Utah vs Colorado: Where to Visit This Holiday?

Feeling adventurous this holiday? The western United States has a crazy amount of mountains to give you a thrilling trip. Especially between Utah and Colorado.

Both places have spectacular destinations. But certain aspects can differentiate each other.

So, you might wonder what’s better between Utah vs Colorado?

Utah and Colorado both have great but different sights for you to visit. In Utah, you’ll find activities like mountain bike riding, hiking, and lodging. Whereas Colorado is perfect for cross country skiing and snowboarding. Also in general travelling around colorado tends to be more expensive than in Utah.  

Don’t get confused just by seeing the preview. We have discussed this elaborately so that you can choose between these two.

Jump in to know more about this!

Quick Comparison

Colorado and Utah might seem similar in many aspects. But we have gathered a few facts for your ease. These costs are based on solo travellers. But if you are going as a couple or a group it may reduce the pricing.

ParametersUtah Colorado
Activities Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Bike Ride, Hiking, Nature Walks, Lodging, Ride Horses, Swimming, Sunbathing.Cross Country Skiing, Dog Sledging, Hot Springs, Ice Climbing, Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Sleigh Rides.
AttractionsZion National Park, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Canyonlands National Park, Great Salt Lake, Draper City Park.Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Garden of the Gods, See Hanging Lake, Dinosaur National Monument.
Cost of a 7 Day on a Budget TripAround $1,284Around $1,307
Accommodation Per Night(2-3 star hotels)Around $98Around $150
Flight (Economy)$79-$178$126-$320
TransportationAround $6.25Around $10.50
Food (per day)Around $40Around $36

This quick comparison can give you a general idea of all the necessities of your trip. But we suggest you go through the detailed analysis for your better understanding. 

Is A Guide Necessary For Your Trip?

Before jumping on to the detailed comparison let’s talk about tour guides. 

Colorado and Utah both have many great places. If you have a tour guide, they can show you around the national parks, foods you can try, and cultures to check out. Having a tour guide is recommended especially if you are in a group.

Source: utahtourism.org

Having a tour guide in Utah is quite expensive. If you are a solo traveller they will charge you around $50. But if you are in a group that consists of 2 to 3 people you will pay around $300.

Not all tour guides will provide you with all kinds of facilities. You need your guide to be providing you with accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and adventure. 

The best tour guide in Utah is Utah’s outback, Wasatch Back, and The Holy Land. 

You need to spend a few more bucks in Colorado to have a tour guide. 

Colorado Sightseer is a great tour guide agency. To explore Colorado with their tour guides they will charge you $129 per adventurer. The duration of the tours is approximately 9.5 to 10 hours.

Detailed Comparison

After comparing the quick features, let’s look into the detailed comparison of the 2 states.


Flight expenses depend mostly on where you are travelling from and in which class.

Airlines like AeroMexico, Air Canada, and Alaska Airlines fly directly to Utah. Average economy class ticket for a solo traveler can be as cheap as $31 for a one-way flight. But it can go up to $326 depending on your location.

It’s a bit more expensive in Colorado. The cheapest flight will start at $58. The average economy class’s round-trip will cost you about $703. 

Let’s look at the different flight times from the US to Utah:

  • New York to Utah: 5h 20 minutes
  • Atlanta to Utah: 4h 9 minutes
  • Georgia to Utah: 3hours 46 minutes

Flight times are different for Colorado. These are some flight durations from the US to Colorado:

  • New York to Colorado: 4h 45m
  • Chicago to Colorado: 2h 41m
  • California to Colorado: 2h 8m 


Accommodation prices vary as you can choose what kind of hotel you want. If you want a luxury experience you need to spend a few extra bucks.

Let’s have a look.

The range for Utah hotels is from $66 to $290 per night. You can also have an entire home for the night which will cost you $200 to $600 per night.

If you are on a budget you can stay at a $70 hotel single or as a couple. Some four-star hotels will cost you $247 per night. 

Accommodation cost is almost the same as in Utah. Colorado hotels range from $65 to $288 per night.

The average cost of a solo traveler for staying in a mid-range hotel will be $105 per night.

The luxury 4 or 5-star hotels start from $115 per night. If you have an expensive taste you can go for them.

Want To Take Charge Of Your Whole Trip?

Well, you might want to take charge of your whole trip. If you are taking charge then we have some suggestions and recommendations for you. 

Jump into them to have the best trip!


There are some mouth-watering foods in both Utah and Colorado. 

The tasty local foods can be cheap, but you can also try the expensive dishes that exist. So, without any further ado let’s get to know the food of these places!


Meal prices may vary around the city, but an estimated cost of food in Utah per day for one person is $16 to $40. 

Do you want to have a list of must-try foods in Utah? Well, here are some noteworthy places to try!

  • Utah Scones
  • Bear Lake Raspberries
  • Fernwood Mint Sandwiches
  • Pastrami Burgers
  • Funeral Potatoes
  • Dutch Oven Cooking


The cost of the meal around Colorado is about $36 per day. Yes, it is a little more expensive but you can also find cheap places to eat where they will charge you $14 per person.

Here are some of the best foods to try in Colorado: 

  • Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • Colorado Style Pizza
  • Lamb
  • Bison
  • Trout
  • Prime Rib
  • Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

So if you plan on visiting, don’t forget to munch on these delicious foods!


Transportation is not an issue in both of the place. You can find taxi cabs, rental cars, buses, and trains to move around.

Transportation costs will vary on the places you are visiting and the transport you are choosing. Taking public transportations will cost you less.  


