Aulani vs Marriott Ko Olina: Better Hotel in Ko Olina, Hawaii

Both Aulani and Ko Olina are located in the Ko Olina resort community. They provide a lot of unique facilities and activities. So, choosing any one of these is a tough job as you don’t want to miss out on the other.

So, which resort should you choose, Aulani vs Marriott ko Olina

Aulani is more on the expensive side while the Marriott Ko Olina is more budget-friendly. The hotel architecture, amenities, spa, and pool services are better in Aulani than in Marriott. Aulani is more theme oriented and has more on-site activities than the Marriott Ko Olina. On the other hand, Marriott Ko Olina is quieter and has more sightseeing packages. 

Further discussion on these factors will help you to make a concrete decision. So, keep reading.

Quick Comparison: Aulani vs Marriott Ko Olina

Before jumping into a detailed discussion, here is a brief comparison between Aulani and Marriott Ko Olina. 

Feature Aulani Disney ResortMarriott Ko Olina
Star Rating 5-star4-star Rating8.8/10.08.6/10.0
Trip Advisor Rating4.5/54.5/5
Nearest Hospital Warrior Ohana Medical Home
12 minutes drive 
Pet friendliness Pets Not allowed
Only trained service dogs are allowed 

Now, let’s get into the detailed comparison. 

Booking and Reaching the Hotel

I find the official website of Aulani much more comprehensive and detailed than the Marriott. Other than that, from making a reservation to reaching the destination is almost similar for both resorts.

Feature Aulani Disney ResortMarriott Ko Olina
Location and Distance from Airport92-1185 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei
20.2 miles
92-161 Waipahe Pl, Kapolei
20.6 miles
Cost and Refund PolicyStarts from USD 819
Cancel 7 days before stay for refund
Starts from USD 615
Cancel 14 days before stay
Booking ProcedureThrough the official website or renowned hotel booking sitesSame 
Airport Transportation & ParkingOn-site car partners – Enterprise, Alamo, and NationalOn-site car partner- Enterprise

Location and Distance from Airport

The distance from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to Disney Aulani is 20.2 miles. Whereas, to Ko’olina, it’s 20.6 miles. You will reach both resorts within 26 minutes from the airport. 

Here’s the address of both resorts. 

Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club

92-161 Waipahe Pl, Kapolei, Hawaii, US

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

92-1185 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, Hawaii 

There is a beautiful narrow pathway that connects Ko Olina to other resorts nearby including Aulani. These resorts are 0.6 miles of 12 minutes walking distance away from each other. 

Cost and Refund Policy

Marriott Ko Olina is less expensive than Aulani Resort. As Aulani is a 5-star resort while Ko Olina is a 4-star one, this price difference is normal. 

As of 7 February 2023, the starting rate of Ko Olina is USD 615 excluding taxes and for Aulani, it’s USD 819 excluding taxes. None of these resorts requires a resort fee.

You will get a full refund from Ko Olina if you cancel the reservation 14 days before your arrival. And to avail full refund in Aulani, you have to cancel only 7 days before your arrival. 

If you cancel after that, you have to pay the full booking amount as a penalty charge. 

Also, to avoid an early departure fee in both resorts in case you have to check out before the schedule, talk to the hotel authority beforehand. 

Booking Procedure

You can make reservations directly from both of the resort’s websites. The Ko Olina is also available on the Marriott Bonvoy website and app. Here is the website and contact no. of these resorts. 

Marriott’s Ko Olina

Contact: +1 808-679-4700

Aulani Disney Resort

(866) 443-4763

Unlike Ko Olina, Aulani is not available at But you can book both resorts from other renowned travel agency sites including Makemytrip,, and Tripadvisor. 

Airport Transportation & Parking

There is only one route to reach Aulani or Ko’olina from the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport which is via Queen Liliuokalani Freeway. 

