Antwerp vs Brussels: Which City Suits Your Travel?

Are you in the middle of choosing cities inside Belgium? Well, we understand where you are stuck. 

Worry not, from traveling details to every other aspect, we get you covered.

Want useful leads to Antwerp vs Brussels? 

Between Antwerp and Brussels, Brussels has got so many charms. Meanwhile, Antwerp shows the top facilities, opportunities too! In terms of transportation or accommodation costs, the capital Brussels owns comfort. However, Antwerp facilitates a more relaxed and quiet surrounding.

We have tried to put all the metrics briefing that matters the most! Hopefully, you get to find the suitable one for the next trip!

So, let’s put our handyman hat on for the next few minutes. And keep exploring!

Table Overview: Antwerp vs Brussels- A Quick Tour

Want to see which city gets you to facilitate better? Have a look at the table!

Overall ExpensesCheaperA bit expensive
AccommodationCheaperA bit expensive
Famous food Croquettes, moules-fritesWaterzooi, stoemp
Entertainment7-15 USD/day15-25 USD/day
Crime Index36.4952.08

It’s just the beginning! Getting confused? Worry not, we are getting you covered now. 

There are so many other cost metrics too, Such as: being on time wherever you go! And check what the early departure fee is. 

Keeping these in mind saves your penny.

Antwerp vs Brussels: Detailed Face-off

Took the information into the head? Well, it’s time to expand our research on Antwerp vs Brussels!

Which City Is Cheaper?

Eyeballs looking for the cheaper city in Belgium? No more suspense! In this section, we will explore all of the cost metrics. In the meantime, you will get a clear idea of the special attributes of each city.

Also, planning to go to Italy? Have a look at Varenna vs Bellagio to choose between! But first, let’s have a look at this table. 

Comparing CitiesAntwerpBrussels
Is Cheaper ThanIs More Expensive ThanIs Cheaper ThanIs More Expensive Than

Get a gist from the chart? Well, Antwerp seems comparatively more cost-effective than Brussels.

But it’s too early to make our verdict! Let us help you to show brief comparisons, shall we? 


First of all, get a concept in your head! Belgium was never a cheaper option inside Europe. Still, there are a lot more good facts that keep your spending handy. Let’s do a quick comparison considering other cities in Europe.

However, Belgium carries a rank among the top few countries in the world. This ranking has been settled according to high standard living costs. You should have an idea about the Belgium costs of living.

Now, let’s have a look at different rental costs for Antwerp vs Brussels to live.

Apartment Costs

Various types of families come with accommodation. 

Got yourself only in this country? Many immigrants start living individually. And it’s so common in both cities. 

So, don’t keep yourself confused thinking too much about this. Both cities share almost the same amount per month. It’s available from 1500 to 1600 dollars.

Let’s say, you have come for Belgian residential purposes carrying a family. In this case, costs usually get tripled for a nuclear family. 

Brussels can offer almost 4000 dollars monthly. In the meantime, you can avail 3500 dollars on average in Antwerp.

Well, there’s a huge gap between hotel and home rents in Belgium. In terms of comparing family house rents, the USD range goes from 1200 to 1500. Meanwhile, chances of getting a minimum range are highly available in Antwerp hotels

On the other hand, individual or bachelor rent in an apartment is quite reasonable. Both cities can offer you rents far less than one thousand dollars.

Note: Some apartments might not come with necessary home equipment. Thus, you have to buy your foam mattress, sofa, and so on. 

Hotel Costs

Coming for a few days? Well, accommodation in the hotel, motel highly differs from one to another. As it’s a competitive business, you have no way except being clever. 

On average, around 150 dollars for a dual occupancy room in Antwerp and Brussels.

However, it’s less than 80 dollars for a single room in both. So, differences you would barely find while looking for hotels.

Winner: Clearly, Antwerp keeps its accommodation quite cheaper than the capital. 

Local Transportation Cost

Public transports in Belgium are the cheapest way among all options available. For a one-way ticket, Brussels transports charge almost 2.91 USD. Meanwhile, Antwerp locals stay a bit cheaper, 2.86 USD. 

If you buy monthly plans, Antwerp offers 53 USD while Brussels goes 56. Economically, Antwerp is going to save you 5% per month.

