Ali I Tower Vs Rainbow Tower: The Better Place to Stay

Want to plan a vacation in Honolulu? But confused about where to stay? There might be a lot of options. But nothing beats the two hotels located inside the Waikiki resort. 

These two hotels are set right on the beach. But you have to choose only one of them. 

So, when it comes to Ali I tower vs rainbow tower, where should you go?    

Between the Ali I tower and rainbow tower, the amenities of the rainbow hotel seem to be a lot more than those of the Ali I hotel. However, the Ali I tower has a private pool just for their guests which the rainbow tower lacks. On the contrary, the rainbow tower can give you a better view. 

Now hop into this article so we can make your decision a little bit easier.   

Quick Comparison

Both Ali I tower and rainbow tower seem to be the perfect places to say. Lush green scenery with the sound of the roaring waves of the ocean. What’s not to like? 


However, there are some key differences between the two hotels. Let’s take a quick glance at them:

FactorsRainbow towerAli’i tower
FacilitiesBusiness centre, live music, spa, gift shop, unlimited wi-fi, accessibility.   Private pool, private check-in desk, library, private fitness centre. 
Price of one nightAround 300$ to 900$Around 300$ to 900$
Room FacilitiesSeparate tub and shower, spacious walk-in closet, safeSpacious bathroom with a dressing area, iron and ironing board, hairdryer 
LocationSimilar Similar 

From the comparison you can see that both the towers are quite similar to Peppermill tower and Tuscany tower.

Now that you’ve seen some of the differences let’s move on to the detailed comparison. 

Detailed Comparison

Now let’s look at the in-depth comparison of Ali I tower vs rainbow tower. Also if you decide to go to Hawaii but want to stay somewhere else you could check out the Sheraton Waikiki and Royal Hawaiian.  


The hotel is a place where we spend the most time. So, the place should be filled with as many facilities as possible. In short, the place should make your money worthwhile. 


The facilities of both the rainbow tower and Ali I tower are given below. Let’s see if the rainbow tower and Ali I tower are worth it.


Rainbow tower doesn’t have a private pool. You can still relax in any of the 5 pools of the resort. 


However, the ali i tower has a private tower. It features a terrace that has a whirlpool and a private pool.


At rainbow tower parking zones are available for self-driven cars. A valet will also be present. 

On the other hand, valet parking is not present in the Ali i tower. 

Ocean View Rooms 

Both hotels have ocean views rooms. But the rainbow tower has a closer view. 

The beachfront rooms are right in front of the hotel as you don’t have to walk far. The view from one of the beachfront rooms is as amazing as you can see here-

So, if you want to see the ocean from up close then rainbow tower should be your pick.

Non-smoking Rooms

As many people are not comfortable with the smell of smoke, the rainbow tower provides non-smoking rooms for them. 

But the ali i tower does not have non-smoking rooms.


Rainbow tower has a few options of bars, for anyone who wants a drink and a good time. You can lounge around and have a good time in any of those 3 bars. 

The ali i tower doesn’t have a normal bar rather it has an open-air bar next to the pool.

Pet Friendliness 

Both the hotels aren’t pet-friendly hence you cannot take your beloved pet with you.

So, if you were thinking of taking your pets on your holiday, now’s the time to search for a foster home for them. 

Extra Beds

Extra beds can also be provided for your children if you want them to be in the same room. This is applicable to both the towers.

Business Centre 

The rainbow tower is great if you’re going there for a work vacation and are looking for meetings. There are specialised meeting rooms that are perfect for just that. 

On the other hand, the ali i tower is more of a chill place. People stay here just to have a good time. 

Gift Shop 

The rainbow tower has a gift shop if you’re thinking of taking presents and souvenirs for your friends and family. The ali i tower on the other hand doesn’t. 

So, if you want to stay closer to gift shops then the rainbow tower should be your pick,

Fitness Centre 

The rainbow tower and ali i tower both come with a fitness centre. This is great if you don’t want to miss out on working out.

Although a better-furnished gym is available for the people residing in the rainbow tower than that of ali i tower. So what facilities do you have access to in the rainbow tower gym?

The gym at the rainbow tower has high-quality exercise equipment and well-designed space. Along with these it also has personal training services. 


Both the hotels think about the handicapped people. As they both provide appropriate arrangements for people who need aids. 

Visual aids (tactile signs and braille), toilets with rails that are grabbable, and wheelchairs are a part of the accessibility. So, disability should not be an obstacle to having fun at this hotel.   


A relaxing spa center is present in both towers. You can also relax at the spa and get many treatments done in both towers.

Safety and Security 

Both hotels will ensure that you’re safe. Safety and security are ensured with smoke alarms and 24-hour security.

Business Facilities 

The Rainbow tower comes with Business facilities. And these include fax and photocopying machines, a business centre, and meeting/banquet facilities. 

The ali i tower unfortunately does not have anything like this. 

Daily Housekeeping 

Ironing service, dry cleaning, and laundry are all a part of the cleaning service. This service will be provided by both the towers. 

Extra Facilities 

Ali’i tower provides extra facilities which you won’t find at the rainbow tower. The guests have access because of a bracelet given by them to all the facilities and amenities of the resort. 

