Steamboat vs Breckenridge: Choose the Best Ski Resort

A refreshing tour during the holiday season can remove all of your tiredness. And what can be better than an enjoyable trip to a ski resort!

Steamboat and Breckenridge are the most popular ski resorts in the country. You will surely want to visit one of these. However it is quite hard to choose between them.

So, which is the winner in Steamboat vs Breckenridge?

There are several differences between Breckenridge and Steamboat. The annual snowfall is lower in Breckenridge than in Steamboat. But Breckenridge has more green runs than Steamboat. It has more lifts and trails in the resort too. Also, the ticket price of Steamboat is higher than its competitor. 

This is only the starting of an in-depth discussion. To make the best choice you must know the details. So hold your breath and come with us!

Short Comparison 

Breckenridge vs Steamboat is an old debate just like the comparison between Taos and Santa Fe. It’s not an easy choice to make. Both are very popular ski resorts with various facilities for visitors. So comparing them can be hard and time-consuming. 

To save your time I have prepared the comparison table given below. This table consists of all the key factors of Steamboat vs Breckenridge summer. Have a good look at it.

FactorsSteamboat Breckenridge 
Location 156 Miles from Denver81 Miles from Denver 
Number of Trails169187
Annual Snowfall 336 Inches300 Inches
Number of Lifts1833
Vertical Drops 3668 Feet3398 Feet
Run Types14% Green, 42% Blue, 44% Black18% Green, 40% Blue, 42% Black
Difficulty LevelMediumEasy
Transportation Through Yampa Valley Regional Airport Through Denver Airport
CostRelatively ExpensiveLess expensive

You can choose your ski destination in a short time after observing the above table. But if you want to know more, no need to be worried! In the next section, I will discuss the matter elaborately. 

Extended Comparison

It is very important to choose the best ski resort for your comfort and enjoyment. You must know all the details before making your call. 


To help you with that, I have prepared the below-given discussion. 


One of the common Steamboat vs Breckenridge Reddit searches is about the location. Well, you don’t have to think about the location too much. Because both of the resorts are situated in Colorado state of the USA. 

But the distance of the resorts from Denver, the capital of Colorado, differs a lot. The Steamboat resort is 156 miles away from Denver. However, Breckenridge is only 81 miles from the capital. So traveling to Breckenridge will take less time than Steamboat. 

Number of Trails

The slope which is made or used for skiing is called the trails. The trails are also known as ski runs. With more trails, more people can ski at a time. So more trials are a characteristic of a quality ski resort. 

Steamboat and Breckenridge, both have a large number of trails for the skiers. The trail number of Steamboat is 169. Breckenridge ski resort has more runs than its competitor. They have 187 ski trails. 

The size of skiable land is also more in Breckenridge and it is 2908 acres. On the other hand, Steamboat has 2695 acres of skiable land. However, both of them are on the list of the largest ski resorts in the USA.

Annual Snowfall 

Snow is a primary element of ski resorts. Without snow, the trails will not exist. So there will be no possibility of skiing. The amount of snow needed for skiing depends on the land type of the resort. More rocky lands need more snow to cover the trails. 

Also, more snowfall increases the width of the ski trails. This makes skiing more convenient. The annual snowfall of Steamboat Spring ski resort is 336 inches. This amount decreases for Breckenridge. Here the annual snowfall is only 300 inches. 

Number of Lifts

Another crucial factor of any ski resort is the number of lifts. Lifts or lifting mechanisms play a very important role in skiing. Because the skiers have to go to the top points to begin skiing. These lifts take them to the top.


The number of lifts in Breckenridge is significantly more than in Steamboat resort. Breckenridge has 33 lifts to help the skiers. But Steamboat has only 18 lifts. This factor can be a key point for choosing between Steamboat or Breckenridge resort.

Vertical Drop

The term vertical drop refers to the difference between the peak and the base of the resort. That means from this term you can get an idea of the length of the path you will ski. Also, long vertical drops are very enjoyable for regular skiers.

The vertical drop depends on the elevation of the resort. The elevation of a point means how far it is from sea level. The elevation of Steamboat vs Breckenridge is 2052 meters and 2926 meters respectively. And the vertical drop is 3668 feet and 3398 feet. 

