Stratton vs Killington

Stratton vs Killington- Which One is Better for Skiing?

Skiing is greatly thrilling for anyone. And you can’t ignore the joy it brings in the cold winter. So we decided to make it easier in case you are curious about pitching Stratton vs Killington.

However, it’s not easy to choose a skiing spot. Especially when you want to go to Vermont! Because there are tons of great mountains for skiing like Stratton and Killington. 

Now, which one should you choose between Stratton vs Killington?

First of all, Killington has more terrains and runs to enjoy than Stratton. But the terrains can get a bit confusing. On the other hand, Stratton has organized skiing points but they lack personality. Both the places can get very crowded during peak seasons. However, there are more lifts in Killington. 

So, do you want to learn more about all the interesting facts and differences between them?

Well, follow me as I unfold the mysteries of these two awesome mountains!

Stratton vs Killington – Quick Look at The Two Resorts

Unlike choosing between  go rooms and flamingo rooms, choosing a resort is much more thought inducing. There are so many things to look at and on top of that you also need to consider the monetary aspect.

To understand the resort differences, you need extensive knowledge about many characteristics. For example, location, guiding materials, parks, skiing facilities, nightlife, and so on. 

But as you can guess, it’s tough to discuss everything in one go! That’s why this section is more like an introduction to what’s to come. 

In this segment, you’ll get a brief picture of the crucial elements to consider before you pack.

So, what are those features and their respective standing? Let’s have a look-

Characteristics KillingtonStratton
Need for Guide or MapA guide is necessaryEasy to get by without guides
Total TerrainsMore than 200Around 100
Terrain DistinctionDiverseIdentical
Summit Elevation4,241’3,875’
Total Lifts2211
NightlifeVibrant NightlifeMediocre Nightlife
CrowdMore crowdedLess crowded
ParksA long range of parks and entertainment facilitiesDecent but smaller parks
Night Skiing UnavailableUnavailable 

While this table may seem plenty, I must say it’s actually the beginning. Because there are still a lot more to come! So, sit tight and wait for the ultimate comparison.

Will You Require A Map?

Stratton and Killington are some of the best mountains in Vermont. Along with those, there are tons of epic mountains in Vermont to see. 

But they are not always the best to roam around without a guide. That’s why this segment is quite essential.


Now, getting a guide won’t be a prerequisite for any of these Vermont mountains. However, you’ll definitely need a map to locate the peaks and terrains for one destination. And that is Killington! 

You might be thinking why would only Killingonton require a trail map? Well, because the trails are quite confusing even for the experts. The interconnects cross and overlap each other very often.

That’s why it’s really important you take a map with you. Otherwise, you’ll definitely get lost!

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Stratton vs Killington – The Detailed Comparative Analysis

The moment you’ve been waiting for! From now on, I’ll be thoroughly comparing all the characteristics side-by-side. That way, you’ll get a clear picture of which destination to choose! So, here we go.


Obviously the two mountains are not located in the same way. One might be a little close to you while the other can be miles away. The Killington Resort is located in Killington. Stratton is located further to the east side of Manchester.

Stratton takes around 5 and 4 hours from Philadelphia and NYC, respectively. So, the location is not that far from many close-by states. Still, you have to be careful about the weather as both the mountains can get chilly.

Moreover, if you are excited to see the comparison of Killington vs Okemo then this article is a must-read.

Skiing Activities at Stratton vs Killington

Killington and Stratton are some of the best Vermont ski towns. However, it’s not that simple to talk about skilling activities that easily. As these mountains are famous for their skiing terrains, I’ll have to discuss everything slowly.

Let’s start with mountain terrains.


With more than 200 tracks and runs, Killington has a better offering of distinct terrains. Along with those mountain terrains, Killington offers more snowmaking trails too!

On the other hand, Stratton has comparatively fewer mountain trails.

The total number of runs is around 100 which is almost two lines less than Killington. Even the trails are easy, identical, and beginner-level. Yes, there are intermediate and expert level terrains too but the numbers speak for themselves.

So, you should choose according to what you want from these resorts.

Snowfall – Stratton vs Killington

Well, Vermont has certainly seen some heavy snowfalls throughout the years. Even copper mountain or Breckenridge pale in comparison sometimes. Interestingly, even Killington and Stratton don’t have the same level of annual snowfall.

Annually, Killington sees more snowfall than most of the neighboring mountain peaks. The annual snowfall count can go up to even 300 inches. But on average, the snowfall is around 250 inches each year.

So, you’ll have tons of fun on such think pile of snow!

On the other hand, Stratton does not get that much snowfall like Killington. It can go up to 200 inches of snowfall with an average of 180 inches every year.

While it is not bad for having a good skiing experience, it still falls short in comparison.

However, make sure to go during peak season. Or else you’ll miss out. 

Now, how long is the ski season in Stratton? 

