Now Jade VS Now Sapphire

Now Jade VS Now Sapphire: Which One Wins the Battle!?

Deciding where to spend your long-awaited vacation can be critical. There are millions of resorts to pick from. 

So, who will win the battle of now jade vs now sapphire?

Both the resorts are wonderful. Now jade and now sapphire both are 5-star resorts located in Mexico. Resorts have plenty of amenities and are full of features in the room. Tho now sapphire cost is a bit more than now jade. Also, now jade is an ocean view resort, where Now Sapphire is a family resort. 

Time to lay out all the resources we have on the two beautiful resorts!

Short Comparison

Vacation is what we look forward to every day at work. Sipping on a coconut beside the beach while thinking about nothing is a dream. But where to stay during your vacation? There are millions of hotels out there. Which one is the best?

If you are thinking between now jade riviera Cancun and now sapphire riviera Cancun, there are a few things to consider. We have listed the key factors which distinguish the two resorts. Check them out. 

FactorsNow JadeNow Sapphire
Property Amenities70+ Amenities Available80+ Amenities Available
Room Features25+ Features20+ Features
Room Types53
Hotel StyleValue and Ocean ViewFamily Resort and Quite
Hotel Class5 Stars5 Stars
Room Fare (Junior Suite)$660$770

These are all the key factors people look for in a hotel. From here you can determine which one suits you the best. Both of the resorts have some similarities. But at the same time, there are some differences as well. 

Let’s look into the in-depth analysis of each factor for both of the resorts. 

Extended Comparison: Now Sapphire Vs Now Jade

Both of the resorts are beside the sea and have a great view. Not that far from the airport. Also has pickup and drop-down services at the airport. But there are some differences in the core services of the resorts. 

Both of the resorts are under the same parent company which is apple vacations. But the operations are done but with different management. So, let’s give you full details about each of the factors. This can help you to decide on which resort to go to. 

Property Amenities

Amenities are the most important thing that people consider before going there. Good amenities are what sets a hotel or a resort apart. 

Now Jade resort and spa offer a great number of amenities. Alongside a great number, the quality of the amenities is great. Now jade resort offers more than 70 amenities that are available for the people.  

You can enjoy the now jade all inclusive package.

Few of the amenities are covered under the room fare. Such as pool, breakfast, parking, wifi, hot tub, and much more. You can choose either Continental or hot breakfast as complementary breakfast for guests.

But there are a few which require extra payment. Such as spa, massage, salon, car hire, and babysitter. 

On the other hand, we have Sapphire. This is a great resort as well. But there are some differences. Now Sapphire resort offers more than 80 amenities. But, same as Now jade, some of them are pre-paid and some of them are not. 

But since Now Sapphire offers more amenities, it is the winner in this case. 

Room Features

A good Resort must have a good room. Your room is the only place you can have some privacy. Also, features in the room are what sets the room apart from your home. 

At Now Jade there are plenty of features offered in the room. And all of them are covered by the room fare. Apart from the minibar in the room. You’ll get your own locker if you want to lock up something valuable. 

There are more than 25 room features in the Now Jade resort rooms. 

On the other hand, we now have sapphire rooms or dream sapphire. Where you’ll find a lot of features which are similar to Now Jade rooms. Other than the minibar all the features in the room are covered under the room fare. 

Now Jade is the clear winner here because of offering more features. 


Room Types

There are a lot of rooms in a hotel or resort. And not all the rooms cost or look the same. The Type of room in a hotel is an important part. 

In the Now Jade resort or dreams jade, there are 5 types of rooms available. 5 types are; ocean view, pool view, suites, family room, and non-smoking room. 

On the other hand, Now Sapphire has 3 types of hotel rooms available in the hotel. 3 types of rooms are; ocean view, non-smoking rooms, and suites. 

But for both of the resorts, there are multiple sizes for each room. Such as, there is a deluxe and non-deluxe types for each room. And the deluxe rooms are bigger and cost more. 

But, for offering more types of room, now jade is the clear winner here. 

Hotel Style

Hotels and resorts come in a lot of different styles. And depending on the style, it fulfills your requirements. 

Now Jade resort is known to be a value and ocean view style hotel. In the area where the resort is located, Jade offers the best value. 

Also, the hotel has a great view of the ocean from most of the rooms. You can also find the preferred club inside Now Jade. 

On the other hand, Now Sapphire is known to be a family resort and quiet resort. So if you are planning with your family, it is better to go to Now Sapphire. 

It is a draw between both of the hotels. Since both of them have different styles. 

Hotel Class

We always brag about how many stars the hotel has. More the stars, the more fancy the hotel is. 

Now Jade is a 5-star resort. As a trip advisor, the resort has 4.5 stars. The resort has got 4 stars in location and value. But got 4.5 starts at the cleanliness and in service. 

On the other hand, Now Sapphire has a 5-star rating as well. As a trip advisor, the resort has 4.5 stars. The resort has got 4.5 stars in all the factors. The factors include; location, cleanliness, service, and value.

Now Sapphire is the clear winner in this case. For having a better rating as a trip advisor. 


Room Fare (Junior Suite)

The price is a big factor for all of us when considering where to go. 

Now Jade’s junior suite tropical view double is priced at around the $600 range. It can fit 4 people which includes up to 3 children. 

On the other hand, the similar size room at Now Sapphire cost around $700. It also can fit 4 people and includes up to 3 children. 

If you book the rooms from a traveling agent, you have to pay the non-commissionable rate. The non-commissionable rate is similar to marriott

Also, if you are planning to visit Now Jade this summer, check out these amazing resorts nearby:

Dreams Jade Resort & Spa Gym, Pool, Free Breakfast, Babysitting service, ArcheryReserve today!
Generations Riviera MayaGame room, Private beach, Minibar, Beachside viewReserve Today!
Dreams Riviera Cancun ResortDiving, Ocean view, Bridal Suite, Free Breakfast, PoolReserve Today!

You can find a lot of booking sites online, but these sites will show you the best price. You never know when they can go on sale. 

For having a better value, Now Jade is the clear winner in this scenario. 

Which is the Better One?

It all comes down to which resort is the best one. On the basis of our opinion, Now Jade is the better option. Both the resorts offer similar features and amenities. But Now Jade costs less than Now Sapphire. 

But usually, you’ll find a deal on Now Sapphire rooms. In that case, Now Sapphire can be a great option as well. You can also have a personal preference, in that case, it’s completely up to you. 


Can I Bring My Dog to the Resorts?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring yours to the resort. Dogs are not allowed to the resort because it is a crowded place during the season. Also, it’s hard to clean for the cleaning crew at the resort. 

When is the Best Time to go to the Resorts?

The best time to visit the resorts is in the summer. People from all over America come down to Mexico during the summer. Hit the beach at noon, and get yourself that perfect tan you are looking for. 

Are the Airport Drop and Pickup Free?

Drop down and pick up from the airport at prepaid with the room fare. So, you don’t have to take a taxi when you arrive. Do remember to tell the resort management your time of arrival. 


That’s everything you need to know about, now jade vs now sapphire. Both of the resorts are wonderful.

You will get to have a wonderful time at either of the resorts. 

Have fun at the pool!

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