You can also enjoy a library with wi-fi. The biggest benefit is the private check-in desk.

These exclusive features are not available in the rainbow tower.

Room Facilities 

As we come to unwind in our rooms at the end of every hectic vacation. So the room facilities are described below. 

Rainbow Tower 

The bathrooms come with a Separate tub and shower. The amenities inside the bathroom include shampoo, conditioner, and face and body soap. The bathroom also has a big vanity.  

You can also find a very spacious walk-in closet. The walk-in closet has a motion light. The closet includes a safe, iron, and ironing board. 

The room also has a coffee and tea station. With them, you can find an ice bucket. The walls have plenty of outlets.

A bedside table is situated beside the beds. You’ll also find a 37-inch HDTV and a gaming console. 

There are tons of tables with drawer space. There is also a mini-fridge on one of the tables. 

A sofa bed is given in the rooms for extra sitting space. A table is also given if you want to spare some vacation time for work. 

Ali I Tower

The rooms of Hilton Hawaiian village Ali I tower comes with a spacious bathroom with a dressing area. No need to worry about waking up on time as the room comes with an alarm clock. 

Also not just an alarm clock there will also be a clock radio. All these have connections for MP3 players. 

The room will have slippers and robes. There will also be toothpaste and a toothbrush. Coffee lovers will also be able to fulfill their cravings with the coffee station provided in the room. 


There will of course be access to wired and wireless internet. And DVD player and blu-ray can be used by movie lovers to watch their favourite movies on the 37” LCD television.

Gamers can also spend their leisure time from their hectic vacation playing games on the PlayStation with 3 consoles which will also be provided. 

You can keep your essential belongings in the in-room safe. Avoid the hassle of carrying an iron as the room will come with an iron and ironing board. 

Forget about carrying a hairdryer as Ali I suite carries that too. A roll-away bed and crib can be brought on request and also for a charge. 


Both towers are located in the resort called Hilton Hawaiian village Waikiki beach resort. 

The resort is stretched out on 22-acres of land. It is situated on an island known as the big island. The Hilton Hawaiian is just 11 miles from Lanikai beach. 


The closest hotel to the resort is Honolulu international airport. The Hawaiian convention centre is a minute’s drive from here. Compared to the Hawaiian convention center the royal Hawaiian center is a minute farther from the resort.

The international marketplace and the magic island are 2 and 3 minutes drive from the towers. 

2005 Kalia Road, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815 is the exact location of this resort. 

Que/ Line/ Booking Serial

If you’re worried about lines take a look below. 

Rainbow Tower

The rainbow tower doesn’t have a private check-in desk. So, it could take a while to check in if it’s a busy day. 

Ali I Tower

Ali tower review mentions that they have their own front desk. For this guests can check in directly and not wait in a long line at the main lobby.  

Refund Policy

The refund policy of both the hotels is the same and they have been given below. 

Rainbow Tower 

The cancellation policy differs depending on the rooms and dates you reserve them. Some dates have free cancellation up to the time of your arrival. And some are non-refundable.  

Ali I Tower

The cancellation policy of this tower also differs depending on the rooms and dates of reservation.   

Available Cuisine 

These Waikiki resorts have different types of food. Some of them are listed below. 

Rainbow Tower

Room service for food and drink is provided for a limited time. The hotel has fruits, wine/champagne, a kid-friendly buffet, kids’ meals, special diet meals, and breakfast in the room. 

But if the food at the hotel is not meeting your desires. Not a problem! Because there are many restaurants nearby.  Here are some amazing restaurants that you can find near your hotel: 

American BuffetThe Rainbow Lanai
Mexican a la carteThe Hau Tree
Japanese cuisineThe Hatsu Hana

You won’t regret eating in any one of these!

Ali I Tower  

The Ali I tower offers continental breakfast. But the Hilton Ali I tower review suggests that the breakfast is a bit expensive.

Also, the dinners at Waikiki are to die for. Watching the fireworks while having dinner on the balcony is something else. 

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

There is no one winner in this debate. Both the hotels will meet your expectations. Since they are in the same resort. 

So, no matter which hotel you stay in you will not miss out on anything. But if you want a closer view of the beach choose the rainbow tower. The rainbow hotel also has better views because of how tall the building is. 

So, you can see the whole beach and beyond from this tower. 


Given below are some questions you can relate to!-

How tall is Ali I tower?

The Ali I tower is 15 floors tall. The rooms overlook the ocean and super pool. 

Can the Hilton Hawaiian village pool be used by everyone?

No, the pool cannot be used by everyone. The lagoon and beach can be used by everyone. The pool can only be used by people who acquire a room key to the hotel. 

How tall is the rainbow tower?

The rainbow tower is 31 floors tall. With 31 floors it has the best view as it is right in front of the beach.  


Have you made your decision on Ali I tower vs rainbow tower? Make your decision as soon as you can, because these hotels do get booked quickly. 

And remember both the hotels are just a few minutes away from each other. And are quite similar so whichever you choose you will not be disappointed. 

Happy travelling! 

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