The estimated average cost of transportation in Utah per day is $25 to $30 per day. Depending on your location the cost will rise or fall.

The most comfortable and easy transportation is the car rentals. Renting a car from Kayak can cost you as low as $21 per day. You can choose an economy car or even a full-size SUV for rent.

Calling a cab is also convenient but you need to carry cash for this. Cab prices are $2.00, and for standing and waiting time you will be charged $24 per hour.

If you prefer public transportation there are bus, rail, and light rail services all over Colorado. You can have a 3-hour bus pass for $5.50 in Utah. 


Getting around Colorado is cheaper. You will spend approximately $16 to $26 per day on transportation in the city. 

A kayak is a good option too here in Colorado. You can rent cars for $27 per day. Agencies like Eagle Rent A Car, Easirent, and Hertz always offer great prices for tourists. 

City buses are available all around Colorado. This city has an efficient public transport system. You can pretty much get anywhere with a $5.80 ticket by rail or bus.

RTD in Colorado is easy and inexpensive in Colorado.

You can also use a cycle to go to nearby places around you.


Well, it’s for sure you won’t be bored in any of the places. There are a lot of things to do around the city to entertain yourself. 

Let’s jump in and look at the things you can do!


There are many activities all around the city of Utah and Colorado. 

Utah has many adventurous sites. If you are looking forward to skiing, you are in luck. 

You can also go hiking on the mountain trails of Utah. You can sunbathe in the winter in Utah. 

Source: greaterzion.com

Moreover, taking part in horseback riding can give you great entertainment in Utah.

The best thing about Utah is its weather. It’s neither too sunny nor too cold. So it’s perfect for travelling. 

On the other hand, Colorado also offers cross-country skiing. It gives you a few amazing adventure opportunities. You can also take part in ice skating in Colorado to have fun with your group.

Places to Go

Utah and Colorado are great destinations for spending your summer. The natural scenarios and adventure trails will give you a thrilling experience. 

There are many places in Utah for you to visit. Starting from Zion National Park, ending your tour with Salt Lake City

Unlike Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon, Utah offers a much more diverse experience. 

Utah has many incredible outdoor places. Bryce Canyon National Park is one of them. The snowfall in the winter is the best view for your eyesight. 

Not only this! There are many more locations for you to check out in Utah!

Just like Utah, Colorado has great locations for you to visit. The Rocky Mountain National Park has more than 100 peaks if you are up for hiking. But you can also sit comfortably in a car and go for wildlife viewing.

Are you looking for a skiing adventure? Well, worry not! Because the Ski Resort Town of Vail offers endless runs for skiers. It’s a paradise for skiers. You can also find luxury places with fine dining here.

You can go to Monument Valley and Zion for hiking. Go for Zion, If you are confused about which park to choose between Zion and Arches

Zion is known as the hikers’ paradise.  But keep in mind that hiking in Utah is not for the faint of heart.  

The best place for rock climbing and horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. It also has a museum and an on-site cafe.

As you can see, you have a lot of places to visit in both Utah and Colorado.


Had a great day? Well, now it’s time to pass a great and joyful night. Utah and Colorado both can be pretty crazy at night. 

Park city of Utah is called a party town. Utah city’s nightlife is filled with live music and theatre performances. Every night of the week nightclubs, saloons, cocktail bars, and thumping dance bars have parties.

After the sun goes down, Colorado starts showing its unique personality. You will see local or national artists singing in the clubs here. The bars, Irish pubs, and craft breweries make the night better.

Security and Restrictions

The first and foremost restriction that both Utah and Colorado follow is the Covid-19 restrictions. You always need to carry your vaccination certificate and take appropriate precautions.

Utah and Colorado both are strict about consuming alcohol. Only an adult can order and consume beer, wine, and hard liquor. 

Tourists cannot carry lethal weapons of any kind. Any kind of drug is not permissible in both places. 

Source: thrillist.com

There are a few rules and regulations to follow to protect visitors and the resources of the national parks.

Final Verdict 

We have given all the information so that you can have a mental image of what Utah and Colorado are. Here’s a table for a quick glance: 

UtahPerfect place for adventures and requires less travel cost
ColoradoHas priceless views but can get more expensive

The activities are adventurous in Utah and the sights are worth seeing in Colorado. you can spend a joyful night in both places.

But you need to understand all the factors and go for your chosen destination. You also need to keep in mind the transportation cost. Utah is a little cheaper than Colorado in many aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Utah colder than Colorado?

Yes, Utah is colder than colorado. The winter in Salt Lake City is extreme. The temperature goes down. You will get more snow in Utah than in Colorado. On the other hand, Colorado gets more sun. So the temperature in the winter is mild. It’s normal if we compare it with Utah.

Is Colorado more expensive than Utah?

Yes, Colorado is more expensive than Utah in some aspects. The cost of living in Colorado is 12.5% higher than in Utah. As a tourist, you will also find the transportation, food, and sights are a little pricier than in Utah. If you look into the wages, employers pay 6.4% more in Colorado. 

Who gets more snow, Utah or Colorado?

Utah gets more snow. The winters in Utah bring up snowfalls you never expect. The mountains and the peaks fill up with snow. This snow is basically great for skiing. But the extreme coldness keeps the skiers away. 


Well, now all you need to do is acknowledge the pieces of information and decide between Utah or Colorado. 

A tip for you is that, keep your identity documents with you all the time. Because chances are you’ll be needing them to enter certain places.

That’ll be all from our side. Now go and enjoy your summer!

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