personally doesn’t like swimming here. She prefers taking pictures, relaxing, and just admiring the beauty of the beach here. But for a ‘beach day,’ she doesn’t prefer Red Beach.

One thing Romina warns about before going to Red Beach is to wear comfortable shoes. Wearing a flip-flop would be a bad idea. There are huge rocks you need to climb up or down. So it’s preferable to wear comfortable shoes. 

Romina at the red beach santorini
Romina At the Red Beach

Despite Romina’s personal opinion, you could go for a swim there. Here are some things you could do here: 

  • Admire the stunning red cliffs
  • Swim and snorkel in the clear blue waters
  • Relax and soak up the sun
  • Try some local cuisine

Enjoying the sunset from the Red Beach should be the perfect way to end your Day 3. And as we mentioned there are plenty of restaurants and cafes. You could hit a fancy dinner place afterward.

Estimated Cost of Day 3:

For Day 3, it’s advisable to rent a scooter. It’ll cost around €15-€25 for the whole day. Or else you’re gonna have to take multiple taxi trips. This will significantly increase the cost of transportation. 

Other €20

Day 4: Central and Southern Santorini (Part 2)

We suggest you spend at least 2 days here in the Central and Southern Region of Santorini. You can stay at the same place in Pyros for 2 nights. 

Before starting Day 4 we suggest you have a good sleep. Because you could be tired after 3 days of constant traveling. So, for Day 4 we reserved a relaxing beach day. So, take your time to wake up. 

Then have your breakfast and then you can have a move on Day 4. 

You should also rent a car or scooter for Day 4. Or you could catch a local bus or a taxi any time you want.

Let’s have a look at what ‘Day 4’ has to offer!

Activity 1: Visit Akrotiri

Well, there isn’t much to do at Akrotiri but you shouldn’t miss it. Akrotiri is renowned for its fascinating history and breathtaking natural beauty. Visitors can get an exciting look at the history and present of the island by visiting Akrotiri.

You could visit the old settlement of Minoan in Akrotiri. The old Minoan settlement of Akrotiri contains ruins that were covered in volcanic ash in the seventeenth century BC. 

Visitors can get a fascinating look into Minoan everyday life and culture thanks to the city’s remarkable preservation. Highlights include ceramics, complex drainage systems, and paintings.

And you could also explore the popular Akrotiri lighthouse. Where people usually go to enjoy a sunset. And enjoy the stunning view. 

Akrotiri Light House picture taken by romina
Akrotiri Light House

Activity 2: Visit Vlychada Beach

Now once you’re done with Akrotiri we suggest you have a long beach day. Romina suggests 2 beaches where we can spend a proper beach day. One of them is Vlychada Beach. 

It isn’t far from Akrotiri. It’ll take about 10 to 12 minutes for you to reach Vlychada Beach from Akrotiri. 

Vlychada Beach stands out from the other Santorini beaches due to its lunar-like terrain. Which was created by the volcanic ash and debris that blanket the region. 

Cliffs and rock formations line the shoreline, giving it a natural shade from the heat. As well as a feeling of isolation and privacy.

Vlychada Beach is renowned for its crystal-clear seas, which present fantastic possibilities for swimming and snorkeling.  

Picture of Vlychada Beach
Vlychada Beach

The shore is a great place to go if you want to get away from the crowds and unwind in peace and silence because of how quiet it is.

Picture of Romina at Vlychada Beach
Romina at Vlychada Beach

Here are some things you could do there for a perfect beach day: 

  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling:
  • Visit the Vlychada Beach Bar

Activity 3: Visit Kamari Beach

Romina suggested another beach that’s just perfect for a laid-back beach day. It’s Kamari beach. 

Kamari beach is a little further and more towards the South-Eastern side of Santorini. From Akrotiri, you’ll need around 16-18 minutes to arrive here. And from Vlychada Beach you’ll need around 20-22 minutes. 

Due to the island’s formation by volcanic activity, Kamari Beach is renowned for its distinctive dark sand. Kamari Beach is renowned for its broad range of amenities. Which include beach bars, restaurants, sunbeds, and umbrellas, in addition to its breathtaking natural beauty. 

The beach is a well-liked hangout for both visitors and locals because it is reasonably simple to get to.

Romina says, “ Kamari Beach is also a bit like the bigger stones, bit rocky. It’s also called Black Sand Beach because the stones are dark, not, not white. And you have also the sun beds there. You have shops, restaurants, bars, a promenade.”

So, there are lots of things to do in Kamari compared to Vlychada. More restaurants, bars, and shops. 

Here are some things you could do on Kamari Beach:

  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • jet skiing,
  • Parasailing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Beachside dining, and drinking

With this you should be done with your Day 4. For catching the sunset of Day 4, there isn’t a much better place than Kamari Beach. 

Estimated Cost of Day 4:

Since we’re staying in Pyrgos for Day 4 too the cost is pretty much identical to Day 3. 

Other €20

Day 5: Redo What You Felt the Most Amazing or Sailing Tour

In case you’re making a 5-day travel itinerary this should be your last day. And you need to keep in mind that you might have a flight to catch. 

