What to do in Vaasa Finland? My Sudden Trip and More

Vaasa is a small city located on the west coast of Finland. It’s home to various attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. 

During my recent visit to Vaasa, I had the chance to explore some of the city’s top attractions, including Replot Bridge, Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm, and Meteoria Söderfjärden. 

Here’s how I’ve spent my time in Vaasa:

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Strolling in Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm – Vaasa Finland

Right after arriving at Vaasa, I spent a lovely October afternoon in the charming fishing village of Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm. The colorful houses and buildings lining the narrow streets were a sight to behold. 

charming fishing village of Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm
Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm

After walking for a couple of minutes I came across the Svedjehamnen Museum in Vaasa Finland. This museum tells the history of the village and the surrounding area. I was intrigued and decided to go inside to learn more about the village’s past. The museum was filled with interesting exhibits and artifacts. 

Next, I headed to the beach, which was just a few minutes away from the village. The west coast of Vaasa is known for its beautiful beaches and man oh man I wasn’t disappointed. 

Pictures from my visit in Meteoria Söderfjärden
Svedjehamnen Björkö Korsholm

As I walked along the water’s edge I couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace and relaxation wash over me. The waves rolling in and the sound of the seagulls overhead created a soothing atmosphere that I enjoyed thoroughly.

With the sun setting, I found myself sitting on a bench. I watched the sky fill with beautiful shades of pink and orange. It was a truly magical moment and one that I won’t soon forget. 

A Hike in Meteoria Söderfjärden – Vaasa Finland

Next up I decided to visit Meteoria Söderfjärden which is a small island located in the Gulf of Bothnia, just off the coast of Vaasa. The island was covered in lush forests. Surrounding the forest was a bed of crystal-clear water. 

Upon arriving on the island I set out to explore its many hiking trails. The trees all around me were turning golden and red. I loved hiking along this scenic route with the crisp air breezing through me. 

In addition to hiking I also went birdwatching. The island is home to various bird species, including eagles, owls and woodpeckers. I was lucky enough to spot several of these birds during my hike.

After a while, I reached the highest point on the island. And what a breathtaking view was I rewarded with! From there I could see the entire island and the surrounding waters.

Crossing the Replot Bridge-Vaasa Finland

At night I decided to go to the famous Replot Bridge. The architectural beauty of the bridge is to die for. The lights from the bridge glowed in the dark night creating a stunning effect. 

The bridge stretches over 1,300 feet across the Gulf of Bothnia. It connects the mainland of Vaasa to the island of Replot. 

A picture from the replot bridge visit
Replot Bridge

As I was walking through the bridge I could witness the breathtaking cityscape. To my left there was the city of Vaasa with its colorful houses and buildings. To my right the dark waters of the Gulf of Bothnia stretched out into the distance.

Despite the chill in the air I was enjoying my time on the bridge. The picturesque view from the bridge at night is something I would never forget. 

You can either walk or cycle across the bridge if you want to witness its beauty. If you don’t want to walk you can always take a car or bus. 

These aren’t the only attractions present in Vaasa. There’s so much more to do here. 

Things to Do In Vaasa Finland

While hiking and strolling across the scenic cityscape of Vaasa, Finland is important, there are other things to do here as well. Some of the things that you can do while visiting this beautiful city are listed below. 

Visit the Market Square 

The Market Square or Kauppatori in Finnish is the heart of Vaasa. This bustling square is home to a weekly outdoor market. This is where locals and visitors can purchase fresh produce, crafts and other goods.

Pro Tip: Apply a good perfume as you don’t know what surprise you find here.

A picture of Vaasa Square from my visit

It is also surrounded by many restaurants, cafes and shops. So, you can grab a bite to eat or do some shopping while you’re here.

Explore the Old Town 

Now moving on to the Vaasa’s Old Town also known as Vanha Vaasa, is a charming area filled with historic buildings and cobblestone streets. So many buildings here are over 150 years old. 

Source: https://www.vaasa.fi/

The devastating Great Fire of 1852 destroyed much of Vaasa. This is the only place where the fire didn’t burn down everything. There are several galleries and museums in the Old Town. There’s the Vaasa City Museum which tells the history of the city. Then there’s also the Gallery Alkovi showcasing contemporary Finnish art.

Visit the Vaasa Cathedral 

Next up is the Vaasa Cathedral or Vaasan Tuomiokirkko in Finnish. It is a stunning Gothic Revival-style building that dates back to the late 1800s. It features a beautiful organ and stained-glass windows. Visitors can also climb to the top of the tower for a panoramic view of the city. Most of the concerts and events in this city are held here. 

Go to the Beach 

Vaasa is nestled on Finland’s west coast. Therefore it’s no surprise that there are multiple beaches nearby Vaasa city. Lövö Beach is one of them.

A picture of beachside in Vaasa
Pictures from my Vaasa Trip

It is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing. Surrounding the beach is a nature reserve that is home to a variety of flora and fauna. 

Take a Boat Trip 

You can even take boat trips to nearby islands from Vaasa. Because of its location on the Gulf of Bothnia, it’s easy to take a boat trip to one of the adjacent islands. Fortunately, here you don’t have to avoid toll roads like Oklahoma.

The most popular boating destination of Vaasa happens to be the island of Kökar. There are several boat companies that offer day trips to Kökar from Vaasa.

Visit the Botanical Garden 

If you’re in search of a beautiful oasis then look no further and visit the Vaasa Botanical Garden. This botanical garden features a variety of different plants, shrubs, herbs etc. You can even take guided tours here as it has several walking trails throughout the garden.

Go Skiing 

As Vaasa is located amidst Finland’s Snowbelt it’s a great place to go skiing. There are several ski resorts in the area. The most prominent ski resort here has to be the Rönnvik Ski Resort. Unlike ski resorts like the Steamboat and Breckenridge, it is super close to the main city and you don’t need to change your mode of transportation to reach here. I enjoyed my stay here a lot. One of the things that I loved about this resort is the fact that it has a variety of slopes for skiers of all levels. So, everyone can ski here. There is also a snow park for those who enjoy freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

Go Hiking or Cycling 

Beautiful nature reserves can be seen in abundance in the Vaasa region. These reserves are perfect for hiking or cycling. The Vaskiluoto Nature Reserve is one of the notable reserves in this area. The hiking trail of this park is top-notch. On top of that, there’s a bird-watching tower. How cool is that?

The Kvarken Archipelago UNESCO World Heritage Site is also located here. So, you can easily visit this place while hiking. 

End Note

That was all about my Vaasa trip. Hope that you’ll like my suggestions about what to do in Vaasa Finland.

Overall, Vaasa is a small city in Finland with a lot to offer. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s history and culture, enjoying the outdoors, or simply relaxing on the beach, there’s something for everyone in Vaasa.

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