Big Meadows Lodge vs Skyland Resort: Which One Should be Your Pick?

To enjoy the nature of Shenandoah national park and the valleys nearby, there are many hotels and lodges. Big meadows lodge and Skyland resort are the most famous ones among them.

People often have a hard time choosing because there are some facilities similar to them. But still, there are some differences between them too.

What are the differences between Big Meadows Lodge vs Skyland resort?

Big Meadows lodge opens up a bit later than Skyland resort. Unlike the big meadows lodge, the Skyland resort gives you a nice view of the valley. Also, compared to Big Meadows lodge, the Skyland resort is less crowded. However, Big Meadows has a bigger and better lodge area. 

That’s just a summary of the article. To know more about them and their facilities read through the article.

Let’s start!

Big Meadows Lodge vs Skyland Resort: Quick Comparison

Big meadows lodge and Skyland resort both have many similar facilities when it comes to available facilities. But don’t get fooled by the outward similarities between the two resorts. A closer look unveils a lot of differences between them. 


Let’s have a quick look at some basic differences between Skyland resort vs big meadows lodge:

FeaturesBig Meadows LodgeSkyland Resort
Opening TimeMid-April through early NovemberEarly April through November
Valley ViewNot availableAvailable
Crowded AreaIs CrowdedNot Crowded
Lodge AreaBetter and BiggerSmaller
Distance From Main Lodge Walking Distance from All RoomsFar from Some Rooms
Cell Phone ServiceLimited Service AvailableNo Service Available
Payment MethodsCredit Cards and Debit CardsCredit cards, Debit cards, Cash, Cheques

Seems like theres’ a lot to discuss between the differences of the two resorts. And we need to shed some light on each and every aspect. So let’s get going:

Big Meadows Lodge vs Skyland Resort: Detailed Comparison

Here we have compared Big Meadows Lodge and Skyland resort in detail for all the factors. There are also many similarities and dissimilarities between them.

Let’s start by knowing the detailed comparison of Skyland vs Big Meadows Lodge.


Here we’ve compared the facilities of both lodges. We get to know the star ratings of both of them from the reviews of those people who stayed there. All these depend on the hotel management system features.

People have given 4.2 to Big Meadows Lodge and 4.3 to Skyland Resort.

Now let’s know about the facilities in detail.

Big Meadows Lodge

In the big meadows, you can access the mountain wifi on your device and you can use it free in the main lodge’s great room only.


Big Meadows Lodge is pet friendly too. They also have some policies about this. 

But Big Meadows Lodge is more pet friendly than the Skyland Resort.

Because there is a pet-friendly terrace seating arrangement for pet lovers in Big Meadows Lodge. But it depends on the weather. There is also a special food item on the menu there for the pets, named ‘Yappy Hour Menu’.

In the Big Meadows Lodge, there is a fitness center and also arrangements for massage there. 

In the Big Meadows Lodge, there is a bar for you to enjoy some drinks and entertainment. The name of the bar is ‘New Market Taproom’. You can enjoy a special glass of drinks and beers and some local wines with some chit-chatting.

Here we have explained the room facilities for Big Meadows Lodge. The rooms of the big meadows lodge are renovated and much more comfortable than the Skyland Resort. The rooms also have sofas, tea makers, and showers.

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You can find some of the best rooms at Big Meadows Lodge. Air conditioning is available in these rooms like cabins and ADA. Refrigerators and microwaves are also available in some rooms. The main lodge is within walking distance of all rooms.

Housekeeping is also good here. Normally bugs are less here. But if you find any of them, then the housekeeping will remove them for you.

Bathrooms are also fine and also include electric facilities. 

In Big Meadows Lodge, parking is available and parking is free. Self-parking is also available here

Skyland Resort

A common question most visitors ask is:

What’s the number of lodging units in Skyland resort?

There are around 178 lodging units in Skyland resort, enough to facilitate about 200 guests or more. Ranging in size and style, you have quite the freedom to choose your preferred lodging unit. You can also pick the beautiful rustic cabins to stay in!

In the Skyland resort wifi, you can access the same wifi. And you can use it only in the dining room lobby.

The wifi area of Skyland Resort is smaller than the big meadows lodge.

Skyland resort is pet friendly. They also have some policies about this. By following those policies, they will allow your pets.

In the Skyland lodge, there is no fitness center there. You can’t enjoy this facility if you choose to stay there.

There is also a bar in the Skyland lodge. The name of the bar is ‘Mountain Taproom’. You can enjoy your time there with some drinks and conversation altogether.

Here we have explained the room facilities for Skyland Resort.

In the Skyland resort, the rooms are not renovated. The rooms are old. The rooms are dated back. But still, the rooms are fine, but not so comfortable. 

Skyland resort Premium rooms, preferred rooms, traditional rooms, suites, and ADA have the facilities of Air conditioning and TV. Other rooms don’t have tv and air conditioning.

But as the rooms are old, you can encounter bugs and spiders here. And the bathrooms are also old.

All the rooms have the facilities of a hairdryer, coffee makers, showers, and housekeeping. The main lodge is distant from some rooms.

Compared to Townpalace Suits and Residence Inn, the two resorts are not modern looking. Rather, they have a rustic aura with them, making them perfect for relaxing breaks.

They maintain the cleanliness of the room and sanitize it. But still, you should keep a good sanitizer with you.

In Skyland resort, parking is available and the parking is free. Self-parking is also available here.

There is one more thing available in the Skyland resort. And it is Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. It’s not available in the Big Meadows Lodge.