Aulani has three on-site car partners, Enterprise, Alamo, and National. You can rent a car from any of these three agencies with a special discount rate. The Marriott, on the other hand, has only an on-property rent-a-car service which is Enterprise. You must reserve a car from these agencies at least 24 hours prior to your visit. 

On-site parking for guests at Aulani is $37, whereas the guest of Ko Olina has to pay $40 for parking. 

Accommodations and Amenities

The architecture, rooms, and amenities in Aulani are nicer in the aspect of appearance, features, and services than at Marriott Ko Olina. Here are the accommodation and amenities comparison between these two resorts. 

Feature Aulani Disney ResortMarriott Ko Olina
Lobby and Guest ReceptionGrand lobby decorated with arts, and murals. Receives with Hawaiian traditional leis. Modern lobby with a long passageway. No leis reception 
Check-in & Check-outCheck-in: 3.00 PM, 4.00 PM
Check-out: 11 AM
Check-in: 4.00 PM
Check-out: 10 AM
Concierge Services24/7 serviceSame 
Room Types More room type options.
Maximum capacity in the room: 12 guests
Fewer room type options.
Maximum capacity in the room: 8 guests
Kitchen & KitchenetteMore kitchen features Fewer kitchen features 
In-Room AmenitiesMore in-room amenities Fewer in-room amenities 
Laundry, and Drycleaning Services– All rooms except the standard guestroom have washer and dryer. 
– Only 2 sets of personal washers and dryers on the first floor. 
– Same
– Multiple washers and dryers on multiple floors in each building. 
Bathroom and ToiletriesProvide robes
Whirlpool tubs available
Hair dryer not available 
Robes not available 
Whirlpools not available
Provides hair dryers in each room
Cuisine and Dining ServiceMore bars and restaurants on-site
More themed-focused 
Has dress codes 
Fewer bars and restaurants on-site
Less themed-focused 
No dress codes 
On-Site ActivitiesMore on-site activitiesFew on-site activities 
On-site Fitness Center and SpaFitness centers are equipped with more instruments and have many fitness programs. 
Spa with vast services
Only basic fitness equipment and a few fitness programs. 
Spa with basic services
Swimming Pools9 pools
Close at 8.00 PM
Pools are crowdy
3 pools
Closes at 10.00 PM
Quiet pools 
Membership OffersMore membership offers Fewer offers for members
Accessibility FeaturesLess accessibility features More accessibility features 

Lobby and Guest Reception

The lobby of Aulani is much more spectacular than the Marriott. 

The Marriott is a standard modern lobby with a long passageway and plenty of seating area on both sides. However, you will love their lobby until you see the grand lobby of Aulani. 

The lobby of Aulani is gorgeously decorated with Hawaiian art, murals, and wooden sculptures. You can spend hours just hanging out in the Aulani lobby and appreciating the arts. 

Both resorts will welcome you in a friendly and warm manner. However, in Aulani, you will receive the traditional garland or lei reception upon your arrival. 

Hotel lobbies of Marriot Ko Olina Beach club and Aulani Disney Hawaii Resort

Check-in & Check-out

The check-in and check-out times of Aulani Are more convenient. The check-in time in both resorts is at 4:00 PM. However, you can check in to the standard rooms in Aulani at 3.00 PM if the rooms are ready. 

The check-out time for Marriott is 10.00 am and for Aulani, checkout is 11.00 am. So, you will get one more hour of sleep or other preparations.

Concierge Services

The concierge services of both resorts are open 24/7. This concierge service will help you with making reservations in restaurants, gyms, and spas. However, you have to pay a charge to enjoy the concierge service in both resorts. 

Front desks in both resorts are also open every day. Here are the concierge and reception desk contacts for both resorts. 

Aulani Contacts:

Resort Activities – (866) 814-3569

Marriott Ko Olina Contacts:

Room Types 

The Aulani resort has more room and villa options than the Ko Olina resort. If you consider a similar room type, the Aulani rooms are bigger. For example, the 2-bedroom villa of Aulani is bigger than the 2-bedroom villa of Marriott. 

