Destin vs Sandestin: Pick Your Suitable Destination!

Who does not want a summer vacation right? 

Still, when it comes to selecting a destination, things can get pretty confusing. 

Especially if your shortlist has both Destin and Sandestin.

So Destin vs Sandestin, where should you go?

Between Destin and Sandestin, Sandestin is a complex situated at Destin while Destin is a city in Florida. You can enjoy cruising, fishing, and visiting sea beaches, aquariums, and museums in Destin. While the main attraction of Sandestin is its beach-side golfing facility. Sandestin is much quieter and less crowded than Destin.

Still, to choose the perfect place between Destin and Sandestin, you need more explicit information.

And that’s the reason I am here! In this article, I have explained the comparison between these two places.

So pack your bags and get ready! It’s vacation time.

Short Comparison: Destin vs Sandestin

Before going for deep research, let’s have a quick view. Let’s see the result of the head-to-head between Destin and Sandestin.

Here’s what we have

Things to compareDestinSandestin
Best forBeaches, Aquariums, museumsGolf facility
Transport medium during tripCarsShuttles
Type of placeA cityA complex
Crowded or QuietCrowdedQuiet
Requirements for guideNoNo

Well, there goes the head-on-head comparison between Destin and Sandestin.

In-Depth Comparison: Destin vs Sandestin

Now it’s time for a deep comparison between Destin and Sandestin. After all, the specific comparison is what will differ between Destin and Sandestin. 

How to Get to Destin or Sandestin

The first thing that comes to mind is how to get to the vacation place. After all, the place won’t come to you now, right?

You can travel to Destin in multiple ways. After all, Destin is a city in Florida. You can travel by both plane or car. 

Source: wikipedia

Destin has a remarkable airport, the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport. You can travel both inter-country and inter-state. 

You can also use private jets and choppers to reach Destin. There are many private airports available as well.

Here’s a list of airports and available airline services you can use:

AirportsAirline services
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, Pensacola International Airport, Tallahassee International AirportDelta Airlines, Silver Airways, United Airlines

These are the following airlines that can get you to Destin.

If you are traveling from any state to Destin, then you can also go by car. There are several interstate routes that can take you directly to and from Destin.

Here’s a list of routes available to come to Destin-

RoutesCities you can arrive from
I-10Phoenix, Jacksonville, Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles
I-85 and I-75Southern part of Michigan, Northern part of Miami

Now let’s have a look at Sandestin, Florida. Actually, there is no direct entry to Sandestin. After all, it is situated right inside Destin. 

Source: floridagolfer

However, the best way to reach Sandestin is by car. 

Once you have reached Destin, you can use your personal vehicle. Or you can rent cars. 

Plus, you can also use buses to reach Sandestin. 

Let’s have a view of the available buses and car rentals to reach Sandestin:

Available Bus StopsAvailable Car Rental Company
Lee ChryslerBudget
Holy Trinity ChurchAvis
Ferry ParkDollar
Indian Temple Mound MuseumNational

Most of these buses start from Hilton Sandestin. You can catch them right after landing at Destin!

Hotel and Accommodation

Accommodation is primary for any traveler while traveling. Let’s see what we got for Destin and Sandestin.

In Destin, there are multiple choices of hotels available for travelers to stay in. Why won’t be? After all, it is a big city which always stays busy all the time. 

You can check in to any hotel based on your choice. 

All types of hotels are available. In fact in some hotels, you can even check in without any reservation. 

The hotels provide all types of necessary services such as free wifi, and 24/7 customer service. 

All hotels have free parking facilities plus air-conditioning systems. Even some hotels come with pools and bars! 

If you are lucky enough, you can also get beach entertainment at any hotel as well. Just like that of Ocean beach or Pacific beach.

The same can be said for Sandestin as well. It’s true that Sandestin resort is a part of Destin. Besides, it’s just a complex. 

Still, Sandestin offers a wide variety of hotels and inns where tourists can stay as well. 

Sandestin Golf and Resort also provides the same facilities as the hotels at Destin. 

