Go Room Vs. Flamingo Room: Which One to Pick?

Choosing where and how to enjoy your much-anticipated holidays is very important. There are literally millions of hotel rooms to choose from.

So, which one to choose when it comes to go room vs. flamingo room?

Between go room and flamingo, Flamingo is the newer room remodelling than go room. Go rooms on the other hand are outdated. Moreover, Flamingo rooms have shower stalls whereas go rooms have ancient tubs. The flamingo room also tends to be more spacious.

This was only a basic idea about two of the hotel rooms. There is a lot more to show you. Borrow some minutes for us. It’s time to put all of our energy into the two lovely hotel rooms!

 Let’s jump right in-

Go Room Vs Flamingo Room: Quick Overview 

Fortunately for you choosing between go room and flamingo room isn’t quite as tough as choosing between Stratton and Killington.

There are only a few factors to consider if you are deciding between the go room and flamingo room. We have outlined the significant differences between the two rooms’ features. Try them out.

FactsGo RoomFlamingo
InteriorOld, smaller and decentNewly renovated, larger and modern
Room ServiceGoodBetter
Washroom Separated and NiceAttached and Modern
Entertainment & NightlifeAverageBetter
Food GoodAverage
Technology and internetNot recommendedUpdated & Modern

These are the main characteristics that people search for in a hotel room. You may then decide which one is ideal for you. 

Both rooms share several characteristics. However, there are certain distinctions to be made before you choose one.

Let us now look at an in-depth review of each component for both hotel rooms.

Go Room Vs. Flamingo Room: Detailed Comparison

Since you have a basic idea now, it’s important to move on to the depths of this matter. But fortunately for you, the details aren’t as intimidating as the details of bid meadows lodge and Skyland resort. 

Now, tet’s dive into the head-to-head battle between the two rooms:

Room features & Interiors

The interior of Flamingo rooms is pretty bright and sleek. However, it is a classic Las Vegas hotel. The rooms are newly renovated with modern tech decors. And it has amazing high roller views. 

The rooms are spacious having around 350-square -foot large areas. It has non-smoking rooms as well. The room package offers you a king-size bed, vintage artworks with sleek architecture, and furniture. 

It has a magenta theme in its decor. Also, there is a 55inch TV, an attached washroom, and an enticing up-to-date style. 

Two twin beds in a hotel room
Source: Tripadvisor.com

That extra space is allocated to a living area outfitted with a circular sofa, desk, armchair ottoman, and TV. 

Overall, the room has three seats in addition to the sofa, which means there is seating for roughly six or seven people, depending on how tightly you cram in on the couch.

A moveable pink barrier (seen against the rear wall below) may also be utilized. This is to divide the bed from the living quarters.

The bed was incredibly comfy. It had its TV in front of it, which sat on a TV stand that had a safety lock. Also a mini-fridge in the cupboards underneath. Each nightstand included both standard outlets and USB charging connections.

The Flamingo Las Vegas offers include everything from newly refurbished accommodations to traditional entertainment and a beautiful, tropical pool.  

Also, a superb center-Strip location. From newly refurbished accommodations to traditional entertainment, the Flamingo Las Vegas promotions have everything.

Here’s a quick view of the flamingo room-

On the other hand, the interior of the Go Room is quite decent and classic. But the interior has not been renovated for quite a long time. 

It was last renovated back in 2004 when flamingo was updated after 2010. So the furniture, furnishing, and architecture might seem old to the visitors. 

The Go room is comparatively less run down. It has a nice separated bathroom, with a TV there in the bathroom mirror as well as a mini-fridge. 

The Go room has a few more alarms and bells than a flamingo room. Though the rooms are not that spacious, it is comfy and nice to stay in. 

The Go rooms have reading lamps on both sides of the beds. The rooms have a great strip view with a comfy bed. 

Source: luxelistreviews.com

The modern and classic battle will remind you of the Sheraton Waikiki and Royal Hawaiian. So, if you want to enjoy strip views, you definitely should choose the Go Rooms.

Room Service

Flamingo and go room both have their room services available for the guests. You can order food from your room and enjoy it there. 

But in this case, the go room is superior, since it has more bells, and alarms in its service. Also, they are very responsible and decent with their guests. The staff is well-behaved and trustworthy. 

However, not many guests complain about flamingo room services. The price is also reasonable for the room service food. 