The maximum capacity of guests in Aulani is 12 in 1 villa whereas, for Ko Olina, the maximum guest capacity in a villa is 8. So, if you are coming as a bigger group, Aulani is the better option. 

  • Ko Olina Room types 

Aulani has both vacation rentals and hotels. So, you will find different types of rooms and villas. 

Deluxe Studio Room

  • 1 queen bed
  • 356 sq ft /33 sq m
  • 1 bathroom

Guest Room (Oceanview, Mountain View, penthouse) 

  • 1 King bed
  • Maximum occupancy: 2
  • 360 sqft/32sqm
  • Connecting rooms are not available
  • Living/sitting area (not separated) 
  • 1 balcony (18 sqft/2 sqm)
  • 1 bathroom
  • Vaulted ceilings (only in penthouse guestrooms)

1 Bedroom Villa (Oceanview, Mountain View, Penthouse

  • 1 King bed
  • Maximum occupancy: 4
  • 920 sq ft/83 sqm
  • 1 Balcony (42 sq ft/4sqm)
  • Separate dining room
  • Separate living room
  • Other features are similar to the guest room

2 Bedroom Villa (Mountain View, Oceanview, Penthouse)

  • 1 king bed, 1 twin
  • Maximum occupancy: 6
  • 1280 sq ft/115 sqm
  • 2 balcony (60 sq ft/5sqm)
  • 2 bathroom
  • Other features are the same as the 1 bedroom villa

3 Bedroom Villa (Mountain View, Oceanview)

  • 2 king beds, 1 twin
  • Maximum occupancy: 8
  • 1800 sq ft/162 sqm
  • 3 bathroom
  • Other similar features of 2 bedroom villa
  • Aulani Room Types

Standard room (Standard View)

  • 2 Queen bed
  • Capacity: 4 Guests
  • 382 sq ft /36 sq m
  • 1 bathroom
  • Private porch or balcony

1 Bedroom Suite (Regular, Signature)

  • 1 king bed, 1 sleeper sofa
  • Capacity: 5 Guests
  • 764 sq ft/71 sq m
  • 1 full bathroom
  • 1 half bathroom

2 Bedroom Suite

  • 1 king bed, 1 Queen bed
  • Capacity: 6 Guests
  • 1,910 sq ft /177 sq m
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • Other similar features of 1 bedroom suite

1 Bedroom Villa (Ocean View, Garden View, Standard)

  • 1 King Bed
  • Capacity: 5 Guests
  • 756 sq ft/70 sq m
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Separate living room
  • Balcony 

2 Bedroom Villa

  • 1 king bed, 2 queen bed
  • Capacity: 9 Guests
  • 1,125 sq ft/105 sq m
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • 1 half bathroom
  • Other similar features to the previous villa
a picture of a room of aulani
Source: Aulani 

3 Bedroom Grand Villa

  • 1 king bed, 4 queen beds
  • Capacity: 12 Guests
  • 2,174 sq ft/202 sqm
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • Extra-large balcony

Kitchen & Kitchenette 

Unlike the Marriott villas, the Aulani full kitchens have a toaster and Butler pantry with separate catering access. The Marriott kitchen has only an oven while the Aulani has Microwaves. 

In-Room Amenities

Aulani has better in-room facilities than the Marriott. 

You will find the Aulani rooms more convenient if you have a toddler. They have a Pack ‘n Play Playard and upon request, they will provide a bottle warmer and diaper disposal in your room. Marriott doesn’t provide this facility. However, bed rails and cribs are available in both resorts upon request. 

Unlike the Marriott, the Aulani has special in-room facilities for Japanese guests including a washlet in villas and 2 bedroom suites. 

Apart from these dissimilarities, both resorts provide common in-room amenities including a safe, flat-screen TV, dining table, and sofa.

Laundry and Drycleaning Services

All the villas in both Aulani and Marriott have washers and dryers but not guest rooms and suits. 

