St. Regis vs Ritz Carlton: Which is The Best?

Selecting a hotel can be very difficult. The work gets harder if one has to choose between hotels like St. Regis and Ritz Carlton. These two hotels are very famous because of their amazing service. 

So which is the best between St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton?

St. Regis is a traditional hotel with a blend of modern comforts. They provide butler services and other traditional amenities. The cost of rooms is also more here. Whereas, Ritz Carlton is completely a modern hotel with modern designs and services. They provide amenities like spas and outdoor dining. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to know more details on these two hotels before making a choice. So keep reading!

St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton-Short Comparison 

Both St. Regis and Ritz Carlton offer excellent service to their guests similar to NoMad & Park MGM. However, there are some major differences in their services and other factors. I have presented these differences in the table below.

FactorsSt. RegisRitz Carlton
LocationVarious locations around the world, including urban and resort destinations.Various locations around the world, including urban and resort destinations.
StyleOld School & TraditionalModern
AccommodationLuxurious rooms, suites, and residences.Spacious guest rooms, suites, and residences.
Dining Farm-to-table cuisine and local specialties at its restaurantsCreative cuisine in beautiful settings, featuring ocean views and local cuisine.
AmenitiesSpa, gym, tennis, golf course, etc. Luxury spa, signature dining, outdoor activities, etc.
Butler ServiceAvailableUnavailable
Loyalty ProgramYesNo
PriceMore than Ritz Carlton Lower Than St. Regis 

You can differentiate between Ritz Carlton and St. Regis easily from the above table. But you will need more detailed information to make an accurate decision. Scroll through the next sections for more knowledge on this matter. 

St. Regis vs Ritz Carlton: Extended Comparison 

The prime differences between Ritz Carlton and St. Regis can be observed in their services, styles, and loyalty programs.


Al-Bustan Palace Hotel by Ritz Carlton is shown in the picture which is situated between Oman and Hajar mountains while comparing the hotel chain with St. Regis hotels
Al-Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton, Oman – Credits Ritz-Carlton

Both St. Regis and Ritz Carlton are owned by Marriott Bonvoy Properties. They have established several branches of these hotels in major cities of the world. You will find Ritz Carlton and St. Regis in both urban and resort locations. So there is no competition between these two hotels in terms of location. 

Vommuli resort in Maldives by St. Regis, Marriott is shown while comparing the location of St. Regis hotels with Ritz Carlton hotels
St. Regis, Vommuli Resort, Maldives – Credit

St. Regis hotels are available in more than 60 cities. Some of the most notable ones are in Abu Dhabi, Atlanta, Cairo, Chicago, Dubai, Goa and in many other cities. Whereas, Ritz Carlton is also present all over the world including Los Angeles, Istanbul, Maryland and Washington D.C.

St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton Style

Picture shows the interior of Ritz Carlton hotel in Budapest, which is luxurious and a chandelier is hanging
Ritz Carlton, Budapest – Photo By Ritz-Carlton

The styles of St. Regis and Ritz Carlton are quite different. St. Regis is more of an old-school hotel. The designs here are classical and traditional. On the other hand, Ritz Carlton comes with modern designs. Their buildings are excellent examples of modern-day architecture. They can be a treat for the eyes of the guests staying there.

The picture shows old styled room of St. Regis hotel in Florence, Italy
St. Regis, Florence, Italy – Photo by Ritz-Carlton

St. Regis hotel will take you back in time. You will be able to feel the medieval designs from the past. However, all the modern day services are available here. On the contrary, Ritz Carlton will give you the vibe of any modern city.

Accommodation-St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton

The accommodation facilities in St. Regis and Ritz Carlton are extremely luxurious. Any customer residing in these two hotels will be satisfied with their accommodation system. However, there are some differences in the rooms offered by them. 