However, the hotels of Sandestin can offer you one more thing. That is an explicit Golf experience. After all, Sandestin is one heck of a big golf resort! 

Here’s a list of the hotels that you can stay at during your travel:

Hotels at DestinHotels at Sandestin
Destin Inns and SuitesBay Club of Sandestin
Butterfly Goddess HouseboatMainsail
Sandpiper CoveWindancer
Motel 6 DestinHilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort
Pelican Beach Resort and ConfeWestwinds
Seascape Golf CourseResidence Inn
Wingate by WindhamHidden Dunes Condominiums

The following Destin areas within a mile of distance in Florida. 

Moreover, all the hotels mentioned above for Sandestin, are within a couple of Miles of Sandestin. 

So, choose which accommodation suits your journey!

Things to Do

“What can I enjoy if I go to this place?” This is a question any traveler thinks about before traveling. Let’s see what Destin and Sandestin got for us to do.

Typically Destin is a big crowded city. You can do multiple things while traveling to Destin. There are various parks where you can visit. 

You can even go to the aquarium where you wave a hi to your water buds. 

Not only that, you can even enjoy cruising and fishing at the sea. Plus there are multiple beaches you can visit, even Miramar Beach!

Besides, if you have seasickness, then don’t worry! There are museums, magic shows, etc available out there. You can even enjoy them.

Speaking of Sandestin, you can get a bit of limited entertainment. The fun things found on the map of Sandestin are either fishing or cruising.

However, the most important part of Sandestin is its exquisite golf facility. 

Being one of the biggest Golf complexes in Destin, it is one unmatchable experience that you will get if compared to Destin.

Here’s a quick view of the available entertainment options of Destin and Sandestin:

Cruising at Crab IslandSandestin Golf Resort
Helicopter tour over DestinGaming Arcades
Destin Crystal BeachFishing and sailing
Magic ShowCruising at sea
Aquariums and museumsSpa and beauty Center
Spa and beauty center

These are some specific things that you can do at Destin or Sandestin.

Which Place Is More Quieter?

Usually, Some people like to avoid crowded places while traveling. And look for a quieter place. 

Destin is typically a crowded place. After all, it’s a city. Apart from tourism facilities, a remarkable number of habitats live here. 

Besides, Destin mostly stays busy. It’s because every month a lot of workers pass through the city. Thus traveling to Destin can be a bit noisy.

In this case, Sandestin is a quiet place. It’s a limited complex. It’s completely a tourist zone. Thus, apart from tourists, the place is less crowded than Destin.

Time to Choose

It’s the time! Now you have to pick either Destin or Sandestin. Otherwise, you might have to choose from Zion or Arches!

Technically, both are good places to visit. Since the costing and accommodations are quite the same. 

Plus, Sandestin is already a part of Destin. 

Yet, if you want a vast tour experience and never have been to Destin, go for Destin. A bit noisy and crowded, but you can visit a lot of places. 

Or you can go to Sandestin. It can be the best part of Destin to stay in as well! A quiet exclusive tourist complex experience with a beach-side golf experience! 


Is Miramar Beach A Part of Destin?

No. Miramar is not a part of Destin. It’s in Walton county. On the other hand, Destin is in Okaloosa county. The beach has its own postal code. Unfortunately, it is often considered a part of Destin. The confusion happens because the beach is so close to Destin.

Do I Need Cars While Staying At Sandestin?

No. It is not necessary to have cars in Sandestin. Sandestin has its own shuttle system. While you are staying, you can use these shuttles. They can take you to any place around Sandestin in no time! A car is not mandatory like Destin. After all, you are traveling to a tourist complex, not a city.

When Should I Go to Destin?

You should go to Destin in April and May. These are the proper months you should go to visit Destin. Although it is summer and the sun shines brightly. Yet, the water at sea beaches stays cozily warm. Going before these months may result in cold water.


That’s it, Indiana Jones! It’s the end of the journey. Hope you can find the best out of ‘Destin vs Sandestin’. 

However, for further queries, travel experts are always there. DO give them a knock!

Have a great vacation then.

I have a plane to catch to go to Sandestin!

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