In the Aulani resort, there are 2 sets of self-service laundry sets on the first floor for the guestroom and suit guests. You can also use valet laundry service for additional charges. 

On the other hand, Marriott has this service available on several floors in each building. Both resorts also have iron and ironing boards in every room. 

Bathroom and Toiletries

A 1 bedroom villa in Aulani has 1.5 bathrooms, whereas, in the Ko Olina 1 bedroom villa, there is only one bathroom. The bathroom in Aulani Villas and suites have whirlpool tubs whereas no bathroom in Marriott has this facility.

In Marriott bathrooms, you will get hair dryers, but if you are staying at Aulani, you have to bring your own. However, unlike Ko Olina, Aulani bathrooms have robes. Apart from these, both resorts have basic toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toilet paper, and paper towels. 

Cuisine and Dining Service

The Marriott has fewer on-site bars and restaurants than Aulani. Also, unlike Marriott, Aulani restaurants and bars are more traditional and theme focused rather than the food.

Almost every Aulani restaurant has a dress code. You can’t wear t-shirts with inappropriate words and you have to wear cover-ups if you are in swimming suit. Marriott doesn’t impose such dress codes in their restaurants. 

Here are some of the restaurants and bars at both resorts. 

  • Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants in Aulani

KA WA‘A – A Lū‘au at Aulani: You can experience authentic Hawaiian dance performances while enjoying a buffet. The Ka Wa’a buffet has everything from seafood to prime ribs. 

Makahiki: If you are a Disney fan, you might get an exciting surprise while having breakfast in this restaurant. This is a beautiful open restaurant decorated with  jewel-toned murals and elegant glass designs. 

Ulu Cafe: You can grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner from this cafe while you are enjoying the other activities in the resort. 

Off the Hook: It is another cafe inside the resort for you to grab a quick meal. You can also catch your favorite sports on their big screen while spinning on their yummy cocktails. 

The ‘Ōlelo Room: This bar serves appetizers and cocktails, but mostly you can go there for a cultural experience. You can enjoy live music and have insight into the Hawaiian language. 

AMA‘AMA: This restaurant is themed as a beachside house. Almost all the food in this open-air restaurant is gluten-free.

  • Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants in Marriott

Longboards Bar & Grill: This lunch and dinner restaurant has mouthwatering American cuisine and exquisite alcoholic beverages. Longboards are open for lunch and dinner. 

Longhi’s Restaurant: If you are looking for a fulfilling breakfast or lunch, this restaurant is a perfect place. They have steaks, seafood, pasta, and lobsters. And as an added bonus, you can enjoy the striking ocean view while eating. 

Nai’a Pool Bar – Seasonal: Sunbathing near the pool is better when you have a crisp cocktail in your hand. This bar will provide you with just that. This cute poolside bar will give you the perfect framing for your Instagram posts. 

Fia Fia – Polynesian Dinner Show: You can enjoy Hawaiian traditional fire-knife dancing, music, and comedy while having a hearty dinner. 

You can enjoy the restaurants of other resorts even if you are not staying there. 

On-Site Activities 

The Aulani resort has more extensive on-site activities than the Marriott. Here are some of the activities of both resorts. 

  • Marriott Ko Olina Activities

Keiki Club: This is a club for kids where your children can enjoy movie night, craft programs, and Hula lessons. 

Welina Mai: An event where performers from Fia Fia come every Monday to entertain the guests in Marriott. 

  • Aulani Activities 

Beach Activity for Children: Children can enjoy complimentary sand sculpture techniques learning at the beach. There are music and Hawaina dance programs at the beach for teens. 

Character Experiences: The best part of staying at a Disney resort is meeting Mickey, Monkey, and other loving Disney characters. You can play games with the characters, and click pictures. You can also plan birthdays, anniversaries, and other events with Disney characters. 

Aunty’s Beach House: This program is for kids aged between 5 to 12. Here, kids can enjoy visiting Disney characters, arts and crafts, fun games, Disney movies, and many more activities free of charge. 