The Interior of St Regis Hotel New York is shown in the picture
St.Regis NewYork

St. Regis rooms are more luxurious with various furniture and appliances. The furniture includes bed, desk, cupboards, televisions set, etc. They also provide spacious suites and residences. On the other hand, the specialty of Ritz Carlton is in their guest rooms. These rooms are very luxurious and spacious. 

Similar to St. Regis, Ritz Carlton also provides high-quality residences and suites for their guests.


Foods are vital while residing in a hotel. Hotels like Ritz Carlton and St. Regis focus highly on providing the best meals for their customers. St. Regis emphasizes serving fresh fruits and vegetables. So they offer direct farm-to-table cuisines. 

Whereas, Ritz Carlton gives more importance to creativity.They serve different creative cuisines for their customers. Ritz Carlton also ensures excellent views like the ocean view during meals. Both of the hotels also serve local signature cuisines for the guests. 

Amenities – St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton

The most lucrative side of staying in top hotels is their amenities. Ritz Carlton and St. Regis are world-class in this aspect. These two hotels are very renowned for the amenities and benefits offered by them. 

St. Regis provides a spa, gym, tennis, golf course, etc. for their customers just like Bellagio and Cosmopolitan hotels. And Ritz Carlton has luxury spas, signature dining, outdoor activities, etc. These activities help the guests to stay busy while enjoying their stay. 

Butler Service

St. Regis is ahead of Ritz Carlton in providing more personalized experiences to the guests. St. Regis has butler services for the customers staying at their hotel. Butlers help the guests set tables, fold clothes, serve drinks and food, and do many other tasks. Sadly, this service is unavailable at Ritz Carlton. 

Loyalty Program – St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton

Hotels all over the world offer various points for staying at their place and using their services. Later customers can redeem points to avail some free services from the hotels. St. Regis is no different from this. They participate in the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program. The loyal customer often gets free WiFi services, check-in, and room upgrades.

But Ritz Carlton does not participate in the Marriott Bonvoy program. So customers can not earn or redeem points while staying in the Ritz Carlton hotels. This can be a setback for many guests.


The price of staying in both St. Regis and Ritz Carlton is quite expensive since they are among the best luxurious hotels. However, the price depends on the branch, time, and room of the hotel. For example, hotel rooms in tourist seasons cost more. But in general, St. Regis hotels cost more than Ritz Carlton. 


As mentioned earlier, Ritz Carlton comes with eye-catching architectural designs. They have more aesthetics in their rooms. The Ritz Carlton hotel lobbies, counter, amenities, etc. are designed with high sophistication. Conversely, St. Regis is pretty simplistic compared to Ritz Carlton. The designs are traditional and do not attract the eyes much. 

These are the basic differences between Ritz Carlton and St. Regis hotels. Now you should be able to easily choose between these two hotels. However, I will give my verdict on this matter to make your task of choosing easier.

Final Verdict 

The services and amenities offered by St. Regis and Ritz Carlton are over the top like the Residence Inn & Fairfield Inn. So it is not easy to choose one of them. One must select their priorities before selecting one. St. Regis is more of a traditional hotel with traditional systems and designs. 

They have butler services which can be a unique experience. But the cost of St. Regis rooms is higher. If you want all of these, go for St. Regis. On the other hand, Ritz Carlton hotels cost less. They also have modern architectural designs in their rooms. So, if you love to stay at modern places, select Ritz Carlton. 


Why is the St Regis so famous? 

St. Regis is so famous for their high level of customer service. St. Regis is a very old hotel established in 1904. Several important figures and celebrities have stayed here since then. St. Regis combines the glamor of the old world with modern conveniences. All of these factors have made St. Regis so famous.

What celebrities stayed at the St. Regis Hotel? 

Many celebrities have stayed at the St. Regis Hotel since its advent in 1904. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous people who has stayed here. Besides her, Joe DiMaggio, Salvador Dali, etc. celebrities have stayed in this hotel.


This is all on the topic of St Regis Vs Ritz Carlton. I have tried my best to provide all the necessary information on these two hotels. Now it is your turn to make the decision.

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