Taos vs Santa Fe: Where Should You Go

You can either travel without any destination. Or, you can go for a location.

However, finding a destination, especially between Taos and Santa Fe, it’s a hard nut to crack!

Taos vs Santa Fe, where should you go?

Between Taos and Santa Fe, Santa Fe is a capital city with many historic structures and monuments. On the other hand, Taos is rich with natural beauty and can offer you a scenic rural life experience. While you can do some neat shopping at Santa Fe, Taos is already there with the skiing facility. 

Now, if you really want to give a perfect tour, you need a bit more information.

Here I am! With these, I will guide you to your ultimate tourist spot.

Grab your luggage and pack your bags. We are Oscar Mike!

A Quick Review

Let’s start the comparison from the basics. Let’s give a quick check between Taos and Santa Fe.

Features to CompareTaosSanta Fe
Air TravelAvailableAvailable
Train TravelAvailableAvailable
Bus Travel AvailableAvailable
Minimum Time to Spend2 to 1 days2 days
Tourist RestrictionNo RestrictionNo Restriction
Best Time to VisitSeptember and OctoberSeptember and November
Skiing FacilityAvailable Available
Best Place to Stay
Things to DoVisiting museums, places, shops, skiingVisiting places with historic value, scenic beauty of nature, skiing, ballooning

There goes a short and quick review of our fellow contestants, Taos and Santa Fe.

Detailed Comparison

It’s time for some more deep analysis. After all, we are comparing two cities!

Traveling Method

If you want to go to any place, definitely you would calculate the route. In other words, how can you travel to that place and how much time will it take.

Speaking of Taos, you can go to Taos using buses and trains. 

Besides, shuttles are also available. By the time you are looking for the meaning of the double shuttle, the shutter will reach you to your destination.

Again, there is an airport in Taos through which you can give a local air tour to Dallas, Los Angeles, Austin, California. 

Although the airport uses only private terminals, you can do some real fast travel.

Also, there are rental car facilities available at Taos. You can rent a car and then travel to Taos easily. 

Either you can drive through the green forests to Taos or you can directly go to Taos using the “Low road”. 


Source: dreambb

Last but not least, Taos even has an Uber service! Instead of driving on your own, you can sit back, relax and go by Uber.

Now let’s see our capital, Santa Fe! 

Santa Fe-

Source: audubon

Since it is the capital city of New Mexico, you can find some really big international airports to go to Santa Fe. Therefore, Air is a good way to reach Santa Fe. 

Many flights from Dubai, Dallas, Los Angeles, Singapore are there to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Besides, if you are in any neighboring city of Santa Fe, you can even travel by bus. 

Train service is also available for traveling to Santa Fe. 

However, there is only one authority that provides the train service. It’s the New Mexico Rail Runner Express.

Winner: Taos

Places to Visit

The next thing you think about is, which places to visit.

The places in Santa Fe are rich in historical value. Being the capital of New Mexico, the city has a vast amount of places you can visit. 

There are a lot of things to do in Santa Fe as well. Skiing, shopping, you name it.

There are museums. You can visit them. This way, you can enjoy both structural and Scenic beauty in Santa Fe.

Now comes Taos, New Mexico. Taos can provide more of a scenic beauty experience to you. 

Taos will give you a different vibe than Santa Fe. You can get a down-to-earth feeling at Taos. Adding to that, this valley-based city also has a good history that you can learn.

Here’s a list of places you can give a trip for your Santa Fe-Taos vacation plan.

Santa FeTaos
Museums of Indian Arts and CulturesThe Millicent Rogers Museum
El Rancho de Las GolondrinasTaos Plaza
PlazaTaos Pueblo
Canyon RoadThe George Bridge
Opera House of Santa FeSan Francisco de Assisi Mission Church
Santa Fe Farmers MarketHarwood Museum of Art
Loretto ChapelTaos Art Museum

Winner: Tie

Cost Breakdown

Unless you are sponsored, you can’t travel for free! Either way, you must think about the cost before you want to give a tour.

Let’s check Santa Fe. To travel to Santa Fe, the best possible budget you can consider is, somewhat of 127 dollars for a day. This is a common expense that any traveler usually has to count. 

Well, you have to spend around a hundred bucks for your meals and transport. 

Speaking of which, even if you are planning to stay in a hotel with facilities of food, it can cost you approximately 130 dollars. 

Ultimately a week of the tour can cost you at least 1800 dollars.

Now, Taos. The cost that you need to bear while traveling can vary from one to two grand. You may need to spend at least 170 dollars per day, including food and transport.

Thus it’s a bit more expensive to travel to Taos than Santa Fe. 

However, this is just an average assumption of any solo traveler. The cost can fluctuate based on how many people are going or how much you are going to expend.

Winner: Santa Fe

Tie Breaker

This is it. It’s time to answer if Taos is worth visiting or Santa Fe. Either Santa Fe or Taos, are very rich tourism spots. Beautiful and scenic as well. 

If you are up for any family tours and have a great amount of time, Santa Fe is your great bet. Big place, lots of places to see and reasonable shopping. 

However, if you want a more folksy experience along with scenic and historic intensity, Taos is there for you for a quick trip.

So choose where to go, Santa Fe or Taos. Unless you don’t want to look for the best route to Albuquerque.


Can I Go To Taos Using A Cycle?

If you are in any city in New Mexico, then you can go to Taos by cycle. In fact, many people try out this method of traveling as well. There are many Cyclists events that take place. You can find the routes that include Taos and go there. If you have a cycle, then it’s your lucky day!

What are The Seasons of Santa Fe?

Santa Fe has four seasons in total. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. From June to August, it’s summer. Afterward, Fall prevails for 3 months up to November. Winter typically stays up to the month of February. Finally, up to the month of May, Spring rules the season chart of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe or Taos: Which is The Bigger City?

Obviously, it’s Santa Fe. The total land area of Santa Fe is 135.6 square kilometers. Whereas, Taos is only somewhat 15.57 square kilometers. Almost eighty-five thousand people reside in Santa Fe. Only five thousand people live in Taos. No wonder why Santa Fe is the capital.


Now you know which one to choose from Taos vs Santa Fe. Thus the journey ends here, fellow traveler. 

If you still have any further curiosity, you can go to the travel agencies, they are the best at giving professional advice. On tour obviously.

I shall take your leave then.

Bon Voyage!

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