The premium package includes special storytelling sessions and souvenirs. The premises are absolutely safe and the check-in & check-out are strictly secured. 

Pau Hana Room: In this community hall, you can do numerous activities including stamping a t-shirt, making mickey mouse ears, and other crafts activities. There are also scavenger hunts, ukulele learning sessions, and a painting party.

Apart from these, you can enjoy a guided tour throughout the resort to learn about the Hawaiian arts and culture. You can also perform trained sunrise yoga at the beach, paint with light, and do many more exciting activities.  

On-site Fitness Center and Spa

The fitness center of Aulani have more comprehensive programs and features for its guests than the Ko Olina. 

Unlike Marriott, the Aulani fitness center provides specialized training to individuals and groups. 

Moreover, the Aulani fitness center has special fitness classes including, beach boot camp, TRX, total body service, splash & dash, shredmill, ocean fitness, and cardio rush. Marriott also has clubTHRIVE fitness classes but not as vast as the Aulani’s. These training and classes in both resorts require additional charges. 

In the Mikimiki Fitness Center, Aulani, you will find all the gym equipment including Cardiovascular Equipment, free weights, and strength equipment. The Marriott fitness center has these facilities too. 

The Laniwai Disney Spa of the Aulani resort offers multifarious activities while the Marriott in-house spa offers only a few services. 

The Marriott Ko Olina service includes massages, facials, body scrub, and body wrap. While the spa services of Aulani Include full-body exfoliation, soothing massages, couples massage, hydrotherapy, stone massage, and body detoxification. 

It also includes intensive facials, rejuvenating facials, salon services, kids’ makeovers, and many more. There are special spa and facial services for men as well. 

Swimming Pools

Marriott has only 3 outdoor pools while Aulani has 9 pools. Marriott pools are much quieter than the Aulani pools. 

The Aulani pools close at 8.PM whereas the Marriott pools are open till 10 PM. So, if you like to swim at night after a hectic day, Marriott will be a better choice. 

Here are the details on the Marriott Pools: 

Lagoon Pool: This heated outdoor pool is the biggest and main pool for this reason. One side of the pool is covered with white sand which will give you a beach vibe. This pool has a side for children. Also, another side of the pool has volleyball and basketball nets. 

Construction Updates: The lagoon Pool is going under a refurbishment from August 28, 2023, to March 14, 2024. So, the Lagoon Pool will be out of service during this time. As the biggest pool is closed, other pools might be a little more crowded than usual. 

Reflection Pool: This pool is only for adults and is right at the center of the resort. Although at the center, the pool is still somehow serene and quiet. This nice and small pool is surrounded by big rocks and has a jacuzzi. 

Drone view of Marriott Ko Olina Pool
Source: Marriott Ko Olina

Nai’a Pool: This pool has a few waterslides scattered about and the pool is separated into two areas by a tunnel or cave. Due to the waterslides, kids enjoy this pool very much. 

Apart from these pools, the Marioot has 7 hot tubs for you to have a relaxing time. 

In comparison, the Aulani Pools include- 

Waikolohe Pool: This huge 8,200 square foot pool is perfect for the full family to enjoy together. You can also arrange a Disney theme party here for birthdays.

Waikolohe Stream: It is a narrow lazy river with rock formations on both sides that will slowly carry you to the Waikolohe Pool. 

Ka Maka Grotto: This infinity pool will give you the perfect view of the ocean and some outstanding pictures for your Instagram. 

Keiki Cove: This pool is dedicated to kids with an interactive splash zone. 

Menehune Bridge: This is another kid’s pool with 2 water slides and 21,000 square feet of play space. 

Rainbow Reef: It is a paid saltwater lagoon where you can visit thousands of tropical fish. 

Two people snorkelling and fishes swimming by at aulani
Source: Aulani 

Wailana Pool: This 1,500-square-foot pool is an adult-only pool where you can enjoy a quiet time free from all the hustle and bustle.

