Marriott Timber Lodge VS Grand Residence

Marriott Timber Lodge VS Grand Residence: Choose the Best Vacation Destination!

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place in the USA. There you can get two beautiful resorts too. Those are Marriott’s Timber Lodge and Grand Residence. But, choosing between these two is a difficult task.

So, which resort is better between Marriott Timber Lodge vs Grand Residence?

Timber Lodge has 10 acres of land, whereas Grand Residence has 12.5 acres. The parking cost in Timber Lodge is 29$ per night. But the parking cost in the Grand Residence is 32$ per night. Timber Lodge has 264 rooms for customers to stay in. But Grand Residence has 311 rooms for customers. 

We have compared these two in-depth. By that, you will know which resort offers better customer service.

So, let’s jump right into the topic.

Quick Review

Marriot owns both Timber Lodge and Grand Residence. Yet, they have significant differences and offer services differently. Just like Antwerp and Brussels in comparison.

Timber Lodge and Grand Residence both are situated near Lake Tahoe. They are also significantly close to one another. So, choosing the best destination is confusing. 

Let’s see a quick comparison between the two resorts.

Differentiating FactorsTimber LodgeGrand Residence
Area Size10 acres12.5 acres
Parking Cost29$ Per Night32$ Per Night
Rooms Available264311
Check-in TIme4 pm-5:30 pm4 pm to anytime
Check-out Time10 am11 am
Floors Available6 floors5 floors
In-Door HotelAvailableUnavailable
Average Lowest Price329$278$

A quick comparison will give you some idea. But, to choose the ultimate destination, you need in-depth analysis. Because comfort, accessibility, amenities, etc. matter.

Let’s jump into the next section!

In-Depth Analysis

In-depth analysis is the real deal-breaker. If you are willing to spend big on resorts, you should choose the best. The resort should be of proper value to customers.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful site. Just as Lake Placid is compared to Lake George.

Marriott is an international corporation working exclusively on hotels and accommodation. So, thinking that Lake Tahoe Timber Lodge and Grand Residence offer similar services.


Well, that’s not the case. For every person’s comfort and great experience, both resorts offer great and differentiable services. For that, we need to dig deeper into the topic.

So, let’s start the in-depth analysis.

Area Size

Area size of resorts is important. No one wants to go to a resort and wants to stay in a confined place. Well, for Timber Lodge and Grand Residence, that won’t be a problem.

Timber Lodge is well decorated at 10acres. It has 6 floors and 2 storied buildings for accommodation. You will get an indoor swimming pool.

However, Grand Residence has a bigger land area than Timber Lodge. It is 12 acres in area size. Nevertheless, it has only 5 floors which are lower than Timber Lodge. Also, it has an indoor swimming pool.


For any resort, the number of rooms is important. Because it shows how many people you can bring. Also, it shows the capability of how many people that resort can serve.

With that said, Timber Lodge has 264 rooms. You can also get a 1 bedroom villa and 2 bedroom villa. All villas have a flat-screen TV, a kitchen, a private balcony, etc.

Grand Residence has 311 rooms, which is more than Timber Lodge. They also offer villas for family or larger people accommodation.


Many great resorts offer spas and other services. Well, Lake Tahoe Timber Lodge has an onsite spa, jacuzzi, sauna, etc. 

Also, Lake Tahoe Grand Residence has an onsite spa too. But it lacks the facility of a jacuzzi and sauna.

Fitness Facility

For any gym freak, fitness facility is an important aspect. Many resorts do offer those facilities.

Marriott Timber Lodge has a gym facility for ages 13 and above. 

Marriott Grand Residence also has a gym facility for ages 13 and above. But, what makes them the standout most is the wheelchair-accessible gym facility. This special feature isn’t available for Timber Lodge, Lake Tahoe.

Restaurant and Bars

Great resorts have their own dining restaurants and bars. It offers a unique experience to customers.

Timber Lodge has their own restaurant and bar. It is called Fire+Ice bar and Grill. It serves authentic Asian cuisine. Also, you get to see a live kitchen which is a very unique experience. The chef will cook the food in front of you and serve you too.

Unlike Timber Lodge, Grand Residence doesn’t have an indoor restaurant. But you can get to some nearby restaurants within minutes. Nevertheless, Grand Residence does have an indoor bar.

Here’s a list of some nearby restaurants that you can visit from both places:

Marriott Timber LodgeMarriott Grand Residence
Fire+IceBase Camp Pizza Co.
Kalani’sDriftwood Cafe
Stateline Brewery and RestaurantGunbarrel Travel & Eatery
Base Camp Pizza Co.Blue Dog Pizza
California Burger CompanyTen Crows BBQ

Looking to get access to many more varieties of food? Timber lodge will be the best option for you.


Modern resorts don’t just offer accommodations and food. They offer other activities too so that you don’t get bored.

With that said, Marriott Timber Lodge offers 15 unique activities. The best activities are golf, skiing, swimming, and kayaking.

However, Marriott Grand Residence offers those activities too. But, you may need to pay another facilitator to do those fun activities


Parking Service

Resorts have a parking service so you don’t have to worry about your car. The parking location also will be in a convenient place for easy access to vehicles. 

The parking cost in Timber Lodge will be 29$ per night. For valet service, it can be up to 32$ per night.

On the other hand, Grand Residence parking will cost 32$ per night. But, you cannot self-park the car. It is all valet service. So, you cannot save a few bucks by self-driving. But you get to do that in Timber Lodge.


Now comes maybe the most important aspect. For any vacation, you need to consider your budget and choose resorts accordingly.

Timber Lodge’s lowest average cost per night is 329$ per night. It does not include food, parking charge, and other charges.

On the other hand, the lowest average price in Grand Residence is 278$ per night. So, the cost in Grand Residence is lower than Timber Lodge.

That’s all regarding the in-depth analysis. Hopefully, you will get a brief idea regarding the two resorts. Don’t forget to pack your essential travel accessories!

Let’s see our final verdict which will assist you in decision-making further.

So, Which Resort is Better for You?

So, now the ultimate question is Timber Lodge or Grand Residence? Well, we have to look at some factors for that.

For starters, Timber Lodge will have a quieter ambient room than Grand Residence. Because some rooms in Grand Residence are close to their bar which becomes loud at night.

Secondly, the staying cost at the Grand Residence will be cheaper than at Timber Lodge. But, you can save some bucks in Timber Lodge by parking your own car.


Regardless of the pros and cons, you should choose the resort. You need to consider comfortability, peacefulness, and recreation factors to choosing one.


When was Marriott Timber Lodge Began Operation?

Marriott Timber Lodge is a prestigious institution beside Lake Tahoe. Back in 2002, Marriott Timber Lodge began its operation.

What Theme does Marriott Hotels and Resorts Offer?

Marriott is an international company with over 7,400 properties. The themes of the hotels and resorts are family-friendly, good for business purposes. 

Which airport is closest to Marriott Timber Lodge and Grand Residence?

Reno Tahoe Intl. (RNO) The airport is the preferred airport for both resorts. When staying at the South Lake Tahoe resorts, the airport is close by.


That’s all regarding Marriott Timber Lodge vs Grand Residence. Both these resorts are close to Heavenly Gondola. And you will witness the beauty of mother nature.

Take Care!

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