Varenna or Bellagio: Head-to-Head Travel Comparison

A visit with your friends or a romantic getaway, either way, Italy is perfect. But you are stuck when it’s time to choose between two places. Varenna and Bellagio are close to each other but filled with different experiences.

So for the next holiday, what to choose, Varenna or Bellagio? 

To choose the right place between Varenna or Bellagio you need to have all the facts like-Varenna has a more natural scenic view. On the other hand, Bellagio has a great nightlife.In terms of shopping experience and transportation, Bellagio is ahead of Varenna. However, Varenna is budget friendly.

Don’t worry if you still feel puzzled. Stick with us till the end and you will be able to decide for yourself!

Varenna To Bellagio: Quick Overview

If you cross lake Como from Bellagio you will find a picturesque village. That’s Varenna. But want to have a great nightlife experience? Varenna is not for you then. 

So, before you get overwhelmed by the questions we prepared a comparison overview. This table will make it easier for you to understand. 

Natural SceneMore natural sceneRelatively less scenic beauty 
ExpenseBudget-friendly Not that cheap
Type of TownKind of a sleepy town Has a great nightlife
Shopping ExperienceLess quantity of stores Shopping experience in Bellagio is better
TransportationConfusing and late transportationProvides better transportation

Now you know the basic differences between these two towns. Let’s jump into the detailed comparison!

Varenna or Bellagio: Head-to-Head Comparison

Varenna and Bellagio are so close to each other that it might be frustrating for you to decide. Just like choosing between Antwerp and Brussels. But we have stated some facts for your ease. 

The comparison might start being intimidating. But we are prioritizing the facts as per a traveler’s point of view.

The scenic view will attract couples to go for a romantic getaway or you may like a town with restaurants and shops. 

We need to distinguish the facts to choose between them. Let’s jump into those!

View of The Towns

The first thing to create a difference is the view. 


Varenna is a traditional and quaint village. The blue mountains naturally provide a breathtaking view. There are villas and gardens surrounding the town.

As Varenna is located on the eastern shore of the lake it provides a spectacular view. 

The air of this town is romantic. 

Source: getyourguide

The view of Varenna will give you a quiet and village vibe. 


Now when it comes to Bellagio it is filled with historical Italian architecture. There are small buildings and narrow roads throughout the town.

Source: fullsuitcase

Usually, the view of this town focuses on a relaxed atmosphere. Everywhere you look the structure of the buildings is almost similar. 


Affordability arrives from eating out to renting a car. So let’s find out which town is more expensive. 


This town holds the Italian culture. Everywhere you go here, you will find local Italian foods. You can also ride ferries for a pretty reasonable price.

If you want to travel throughout the town you can find cheap tickets for the train. Want some historical adventures? You can go get it from the museums this town has.

Overall you don’t need to spend a lot to have fun in this town. But if you have an expensive taste you can always go for the villas.


If you want to eat on a budget Bellagio is not for you. By the beautiful coastline, Bellagio is proving good Italian cuisine with a price tag.

Well, Bellagio has more shops and restaurants. It can serve exquisite food and a ravishing shopping experience. Continental breakfast or hot, nothing is unavailable here.

The hotels in Bellagio might not be budget-friendly but these will give you a luxury experience. 


For a tourist, the nightlife is a big attraction. But preferences vary from one tourist to another. Some tourists just want a nice peaceful and quiet place. Others want clubs, shops, and restaurants for the time being.  


Varenna holds a great traditional festival in July where they show grand fireworks at night. Without this event, this town is called a sleepy town. 

People of Varenna go to sleep early at night. The sidewalks are pulled up at about 9 PM. Restaurants and shops are closed during the night.

However, you can always walk through the spectacular village or go for a lakeside view. You can also take up a ferry ride at night.


Bellagio is more like a touristy place. By night this town becomes a land of elegance and glamor. Unlike Varenna, this town’s restaurants stay open after hours also. 

The combination of cocktails and midnight lakeside ambiance creates incredible nightlife. Don’t be surprised if you even see an honor bar there. If you can spend a few extra bucks you can even have your own private beach at night.

Shopping Experience 

Let’s see which town offers you the best shopping experience.


Are you talking about supermarkets, clothing shops? Yes, it’s available in Varenna. The Mall of San Juan is there to provide you with exquisite clothing and watch stores.

There are also some small clothing and book stores here and there in the town. When you walk through the town you can take a look at these shops.

However, if you are going exclusively for the shopping experience Varenna is not the place for you. 


Bellagio is known for its boutiques and restaurants. This town is full of shops. The fun fact about shopping in Bellagio is you can find shops in all the price ranges.

Want a luxury watch or a cheap shoe? Well, you can find both here. Because of the variety in stores, tourists have a better shopping experience in this town.


Want to get around the town? You obviously need a great transportation service. 


This town’s best transportation is the taxis and trains. Varenna is a small town with narrow roads. So using a car might not be wise for you.

However, Varenna is daily accessible if you get around by train. But the timing of the train might not always be suitable for you. 


On the other hand, Bellagio offers express trains, taxis, and shuttles. You can also use busses and boat service to get around.

As we know Bellagio is also filled with narrow roads so it’s better to use the train service. Just have your ticket or itinerary number on your hand and you are good to go!

Final Verdict: Where Should I Go? 

After all the careful consideration, choosing just one is tough. So, l would suggest you these-

If you are planning to have a quiet romantic tour with some natural scenic views you should go for Varenna. On the other hand, If you are excited about the nightlife and seeking an amazing shopping experience you are a go for Bellagio.


How many days should I spend on Varenna or Bellagio? 

We’d suggest you spend at least 3-4 days in Varenna or Bellagio. There are a lot of places and things for you to experience. So you need time in your hand.

Why is Lake Como so popular? 

Lake Como is famous for the natural beauty of its setting and for the handsome villas on its shore. Mountains, green scenery, flowers, and the vividness of the lake make it so much appealing to all.

What is the best time to visit Varenna or Bellagio?

The best time to visit these areas is April to October. This time of the year the weather is mild and warm. 


With that argument, we have come to the end of the article. We hope now that we have shown you the facts, it’s easier for you.

Hopefully, you can now choose to travel from Varenna or Bellagio now. 

Have a safe trip. See you soon!

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