But let’s assume you have the whole day to yourself. What Romina suggests you to do is redo what you had your best experience in. 

You see, oftentimes we travelers feel like, “I wish I could come here again!” Because most of the time traveling to a place for a second time doesn’t generally happen. So, to avoid this feeling Romina suggests you just redo what you loved doing from the entire tour. 

She says, “So we have five amazing sunset spots, but if we only have four nights, You know, it’s quite hard to always decide where to see the sunset. So if you really have some time left on your last stage, just do what you really liked. Do it again.”

However, if you have a 7-Day travel itinerary then we advise keeping this for the 7th day. Because we still have a lot more to do before our last day. 

For our 5th day, we have ourselves a Sailing tour! So, on the 5th day, you wake up. Make your way to the dock. Onboard the ship. Have a light breakfast onboard. And wait for your boat to set sail. 

You could book a day-long sailing tour. According to Romina, it’s one of the best feelings ever. You can enjoy the stunning views of Santorini up close. 

You can book a sailing tour in 3 ways: 

  • Book Online
  • Book directly in person 
  • Through hotels or agencies

Make sure to compare the pricing before you confirm a trip.

There are different types of sailing tours. There are party sailing tours. Where you can hop on for a party. Some tours visit the most popular beaches. 

However, most people use the sailing tour to go to the Volcanic Island of Nea Kameni. We also suggest you do the same. 

You will be able to enjoy a really unique experience in your life. And most of all enjoy the stunning sunset from there. 

 Here are some things that you could do in the Volcanic Island:

  • Hike to the top of the volcano
  • Swim in the hot springs
  • Take a guided tour
  • Explore the island’s flora and fauna

Once you’re done with the tour, this will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. You’ll cherish the experience forever. 

Estimated Cost of Day 5: 

A sailing tour could put a little dent in your pocket. As a daylong sailing trip costs quite a bit. Around €150-€200 per person. 

These sailing trips usually cover the transportation cost from and to your hotel. As well as food. So that’s a good addition. 

Daylong Sailing Tour€150-€200
Other €20

Day 6: Wine Tour

On our 6th day, our advice is to dive into the elegant world of wine-tasting tours. You can book a wine tour by directly contacting the winery. Or you could contact wine-tasting tour operators. They usually arrange a whole day-long itinerary. Including transportation. 

Numerous award-winning vineyards that create a selection of white, red, and sweet wines are located in Santorini. The majority of wine-sampling tours will bring you to some of the island’s finest vineyards. 

There you can sample the regional wines. And learn about the wine-making process. As well as discover what makes Santorini wines so special. You can find similarities with Santorini with Portugal Wine Tours

You will have the chance to sample a variety of wines during your wine-tasting tour. Including the well-known Assyrtiko white wine, which is distinguished by its crisp acidity and citrusy flavors. 

Additionally, you’ll get to sample some uncommon grapes like the delicious Vinsanto and the Red Mavrotragano.

Wine tasting takes a lot of time. Hence, we allocated an entire day for it. Because there are multiple locations to hit. Generally, you can hit about 3 wineries in a day. So. we’re keeping the number of wineries to 3. 

So Let’s get started with our wine-tasting tour in Santorini. 

Location 1: Venetsanos Winery

Get up early in the morning and get done with your breakfast asap. Most wineries in Santorini open at 10:00 a.m. So you should try to catch the opening hours to utilize the whole day. 

The first winery you’ll make your way to is the Venetsanos Winery. If you’re staying in Pyrgos then it shouldn’t take you more than 5 mins to get here. It’s located in Megalochori. 

Visitors have the option of choosing the Winery Tour and Tasting for a more in-depth experience. Visitors can observe the fermentation process in action during this tour’s stop at the winery’s production plant.

A sampling of five various wines is also included in the trip, along with a variety of local cheeses and other authentic Santorinian snacks.

Location 2: Santo Wines

Once you’re done with the first winery, grab a bite and head for the second winery. Which is the Santo Wines. It’s just about a 3-5 minute drive away from Venetsanos Winery.

One of the most well-known wineries in Santorini is Santo Wines. Which offers a distinctive wine-tasting experience that is guaranteed to please your senses. 

Santo Wines is a well-known winery with magnificent views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea that is situated in Pyrgos town. 

Assyrtiko, Nykteri, and Vinsanto, which are produced from Santorini’s native grape types, are among the many wines that the winery makes. 

Chardonnay, Merlot, and Syrah are just a few of the foreign grape types that the winery provides.

This winery also offers visitors to try 5 different types of wine. As well as show them around the vineyard and show them the fermentation process. 

Location 3: Domaine Sigalas

Domaine Sigalas is one of the most famous wineries in Santorini. It is located in Oia. So it’ll take you about a 20-22 minutes car ride to get here from Santo Wines. 

White, red, and sweet wines are just a few of the varieties of wine made by Domaine Sigalas. The Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko is the winery’s signature wine. 

It is produced entirely from Assyrtiko grapes. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of this grape type in the world. A variety of other white wines are also produced by the vineyard, including the Sigalas Santorini Athiri, Kavalieros, and Barrel Fermented.