The ski season in Stratton usually starts from November/December to March/April. So, on average the ski season lasts for 4 months. However, at times the ski season extends for a few weeks. 

So, you need to keep all of this in mind before choosing your pick!

Elevation & Vertical – Stratton vs Killington

Elevated peaks and steeper trails are always more fun. There’s no substitute for that. Now, which one has a better vertical between these two mountain peaks? Let’s find out!


Are you a fan of steeper and inclined verticals? Assuming you are one, you get an elevation of 4241’ which is massive! The Stratton resort can go only to an elevation of 3875’.

As you can see, the difference in elevation is clear as night and day. 

Crowd & Line

Well, the crowd is something we all wish to avoid at any cost. But it’s not possible to do that always. So, it’s important to know which mountain is less crowded during peak time.

Stratton stays less crowded at the end of the year. Obviously, you won’t be able to enjoy everything all by yourself but it’s still enjoyable. However, there are fewer lifts which can be time-consuming while getting up to the summit.

On the other hand, Killington usually hosts a large crowd every year. But it tries to compensate for it by having more lifts and amusement sites. You won’t have any problem getting the Killington lift tickets that much.

So, to avoid crowds, it’s better to check the booking and availability before going there.

Parks comparison Stratton vs Killington

While the main highlight is definitely skiing at these two resorts, there are other attractions too! Parks are one of those things that can add value to entertainment purposes.

If you are a fan of mountain parks, I have to say there’s only one that stands out. And that is Killington Ski Resort

Because not only the skiing facilities are great but the parks are too! Even the sizes of those parks are massive compared to Stratton.

While Stratton parks are not bad, they do lack that attractiveness and features. Killington offers more parks and recreational features without any doubt. 

There’s a high probability that you’re going to spend the entire day roaming around the parks. In that case, you’ll have few opportunities to keep your phone charged.

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When it comes to a stellar nightlife experience, there’s almost no debate at all. Because Killington has by far the best nightlife in Vermont and that’s a fact.

Those who have already seen the night sky in Killington can vouch for it any day.

On top of that, Killington hosts weekend musical programs in the evening to enjoy the night. How can you top that, right? I must say that Killington knows how to offer a fulfilling nightlife experience.

Coming to Stratton’s nightlife, the experience is quite decent too. But there are fewer parks, entertainment lounges, and overall spaces. While you can enjoy the nightlife in Stratton, it’s not the best one. 

So, you should definitely go to Killington to enjoy that insane nightlife.

Now in case you’re looking for good restaurants near Stratton and Killington, you can check these out: 

Here are some of the best restaurants for visitors of the two resorts:

Two Tannery Road
Verde Restaurant
Casey’s Caboose
The Garlic
Choices Restaurant

You can find a variety of cuisines in all of these restaurants!

Which Way Should You Go?

It’s always nice to wrap up the comparison with a little summary, isn’t it? So, let’s compare these two mountain places and resorts one last time.

StrattonLess crowded and easier to navigate
KillingtonHas diverse tracks and more opportunities for adventure 

If you are planning to go skiing with ease, then Stratton will be the one. Because it has more beginner-friendly terrains. Also, Strraton crowds don’t get that huge like Killington’s.

But don’t think that Killington does not have any pros. In reality, Killington has more diverse tracks, better lifts, and nightlife. Even the vertical is better in Killington with more inclined peaks. 

So, when you’re up for the challenge, Killington is the way to go!

Lastly, comparing the entertainment and parks, Killington again moves ahead in the competition. It has a wide range of parks that are twice the size of Stratton’s! So, you get the benefit of enjoying the other facilities if you choose Killingonton resort.


So, now the decision is yours to take. Whether you go for Killington or Stratton, make sure to have the time of your life!


Is Stratton Mountain Good for Beginners?

Yes, Stratton Mountain is quite beginner-friendly. Almost 40% of its total runs are easy to ski and the rest are a bit difficult. Still, you can try the intermediate and advanced terrain if the novice ones seem easy to you. The resort allows all your family to enjoy skiing from the summit.

Is Killington Difficult to Ski?

With more than 200 trails or runs, Killington is definitely one of the most difficult ski terrains. There are a total of six different mountain peaks. That’s why ski lovers are always thrilled to have the experience on Killington Mountain. However, the intersections can be a little tricky sometimes.

Does Stratton Get Crowded?

Yes, Stratton does get crowded in peak times. It’s even quite hard to find a decent spot to ski on the weekends. However, the weekdays are not that crowded. After all, it’s one of the finest destinations for skiing in Vermont. The resort staff does try their best to accommodate everyone.


So, which one is your choice between Stratton vs Killington for your ultimate skiing journey? I hope by now you’ve already chosen your pick. 

Remember that if you’re visiting a ski resort for the first time, it’s better to start with less challenging terrains like Stratton.

But make sure to stay safe and enjoy yourself fully!

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