Hilton Head Or Myrtle Beach – The Right Choice

Planning for a vacation is exciting and equally hard. There are a lot of factors to consider, and one bad choice can ruin your entire trip. 

And you need to be sure about everything before deciding on a destination.

Now you are confused about Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach?

The main difference is Hilton Head is more family-oriented and Myrtle Beach is aimed toward youth. Also, the cost at Hilton Head is a bit premium compared to Myrtle Beach. For a relaxing vacation, Hilton Head is the better choice.

There you go! But I’m sure you’re curious to know more. Let’s dive into our detailed article for that!

Hilton Head Vs Myrtle Beach: A Brief Comparison

Planning a family vacation or staycation is always fun. But decisions such as continental breakfast or hot breakfast also seem important at the time. So the process can get a bit complex.

And when you’re choosing between Hilton head and myrtle beach, this is much harder. So we need to see an analysis from both sides.

That’s how you will be able to choose the perfect holiday destination.

The holiday doesn’t only depend on the place. There are lots of factors and things that come into play.

Accommodation, transportation, food, and overall the type of place all matter when choosing the perfect destination. Different people of different age groups and interests enjoy different settings. 

That’s why it is important to discuss in detail before finalizing your destination.

Talking about Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, they are both great tourist destinations. But they also are different in quite a few ways. 

Let’s check out a quick comparison between them and see the basic idea:

AttributeHilton HeadMyrtle Beach
View & LandscapeNature centered, kept as natural as possibleEntertainment centered has artificial sites
EnvironmentQuiet and peaceful, doesn’t have much crowdCrowded and loud, Suitable for energetic activities
Preferred Age GroupFamily and grown-ups prefer this moreYoung people and children enjoy this more
CostSlightly premium costingPocket friendly.

As you can see, there are quite different factors you have to compare. As they differ in them fundamentally. 

So before choosing your destination you might want to know more about the topics.

Below we have discussed the topics and how the two places differ in brief. 

Let’s get right into it.

Detailed Comparison-Hilton Head Or Myrtle Beach 

Hilton head islands and Myrtle beach both are very popular and sought out vacation destinations.  

Both offer quality time and a very enjoyable getaway. 

But after observing closely you can see that both of these places have a very different set of people visiting them.

That indicates a very clear difference in the overall experience.

Let’s discuss what are the main points where they vary.

View & Landscape

Choosing a vacation destination depends on what the place has to offer landscape-wise.

Many people prefer a quiet and lost-in-nature getaway, many prefer the hustle and bustle of the crowd. 

These two places offer opposite views and for two kinds of people.

Myrtle Beach Is more on the busy side. There are many stalls, games and mini establishments around that one can roam around and participate in and enjoy.

Myrtle Beach-

Myrtle Beach is shown during the review article vs Hilton Head hotel

Source: travelpulse 

Myrtle beach is more touristy and flashy with lots to do for a younger audience. 

On the other hand, Hilton head resorts are quite the opposite. It has a quiet and serene setting. 

Hilton Head-

Hilton head hotel at myrtle beach is shown in the picture

Source: travelchannel

Hilton head or Myrtle beach for golf? 

Obviously Hilton head for golf! Hilton head comes with some of the best golf courses. Hilton head islands have kept nature as untouched as possible.

Overall Hilton head provides off the bat a much more quiet and serene experience. And has a relaxing setting.

Environment & Experience 

Talking about the overall experience, Hilton Head and Myrtle beach differ quite a lot.

Hilton head is more natural and quiet. With fewer people and more premium living conditions.

Myrtle Beach on the other hand is heavy on energetic fun. The place is filled with various beach games and street food stalls and affordable restaurants.

If you are a youth and planning on going there with a group of friends. This place is for you.

It is more crowded and loud but that is part of the experience in Myrtle Beach.

Age Groups of Visitors-Hilton Head Or Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head have two different kinds of people visiting them. As they offer a completely different environment.

Myrtle Beach offers a kind of wild fun experience. With games and programs aimed toward young people.

They tend to be energetic and active and take part in lots of activities in games. And the beach stays up quite late. You can grab the Myrtle Beach Travel Guide for having a good trip there.

Hilton Head is quite the opposite. Hilton Head offers a relaxing experience, surrounded by nature and a soothing setting.

This type of arrangement attracts mostly families and old age people.

There are quite fancy restaurants and fine golf courses around the area and the beaches are relaxing too.


Arguably one of the most important considerations that come when looking for a vacation place is cost.

Hilton head vacation rentals are much costlier. Booking through a travel agent might also get you a non-commissionable rate for your room.

And the cost for the Hilton head island hotels is not the only cost to be considered. You have to consider transportation, food, and other miscellaneous costs as well.

At Hilton Head, the restaurants are quite fancy. So it’ll cost you significantly more than Myrtle Beach while dining. If you want a smooth vacation at Hilton Head, you grab the  Hilton Head travel guide. 

After that, you can choose among the best hotels to stay at Hilton Head.

On the other hand, Myrtle Beach is more suited to young people. So the services are a little more on the cheap side.

Let’s have a look at some of the best hotels in Myrtle Beach.

South Bay Inn & SuitesGame room, free stay for kids, pool, bar, walk in shower, gym, non-smoking roomsReserve Today!
Hilton Grand Vacations Club Ocean Public parking, game room, gym, indoor play area for kids, smoking rooms, private balconyReserve Today!
Landmark ResortOcean view rooms, kids poolReserve Today!
Hilton Garden Inn Myrtle BeachConference facility, gym, bar, poolReserve Today!

If you want to cut down on cost, you could easily eat from street vendors available there.

Long Story Short: Which One to Go for?

Till now we have discussed different aspects. These should be considered before deciding. 

So which one takes the win?

Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head both have their own perks. They have pros and cons that one has to filter according to their own needs.

Myrtle beach hotels aren’t that fancy. But there are lots of activities to do in Myrtle Beach for young people and kids.

It’s a place to go out and have fun within a small budget.

On the other hand, Hilton Head is more family-oriented. People visit Hilton Head mainly looking for a calm and peaceful environment.

The costs are higher than Myrtle Beach as the quality is much more premium than Myrtle beach.

In the end, it’s up to you, what kind of vacation you want. If you are going with friends to have fun and activity fun vacation then Myrtle Beach is for you. 

But if you are thinking about whether Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach is for the family then Hilton head is the clear winner. Keep into consideration the extra cost that comes with luxury. 


Which one is warmer, Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach?

Hilton Head is on average 2 degrees warmer than Myrtle Beach. So if your vacation plan is somewhere that is a little bit cooler, then you can choose Myrtle Beach.

When it is the coldest in Hilton Head?

January is by far the coldest month in Hilton Head. So if your main intention is to go for a swim then January is not the best month to visit Hilton Head.

Does Myrtle Beach have alligators?

Yes, alligators are local to the myrtle beach surroundings. But they live in freshwater and marshes. And they typically like to stay away from people. Hardly one or two come out to the sea.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it! Hope this will help you decide if you will visit Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach.

Wherever you go, it is a good practice to check out hotel vacancies and prices beforehand. Best of luck!

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