Canyon Suites Vs Phoenician: The Best Option for You!

Whenever you are visiting some exquisite spot, it demands an equally amazing staying place. And when it comes to lodging places most people opt for resorts and hotels to stay at.

Similarly, when you plan on taking a trip to Phoenician grounds you may be confused on which hotel you should choose. 

So, what’s the better choice between canyon suites vs phoenician?

The main difference between the Canyon suites and the Phoenician resort is the cost. Canyon suites tend to be very pricey compared to the Phoenician resort. Moreover, Canyon suites provide relatively more services than the Phoenician resort. However, the Phoenician resort offers affordable premium amenities.

That’s not everything about them. Read till the end to know all the information!

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Quick Comparison

Before diving into the details, you should see a quick comparison. Here, I have compared the canyon’s suites and the Phoenician by some features. Check it out.

Differentiating FeaturesCanyon SuitesPhoenician
Resort class5 star5 star
Pool accessYesYes
Pet friendlinessYesYes
Service qualityPremiumPremium
Room sizeStarting from 530sqftStarting from 600sqft
PriceFrom 949$ per nightFrom 389$ per night

Let’s take a look at this graph for an overall summary of the two resorts: 

Now you have got a glimpse of the major differences. In the next segment, I have elaborated on the different features of the 2 resorts. Dive in to read!  

Canyon Suites Vs Phoenician: a Detailed Comparison

Now let’s talk about the phoenician and canyon suites amenities in detail. Both of these resorts have outstanding amenities and facilities. You can observe similar luxuries when comparing now jade vs sapphire.


I’ve elaborated on them for your clarification. 

Have a look.


There are several facilities offered by these two outstanding places. Let’s look at some facilities of these resorts-


Both of these resorts offer excellent wifi. You can connect to their in-room high-speed wireless connection. Hence, if you have any important work, you can do them with ease. The charge for the internet is included with the room charge, so don’t worry.

You can also get a Bluetooth desk with built-in USB ports for working with ease! The room service of the resort can help you get comfortable.

Pet Friendliness

The cannon suites at the phoenician allow pet dogs only. There are a couple of other things to maintain too. The dog has to be 40 pounds or less. Also, you have to pay 150$ per pet, per stay; for the deep cleaning. 

However, pets are restricted in some areas. For instance, the spa, pool, restaurants, etc. 


Canyon suites at the phoenician pool are enormous and gorgeous! The pools are heated at the Phoenician and canyon suites. It’s heated throughout the year for you to enjoy! 

There are also infinity pools at the canyon suites and rooftop pools at the phoenician resort. You can get a great view of the camelback mountain from both of these! Poolside dining and kids zones are also available.


At the canyon suites, there’s a canyon lounge. Here you can relax and have some drinks. 

Also, at the Phoenician, there are various bars with views. For example, the ‘Thirsty Camel’ is one of the best bars in that area. 


The canyon suites at the phoenician spa offer many facilities. The spa consists of a sauna, steam baths, a cold shower, and hot tubs. 

There are also massage, body, facial, and nail treatments available at the spa. The spa is open from 9:30 – 5:30 PM. 


The spa in the canyon suites is joined by the rooftop pool. You can rent some cabanas there with great views and amenities!

The spa in both the resort offers many spa rituals and offerings as well. The offerings include essential oils, energy balancing rituals, etc. However, the spa services at the Phoenician aren’t as lavish as the canyon suites one. 


Arranging weddings are an option at both canyon suites resorts and the phoenician. There are various wedding venues and packages available. 

So, it’s possible to have once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebrations at these resorts.

These Forbes 5-star resorts also have meeting spaces if you want to host a meeting. They include a red rock boardroom, painted desert, and a grand canyon meeting room. Video conferencing, internet access, and presentation materials are provided within.

The resort also arranges some unique events such as the cocktail hour and campfire s’mores. Phoenician residences may attend them each day of the week.


A beautiful golf course (18-hole) can be accessed by the residents of both of these resorts. This golf course is open every day from 6:30 – 5:00 PM. 

This Phoenician golf course also offers a tremendous view of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.


The resorts come with an athletic club. This two-story facility contains a tennis court, fitness center, movement studio, etc. You can hit your daily workouts without any hassle. 

A bike rental system is available at the resorts. You can bring your cycle when traveling too. There’s also a game room with video, board, and arcade games. 