Location is one of the most considered points when choosing any lodge, hotel or resort.

Big Meadows Lodge

Big Meadows Lodge is at mile 51 from Skyline Drive and there is a big grassy meadow within one mile of it. It is at the center of the Shenandoah National park

Harry F. Byrd, Sr. Visitor Center, Dark Hollow Falls, Trails, and other valleys are also at some mile distance from it. You can enjoy the grassy meadow view from your rooms. But can’t enjoy any Valley view from here.

It can be a great place to stay if you have to attend a Shenandoah National Park Wedding!

Skyland Resort

Skyland Resort is the highest on Skyline drive. It is also near the Shenandoah National park. You can also notice some deers, squirrels, and some animals while staying at the lodge. 


Being yet another resort close to Shenandoah park, you might be wondering:

How far is Big Meadows Lodge from Skyland resort?

The Skyland resorts is about 10.2 miles north of Big Meadows Lodge. It’s the farthest resort from the Shenandoah National park. The resort is about 12.5 miles north than the park.

Wanna enjoy the Valley view directly from your room? Then Skyland Resort can provide you with this facility. You can enjoy the wonderful view of Shenandoah Valley from Skyland Resort.

This resort is also near many of the trails and hiking is also nearby. The Appalachian Trail is only 5 min distance from the resort. There is also a gas station here in the resort.

Payment Options

There are some differences between Big Meadows Lodge and Skyland resort in the payment options.

Big Meadows Lodge

In the Big Meadows Lodge, you can use a debit card and credit card for payment. There are also no extra early departure expenses that you’ve to carry if you’re taking an early leave.

Skyland Resort

In the Skyland Resort, you can also use cash and check along with credit cards and debit cards for the payment.

Available Cuisine 

There are restaurants in both Big Meadows Lodge and Skyland resort. There are many kinds of cuisines available in both places. There is only one restaurant here in both of them. 

Big Meadows Lodge

The name of the Big Meadows Lodge restaurant is Spottswood Dining Room. You can enjoy many signature dishes and seasonal dishes here, like New Deal Roast Turkey Plate, Roosevelt’s Roasted or Fried Chicken, etc.

You can also enjoy the special Blackberry Ice Cream Pie here. Terrace Seating is available here. People love to enjoy Pizza here.

There are some tourists who have tight schedules for traveling. For them, ‘Lunch to Go’ is available. You can purchase this and save your time and have your meal while visiting the park.


Skyland Resort

The name of the dining room of Skyland Resort is Pollock Dining Room. You can enjoy the view of Shenandoah valley from here while having the food. You can also enjoy Terrace Dining with one of the best views.

The house specialty here is Mile-High Blackberry Ice Cream Pie. Many people staying at other resorts and lodges come here to try this special dish. You can also enjoy a buffet and a special Honey glazed Trout. Burgers here are also liked by people.

Normally Classic American Dishes are served here and also some wonderful Regional Specialities. You can also purchase a perfect meal for lunch and snacks altogether, named ‘Grab’n Go’. This will save you time and you can have this meal on the way.


Special Features 

Do you want to arrange your special wedding day in unique ways? Or wanna arrange a family reunion among nature? You can arrange both in both places. You will just need to do the reservations before. There are also some differences between them.

Big Meadows Lodge

Big Meadows Lodge weddings can be available from Mid-May to Early November. 

There are also arrangements here to make your proposal day special. 

You can also set up camp around the Big meadows lodge. For that, you will have to do the reservations before.

In the Big Meadows Lodge, there are some camps available. Which are like come first, take first.

Skyland Resort

In Skyland Resort, you can arrange your wedding from Early April to the end of November. 

There are also arrangements in here to make your proposal day special. 

You can also set up camp around the Skyland resort. For that, you will have to do the reservations before.

So, Where to Stay?

Both of them are good for you to stay in and some facilities are also the same.

Do you want to stay with your family and kids? Then Big Meadows Lodge will be the better one as they are more kids friendly. And they provide more facilities for the kids and the rooms are better and more comfortable too.

So, if you are traveling with your family, and old people and kids, then you can choose this place for its comfortability.

But want a quiet and non-disturbing, and peaceful place with a special person or alone? Then Skyland Resort will be a better choice. 


Here, you will not get modern rooms and they are not so kid-friendly too. But Skyland Resort is not overpopulated. They are best to enjoy your lonely and private times without anyone disturbing you.


Is Turning Around Available in Skyline Drive?

Yes, turning around is available in Skyline drive. Skyline driving will take you more deeply to the beautiful nature. That turning has been made available here so that tourists don’t miss any of the natural beauties here. And it’s also a two-way drive. All these facilities are for tourists.

Is Sleeping in the Car Allowed in the Shenandoah National park?

No, sleeping in the car is not allowed in Shenandoah national park. Because in order to sleep in the car, you will have to park your car anywhere. But you can’t park your car anywhere in the Shenandoah National park. Car camping is not allowable here.

How Many Entrances Are There for Skyline Driving?

There are about four entrances to Skyline Drive. You can enter through any of these. The names of the four entrances are Front Royal, Thornton Gap, Swift Run Gap, and Rockfish Gap. The Front Royal is the north entrance and the Rockfish Gap is the south one. Thornton Gap is in the East of Luray.


That covers our detailed discussion on big meadows lodge vs skyland resort

Check all the boxes of your preferences and pick out your next holiday/ceremony resort! Make sure to be well versed in the hotel policies to avoid any unforeseen events.

Stay well!

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