Run Types

Besides long runs or trails, run types are also essential for quality skiing. The ease of skiing is highly dependent on the run types. Let’s see the formation percentage of trails of Breckenridge and Steamboat ski resorts.

Runs are mainly divided into three types. The green, blue and black runs. The difficulty of skiing is most in black runs and least in the green. In blue runs the toughness is moderate. 

The Steamboat resort has a 14% green trail compared to the 18% green trail of Breckenridge. 40% of all runs of Breckenridge are blue. On the contrary, Steamboat has 42% blue trails. It also has 44% black runs and Breckenridge has 42% of it.

Difficulty Level

For new and amateur skiers the difficulty level of the trails is a pivotal aspect. New skiers can not ski in tough trials on the first day. They will feel uncomfortable and lose interest in skiing. So high-quality resorts have enough easy trails for amateurs.

The difficulty level of Steamboat resort is about medium. It has a large number of green runs for the new skiers. And the difficulty level is very low in Breckenridge. The amateurs can ski easily because of the low number of black runs.1



As mentioned earlier, both of these ski resorts are situated in the state of Colorado. So you have to come to Colorado first by airplane or any other means. There are a number of airports in this state. It’s better to choose one near the resort. 

For the Breckenridge resort, the Denver airport is suitable. You can also go to Denver through the either I70 or I80 route from Salt Lake City. Shuttles are available. You can use them to go to Breckenridge from the airport. 

The nearest airport to the Steamboat resort is the Yampa Valley airport. It is a regional airport. So is there a shuttle from Denver to Steamboat? Yes, there is. You can also rent a car and then go to the resort.  


Now let’s check the cost of tickets to the Breckenridge and Steamboat ski resorts. The ticket prices can be a deciding factor for many skiers. The Breckenridge resort is cheaper than Steamboat in terms of the ticket price.

To enter the Steamboat resort, you will need to buy a ticket worth around $225. This price increases on weekends and holidays. On the other hand, the cost of a ticket to Breckenridge is around $200. But it can vary on holidays.

Let’s have a look at some of the best hotels nearby Steamboat ski resort:

Sheraton Steamboat Resort VillasSwimming Pool, Bar/Lounge, Skiing, Gym,Children activitiesBook Now
The SteamBoat GrandKids meal, Hiking, Fitness/Spa, Horseback Riding, Pet friendlyBook Now
Travelodge by Wynham YampaMeeting rooms, Business center, Pet friendlinessBook Now

You have a lot of options for Breckenridge as well.

This was my detailed discussion on Steamboat and Breckenridge ski resorts. Now you have to make your move. If you need more help, scroll to the next section. I will try to choose one of these two ski resorts there.

Final Verdict 

You can see that these two ski resorts are very fine and attractive. There are many similarities and dissimilarities between them. So it’s not simple to make the final call. However, I will try my best to present my views to you.

If you are an amateur skier the Breckenridge resort will be better for you. It will be easy for you to ski there. Also, the ticket prices are low with more trails and skiable land. 

But Steamboat has its own perks. The snowfall rate is high here. The difficulty level is not hard either. So you won’t face much trouble here as a new skier. I think that now you can easily make a choice based on my verdict.



Is Steamboat close to Breckenridge?

No, Steamboat is not very close to Breckenridge. Both Steamboat and Breckenridge are located in Colorado. But they are significantly far from one another. The direct distance between Breckenridge and Steamboat is 81 miles. But when driven on the road, the distance is about 103 miles.

Why is Steamboat Springs so popular?

Steamboat Spring is so popular because of its world-class ski resort and champagne powder. Steamboat Springs has a very old heritage as a holiday destination. Previously it was well known as a summer resort. Hunting and fishing opportunities were available too. It also has natural hot springs.

Is Steamboat Springs worth visiting? 

Yes, Steamboat Spring is worth visiting. Steamboat is a very popular tourist attraction. It has ski trails & roller coasters for entertainment. It also consists of natural hot springs. These springs are known for health benefits. The water is full of minerals. The town is also very tourist-friendly. 


I have described the differences and similarities between Steamboat vs Breckenridge resorts. Now the ball’s in your court. Think wisely and then choose your destination!

You should book or rent a car before reaching your destination. Because sometimes Uber and other systems don’t work properly. Pre-booking will save you time.

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