Also, there are 4 whirlpools in the resort. 

Membership Offers

Unlike Marriott, members of the Disney vacation club enjoy discounts in the shop around the resort. Apart from that, both Marriott Ko Olina and Aulani members enjoy discounts on house rent and other exclusive services. 

Accessibility Features

The rooms in Marriott are more well-thought for people with special accessibility needs than the Aulani. 

Unlike the Aulani, in Marriott, there are seats in the bathtub, deadbolts in guest rooms, non-slip grab rails in the bathrooms, and wheelchair-height toilet seats. 

Both resorts have zero-depth pool access for wheelchairs, hearing accessibility in rooms, and TTY equipment.

Corporate Facility

In Aulani, you can arrange events and programs, unlike the Marriott Ko Olina. However, for personal work, Ko Olina provides better facilities. 

Feature Aulani Disney ResortMarriott Ko Olina
High-Speed InternetComplimentary wireless internet.
High-speed internet is not available 
Both free wireless and high-speed internet are available 
Meetings and Conference RoomAvailable Not available 
Business ServicesNot available Copy service, post/parcel, fax service, and printer facility

High-Speed Internet

Unlike Aulani, all the rooms in Marriott Ko Olina have complimentary high-speed internet. So, if you like to have some work done on your laptop during the vacation, the Marriott is more convenient.

Both resorts have complimentary wireless internet in the rooms and throughout the resort.

Meeting and Conference Room

Unlike Marriott, Aulani resorts have conference, meeting, and event rooms where you can plan your corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and other receptions. 

Marriott is only a vacation resort so it doesn’t have these hotel facilities. However, Aulani provides both hotel and resort facilities together. 

Business Services

The Marriott Ko Olina has copy service, post/parcel, fax service, and printer facility in the resort. In Aulani, you won’t find this facility. 

Vacation Facility

The sightseeing packages and other facilities are better and cheaper at Marriott Ko Olina than at the Aulani resort. 

Feature Aulani Disney ResortMarriott Ko Olina
Beach accessHas a private beach. The beach is crowded and noisy. The private beach is less crowded and quiet. 
Places NearbyMany wonderful tourist destinations nearby Same 
Sightseeing PackagesFewer sight-seeing packagesMore sightseeing packages 
On-Site Photography ServicePaid photography serviceFree photography service (you have to pay only by pictures) 

Beach access

The Marriott Ko Olina is in lagoon 3 and is usually very calm and relaxed, whereas the Aulani beach is always swarming with guests. The Aulani shares lagoon 1 with Four Season Resort. As there are 2 big resorts together, the crowd is very normal. 

The cove beach areas of Marriott Ko Olina and Aulani have plenty of little blue cabanas and umbrellas. You have to pay additional fees to use these cabanas. 

Places Nearby

To reach nearby tourist destinations it might take only a minute longer from Aulani than Marriott Ko Olina. However, since both resorts are around the same area, it requires almost similar time to reach nearby areas from both resorts. 

Wet n Wild Hawaii: This family and children-friendly water park is 3.9 miles away from the Marriott Ko Olina, and 3.6 miles away from the Aulani. You will need 8 minutes in the car to reach this destination from both resorts. 

Ko Olina Golf Club: This 18-hole golf club is only 9 minutes walking distance away from the Marriott and 8 minutes from the Aulani. Call +1 808-676-5300 for a reservation. 

Pearl Harbor National Memorial: This memorial is 17.1 miles or 27 minutes’ driving distance away from Marriott, and 26 minutes or 16.7 miles from Aulani. If you want to know the history of World War II in America in-depth, you should visit this memorial once.

Hanauma Bay State Park: This park is 35.5 miles away from Marriott and 35.1 miles away from Aulani. You will need roughly 1 hour to reach there from both the resorts. 

During your stay in Honolulu, you should visit this place at least once. You can witness the mesmerizing wine glass-shaped bay. You can also get an exciting snorkeling experience.