Planning to go via taxi? Interestingly, Brussels taxis are cheaper than Antwerp. Taxis from the capital demand 2.2 USD per kilometer. Meanwhile, 2.25 is the benchmark in Antwerp. 

However, getting a Brussels card is quite flexible to move on public transport. At the same time, the Antwerp city administration also provides a city card. These are quite cost-effective options including several entry passes. 

Get these considering how many days in Antwerp or Brussels you spend. It’s always a good option!

Winner: Unlike taxis, the overall price range is way cheaper in Antwerp.

Bonus: If you have less time and you are in central Europe then do read comparison between Budapest, Vienna and Prague for a quick visit.

Which City Offers Better Entertainment Opportunities?

This type of cost brings a huge difference to our eyeballs. Wonder why? As Brussels is the capital, tourist density is quite big. 

As a result, you may need 20 USD/day inside Brussels. Whereas it goes halved when you move to Antwerp! Seeing the gap now? 

From fitness clubs, and movie theaters to sports places, Antwerp goes much cheaper. You can save more than 20% here compared to Brussels.

Winner: Antwerp wins it over!

Which City Has Better Food?

Coming back without trying Belgium famous dishes? Don’t make it happen! Belgium is widely popular for its fries, waffles, and various beer types. 

Croquettes is a unique mashed potato item in Antwerp. This potato dumpling gets covered with bread fries, and crumbs while dressing. Also, fish, chips including Moules-Frites are excellent food inclusions in Antwerp. 

Along with that, Antwerpian cuisine is full of vegetarian platters. Lucky if you go to Antwerp in October! This city has the famous Modeste Beer Festival during that period. 

And what about the capital! You will find Moules-Frites, fish fries, and dumplings in Brussels too! Additionally, waterzooi, stoemp are the most popular items in Brussels. 

Waterzooi is more of a soup kind served with cream, eggs! Also, several food shops have immense customers only for enjoying waffles.

Apart from specific city items, Belgian chocolates are available everywhere. Lastly, don’t miss trying out a red beer- Rodenbach or Advocaat, a dutch-graded cocktail!

Food Cost

Food pricing in Brussels can deviate largely. On average, each person requires 35 USD per day for standard meals. Likely, almost the same amount goes to Antwerp food! 

Apart from cheaper restaurants, Antwerp comes with a higher price for mid-range places. Besides, we suggest you not go for international food franchises. The price chart often differs there.

Winner: Both cities win this section!

Final Verdict: Which City Suits You!

Planning to go economically suits Antwerp! Nevertheless, Brussels offers a lot better options too. You won’t feel lonely in the capital. 

In the meantime, Antwerp is much quieter and that gets you relaxed. So, decide if you want to keep your budget in restriction. Unless you can always explore more excellent places.

However, if you ask for our suggestions, we would go to Antwerp. It’s much safer, cost-effective, and connected to diversified cultures.

Make a budget plan. Also, explore the appearance, and vibrance to narrow your confusion down. 

Dive into more articles, and get directions for a better travel experience! Also, keeping different cost records in the head keeps you ahead. 


Which Benefits May I Enjoy From A Brussels card?

Brussels Card offers a free entrance pass to over 49 museums. Also, discounts at different tourist spots, restaurants, etc., are included. Additionally, you will have museum maps, travel maps, handbooks, etc. However, there’s an option to get public transport entries. 

Is Antwerp Diverse And Multicultural?

Definitely yes, the stats say so. More than 500,000 settlers from almost 150 countries live here. The north part- Antwerpen-Noord hosts most ethnic groups. Chinese, Portuguese, and Africans are the most notable immigrants in Antwerp. You will get an elegant vibe of history and modern lifestyle both. 

For What Antwerp Is Popular?

Antwerp is famous for having one of the biggest ports in entire Europe. The Port of Antwerp links significant international road, barge, rail junctions. Apart from it, Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world. A larger contribution to diamond trading makes Antwerp a prestigious city in the EU.

Final Words

Both cities have pros and cons. Considering every angle, it’s totally your call to choose!

In general, Antwerp vs Brussels shows what metrics to consider! But still, we would love to have your thoughts. Let us know which city makes you excited. 

Wish you better luck traveling ahead in Belgium!

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