The Sigalas Santorini Mavrotragano and the Sigalas Santorini Mandilaria are just two of the red wines that Domaine Sigalas makes in addition to its white wines. 

In addition, the vineyard makes a variety of sweet wines, such as Sigalas Vinsanto and Sigalas Vin de Liqueur.

Wine sampling experiences at Domaine Sigalas include guided tours of the estate and fields. As well as tastings of the winery’s distinctive wines. 

Additionally, the vineyard provides private sampling and food and wine pairing experiences. Here the guests taste its wines with typical Santorinian foods.

You’ll also get to enjoy some local delicacies along with your wine in most wineries. Such as:

  • Fava
  • Tomatokeftedes
  • Octopus
  • Cheese
  • Baklava

This should make your 5th day complete. But wait, do you want to know what’s better than sailing and wine-tasting tours? 

It’s a sailing and wine-tasting tour together! Yes, you heard that right. You can book a sailing tour where the captain will take you to some famous vineyards in Santorini. On this trip, you can get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Estimated Cost of Day 6:

The best way to enjoy a wine tour in Santorini is by hiring a wine tour service provider. Because they’ll make the plan for you. And most of the time these services include transportation to and from your hotel. 

As well as food and light snacks most of the time. However, you might need to spend a few bucks for your dinner. 

Daylong Wine Tour€100-€150
Other €20

Day 7: Redo What You Felt the Most Amazing

As we mentioned already in ‘Day 5’ if this is your last day then just redo what you found most amazing. You don’t want to go back home and regret not cherishing the most amazing experience one more time. 

So just take your time, and prepare for your flight back home. And enjoy the best experience one last time here. 

Estimated Cost of Day 7: 

The cost of day 7 actually depends on what you want to redo. Since you’re redoing previous activities you can estimate the cost of Day 7. You can take a guess from our estimated costs from Day 1 to Day 6. 


You’ll notice that we haven’t really added nightlife or partying to our itinerary list. There’s a good reason for that. 

Now, it’s not like Santorini doesn’t offer a good life. It’s quite the opposite. If you are a party person then you’ll have the whole night to enjoy. However, it’ll be different from what you’ll see at night in other islands of Greece.

In fact, every place in Greece offers a somewhat different experience to tourists. For example, traveling in Skiathos is different than traveling in Crete.

However, we think that if you party the whole night it’ll take a toll on your body. And you can’t really function properly the next day. Which might ruin your whole trip. 

Yes! The nightlife is pretty solid in Santorini. As a result, the chances are high that you will get tired.

All things considered, for a night owl, there are plenty of opportunities for partying. 

There are clubs and bars all over Santorini. But you can experience the liveliest nightlife in Fira. So, if you are down for a party our suggestion is to head to Fira. Romina’s favorite party place is the Koo Club in Fira. 

According to her, “You can just dance under the stars. Like you have palm trees in the middle of the club and you really dance under the stars. And it’s such a nice feeling. It’s my favorite club.”

You can take a glimpse at how the nightlife is through the reels of Romina.

Some other places to enjoy the nightlife in Fira are 

  • Enigma Club
  • Town Club
  • Casablanca Soul

You can just have the night to yourself and enjoy it in these places. So, let’s get the party started. 

Safety in Santorini

Safety is a major issue for every traveler. The entire trip may get canceled because of an unsafe environment. 

But luckily you don’t have to worry about feeling unsafe in Santorini. We asked Romina if it is safe to travel to Santorini. Especially if you’re a solo female traveler. 

Her reply was, “I never felt, um, unsure or unsafe. And we’ve been to Santorini once in February. Nothing is going on there. It’s like, it’s like a ghost island because the workers are going back to the mainland if the season is over. And even to that period with really dark streets and not really people somewhere, we never felt unsafe.”

However, even if it is safe, always be cautious about your surroundings. Keep your valuable things in check. And try not to get isolated on a dark street. 


Is there a food tour in Santorini?

Yes, you can enjoy food tours in Santorini. Food tours in Santorini are a unique experience. Food tours are not only about food. Food tours help a tourist get in touch with the culture, tradition, and history of Santorini. Typically, tourists walk and try out foods on guided food tours in Santorini.

Can you rent a helicopter ride in Santorini?

Yes, you can rent a helicopter ride in Santorini. You enjoy the stunning views of Santorini from up top with a helicopter ride. Depending on the time and distance the charge for helicopter rides varies. Generally, it costs from around €600 to €2000 per hour for a helicopter ride.

Is there a White Beach in Santorini?

Yes, there is a white beach in Santorini. It’s one of the most unique and isolated beaches on the island. So, it’s perfect for those seeking isolation in breathtaking settings. The White shoreline in Santorini is a shoreline of exceptional beauty created beneath tall white cliffs!


So if you’re planning a trip to Santorini it’ll be you’ll not regret it. Even if you roughly stick to our 7-day Santorini travel itinerary you’ll have a time of your life. 

Whether you’re a solo traveler or in a group, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Santorini. And it’s not a bad idea to bring your loved ones here. As Santorini is the most romantic of all the Cyclades Islands. 

So, pack your bags and catch that flight to Greece. You’re in for a trip of a lifetime. 

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