Iolani Palace: This historic building is a 31-minute drive from Aulani and a 32-minutes from the Marriott Ko Olina. This one of the most significant buildings in Hawaiian history symbolizes Hawaiian cultural heritage and sovereignty.

Sightseeing Packages

In Aulani resort, you will find around 17 – 20 off-sight tourist packages whereas the Marriott Ko Olina offers around 620 packages. And the price range is almost similar for the same type of packages in both resorts. 

The sightseeing and adventure packages of both resorts include 3 or 6 zipline tours, a Pearl Harbor excursion, kayaking, a Kapolei surf lesson, and many more. 

On-Site Photography Service

In Marriott, you can get 45 minutes of a complimentary photography session, but in Aulani, the photography service is not free. However, the Aulani photography service is more extensive. 

Blink Photography has a collaboration with the Marriott, where they will shoot your moments for 45 minutes. You can book and select any time you want. The next day, you can go and see the pictures. However, you have to purchase the pictures you like. And there is no minimum limitation on the purchase. 

In Aulani, you can book the classic Disney photography service, the PhotoPass®. After reserving a slot, you can get your pictures taken by professional photographers throughout the resort. 

The photos are then stored in a digital album linked to your account, where you can view, download, and purchase prints of the photos. 

Some packages also include a variety of physical keepsakes, such as photo books, photo frames, and keychains. The service can be accessed through the Disney PhotoPass website or mobile app. 

Contact (407) 560-4300 for PhotoPass® service. 

Which One is For Whom: Aulani vs Marriott Ko Olina

If there is a matter of budget, then without any doubt, the Marriott Ko Olina is the better resort. 

The Marriott is a larger property and the only resort in lagoon 3. So naturally, this resort is less overwhelming with less crowd and activities. If you are planning to enjoy a calm, relaxing vacation, this resort is perfect for you. 

Also, if you are a workaholic or have to attend office meetings and work, Marriott will be better because of the high-speed internet, fax, and printer facility. 

However, to arrange any corporate or social meetings and conferences you have to go to Aulani. If you are particular about room & resort amenities, spas, fitness centers, and swimming pools, you will like Aulani better. 

If you are a Disney fan, there is no question that you will love Aulani. For arts, theme, and heritage lovers, Aulani would be a better choice than Marriott. 

Although kids will enjoy both resorts, the Aulani has more activities for kids and teenagers so they will have a blast there. 

If you still like to experience both resorts and are on a budget, here’s a tip for you. Book 1 day of your staying in Aulani and experience the pools and Disney character visits there. And book Marriott Ko Olina for the rest of your visit. And then you won’t miss out on anything and can stay on a budget. 

Also, even if the hotel provides essential amenities, you should still pack cleverly while your Hawaii visit. For example, beach essentials and comfortable clothing. 


Is Ko Olina Owned By Disney?

No, Ko Olina is not owned by Disney. It is owned by The Resort Group, a Honolulu-based company. However, Disney owns Aulani, a Disney resort situated at Ko Olina. And the Ko Olina beach club is owned by the Marriott. 

What Is The Difference Between Aulani Resort And Villas?

The main difference between Aulani resort and villas is in room types and in-room amenities. Unlike the Aulani resort, the villas have more bathrooms, a full kitchen, and separate drawing and dining areas. Also, the villas have kitchen appliances and personal washers and dryers which are not available in resorts. Also, unlike resorts, villa guests enjoy complimentary parking. 

Is Aulani And Marriott Ko Olina All-Inclusive Resorts?

No, neither Aulani nor Ko Olina is an all-inclusive resort. You can enjoy some free services including most of the pools, sports area, and fitness center equipment. But you have to pay for premium programs, souvenirs, spas, and food. 


So here goes the debate on Aulani vs Marriott Ko Olina. I hope this article could cover every concern for choosing a resort for your vacation. Whatever resort you are staying at, you can always visit the restaurants and spas of the other resorts. 

That’s all. Hope you have a great vacation. 

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