Flamingo had a couple of staff on hand to both lead visitors to the next available machine. And assist those who were experiencing problems. Also, there are some hotel room hacks that can make the most of your stay. 


The Flamingo room has an attached washroom with a rain shower and sophisticated bathroom fixture. The room has old classic tubs. So, you will find the interior and features better than flamingo rooms. 


Great places to dine are here, in the center-Strip. You can search for a snack at Flamingo’s food court. And can also toast to the essence of Old Vegas at Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse. 

You don’t have time to wait? You can also order your favorite dishes for delivery sitting in your room.

You can order food from both Go rooms and flamingo rooms. And the delivery system is almost the same for both. So nothing to be worried about here.

Spa & Pool

The lagoon with waterfalls at Flamingo Beach Club Pool brings you to a natural paradise. The waterslide is appropriate for all ages and provides the youngsters with their vision of paradise.

Also, they have cabanas, daybeds, and premium spa packages. The Spa of Flamingo provides calming treatments that are customized to your specific needs. 

A pool with pink umbrellas and turquoise tanning beds
Source: Tripadvisor.com

Stress may be melted away with services ranging from rejuvenating massages & manicure packages and add-ons.

You can relax your thoughts and reward yourself with the much-needed celebration of yourself.

Entertainment & Nightlife

When you’re on your vacation, you may not want to waste a single second.  So the hotel rooms also try their best to make your vacation enjoyable and full of entertainment. 

Go rooms provide you with a Tv inside the room and even in the bathroom. They have attached a Tv inside the mirror of the bathroom. And they also have music players and a DVD system. 

Flamingo rooms also have a huge 55-inch TV. It also offers you flamingo games and playing rooms. For example Flamingo Poker Room. You can go outside also to enjoy the nightlife of Flamingo Las Vegas. 

The good times don’t stop at the Flamingo. There’s so much to complain about. It’s fantastic to be in a crazy paradise, from performances to shopping to lounging by the pool.

Flamingo is widely known for their casinos. Also, there are many games available that you can join to make your vacation full of fun and excitement. 


Since you’ve gone through the discussion mentioned above, you can clearly understand now. The Go rooms are cheaper than other flamingo rooms. It is budget-friendly, and much more affordable. 

So if you want to save some money yet want to have some comfort, choose the Go rooms.  This is the classic hotel room.

But if you want to enjoy the luxurious rooms with premium features, reward yourself with flamingo rooms.

Refund Policy

Both the Go room and Flamingo room have Cancellation policies. So if you want to cancel your booking, then changes and modifications must be made beforehand. At least 48 hours before arrival.

If this is not done, the first night’s deposit will be forfeited. Without a valid Cancellation number, no reimbursements will be issued.

Cancellations made before 7 days of your arrival will result in the loss of one night’s deposit.

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

It all breaks down to choosing the right room. In our opinion, Flamingo is the superior alternative right now. For a quick glance take a look at this table:

Go RoomLess expensive but the room is outdated
Flamingo RoomHas better facilities and newer room designs bust is costlier

However, both rooms have comparable features and facilities. But a Go room is now less expensive than a flamingo. So, in the case of affordability, you should follow your financial planning.

However, some flamingo rooms cost as much as the go room. In that situation, Flamingo might be a good choice. You may also make a personal taste in which case it is entirely up to you.


Is airport transportation provided by the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino?

Yes, the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino provides airport transportation. We recommend phoning ahead of time to confirm specifics. Find out more.

What can you do there at Flamingo?

The Flamingo also houses the world’s very first Margaritaville Casino. A Parrothead paradise right out of a Jimmy Buffett record. The new Flamingo Food Court offers a range of eateries for visitors on the go from the all-American fare at Johnny Rocket to a taste of the Orient at Pan Asian Express.

What’s the difference between Fab & Go rooms?

GO rooms are more comfortable. The FAB rooms lack a refrigerator and a coffee machine, and the restrooms haven’t been updated in 20 years. The “executive” FAB rooms have a fridge and a coffee machine and a nice outlook. The FAB rooms are spotless, but the bathrooms might use an upgrade.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about go room vs. flamingo room. Both of the rooms are comfortable and come with great deals.

You will have a fantastic experience in either of the hotel rooms. Let us know about your experience as well! 

Have a great vacation!

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