You’ll have access to pool tables and shuffleboards. Kids can enjoy their time being in the game room!

Valet Parking

The resorts offer valet parking underground. The charges are the same for both the resorts. The charge is 12$ for 2 hours and 34$ for 8 or more hours. 

Now, if you’re parking yourself, that’s also possible. It will bring the charge down to 23$.

Room Facilities 

Now, let’s discuss the room facilities for both the resorts. 

There are 4 types of rooms in the canyon suites resort. The basic rooms are canyon suites one bedroom suite and the canyon guest room. There are also suites consisting of 2/3 bedrooms and presidential suite canyon suites.

All the rooms have a 55-inch flat television for entertainment, and sofas to relax on. There are king-sized and double beds available for each room. 

The presidential and the multiple bedroom-containing rooms have access to a private terrace. 

The rooms at the canyon suites are full of great paintings. This will give you a level of satisfaction and enjoyment throughout the day. 


Not to mention, all of this adds to aesthetics as well! There’s also great room service at the resort.

The Phoenician resort has a lot of different types of rooms. Starting from the superior, deluxe, grand deluxe, spacious guestroom, and the deluxe executive suite. There are also 2 premium rooms; the Phoenician suite and the presidential suite.

All of the rooms have a separate tub and shower, private terraces, and comfy beds. The Phoenician suite contains a sitting area and a walk-in closet. 

The presidential suite consists of a fireplace, a full kitchen, and a great dining place.

All the rooms are filled with light; the source being the sun blissed canyon suites. The ambient lighting of the rooms gives a rich & calm vibe. 

Similar to the canyon suites, there is room service available. 


Both of the resorts are in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is identical to the location of the marriott timber lodge and grand residence. You can experience a variety of different things here! 

Phoenix zoo, desert botanical garden, Tempe town lake, and Westworld are some of them. Also, there are many museums to visit. For instance, musical instruments, phoenix art museum, etc.

Regarding airports, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is only 9 miles from the resort. These airport services include charter services and 13 major airlines! Many taxis and rental cars are available from the airport to the resort.

Refund Policy

Both the phoenician and canyon suites have the same refund policies. If you’ve booked rooms and you’re yet to check-in, you may refund. A 100% refund will be credited to you. 

However, you cannot get a refund after checking in. 

Available Cuisine 

Canyon suites at the phoenician dining can be a top-notch experience for you.

The canyon suites have exquisite American cuisine. Additionally, they have alfresco options the whole year! On top of that, there are also some culinary options for you. 

Both of these resorts share the same cuisine. They also offer a great private dining experience in both resorts.

The Best Location for You

As you can see, both of the resorts are highly great options. They have many amenities and facilities. On top of that, they share a lot of options (golf, spa, etc). 

Here’s a table for you that summarizes the whole debate between these two accommodations: 

[amalinkspro_table id=”308″ aff-id=”undefined” new-window=”on” nofollow=”on” addtocart=”off” /]

However, if you want to cut costs a bit, you can go with the Phoenician resort. The phoenician offers many facilities but at a cheaper price compared to the canyon suites. The service of the Phoenician is a steal at this price. 

And, if you want bigger rooms and more facilities, choose the canyon suites resort. It also provides greater views. This resort offers a more premium experience but it’s more expensive than the Phoenician resort.


Who owns the Phoenician in Arizona?

Phoenician is a luxury collection resort owned by Host Hotels & Resorts. This beautiful resort is situated at 6000 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale. The Phoenician has been established in 1988. The Forbes five-star rating was acquired in 1994, and after that this resort has been consistent.

Who owns the Phoenician Golf Course?

The golf course of the Phoenician resort is owned by Troon golf. They’re one of the leading golf course management agencies out there. This golf course is very famous and busy. It’s an 18-hole golf course, which showcases the natural beauty of the Arizona desert. The course is adjacent to the resort.

Do Phoenicians have fire pits?

Yes, the Phoenician resort has fire pits. The fire pits are usually found at the casitas and spa. You can relax and rent the casitas to enjoy the fire pits. Along with the fire pits, the Phoenicians have cool patios as well. The Phoenician spa is very famous as well. This spa offers many packages.


Hopefully, now you know the key differences between the canyon suites vs phoenician. The article above will help you immensely!

The canyon suites and phoenician both are resorts within resorts. So, you may get confused with the location. Check the nearby maps to stay aware. 

Have fun at the resort!

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